Three Fun Discoveries to Explore in the New Year

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#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

I have to be honest here – I have been loving 2019 so far.

We started it with a party and great food and music. Our house guests stayed on until January 4th, and then we got into a new year routine, and then had house guests again the next week! Now we have another week of “normal life” until we head to Florida next week. That said, in between the fun and the house guests and the rich foods, I’ve been making some awesome discoveries for the new year. And I’ve been feeling great. I know it might seem repetitive to some, but planning better nutrition, fitness, morning and afternoon routines in the new year is crucial to me. I get WAY off schedule in late December – with said parties and house guests. And discovering new products and routines has been everything to me.

I’ve been feeling great – emotionally and physically, and I have been loving my new routines.

Three Fun Discoveries to Explore in the New Year:

1 – We discovered…a stream on our property! That was SO exciting! We have four acres, which seems like a lot in a city (little city) but a lot of it is forest and driveway. So that makes it extra special when we discover something new on our own property! Honestly, it was my husband’s life dream to have running water behind our house and he didn’t even realize we did. Now our spring and summer goals are to discover where it comes from – since we only know where it winds up – and to add a bench, fairy gardens, and the like. And our dogs were also incredibly happy to find this stream too! (it’s near here:)

#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

2 – I discovered…working away from home! Whoa, what a concept! I’ve been a work at home mom for five years now and it’s fascinating. I learn something new every day. I’ve also learned it’s such a novelty to work outside the home. As a photographer and writer, I’m fairly limited to being home because I need my large desktop computer for heavy writing and photo editing. For blogging, I can take my phone everywhere but it’s not quite the same. Recently I purchased my first laptop computer and it’s so sleek and light and awesome. Now I can pack a lunch and head to an office away from home!

#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

3 – I discovered…Healthy Choice morning Power Bowls and vegan and vegetarian Power Bowls. These are the best! I love these meals, because they’re nutrient-dense and are quick and flavorful. I love the well-balanced ingredients – like proteins, grains, and leafy greens. I’ve been inspired by Healthy Choice for years now. Over a decade! I think they always make foods you want to eat and they put thought into ingredients and flavors. Take, for example, their Falafel & Tahini variety!

#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

It tastes so good that my husband kept eating it and I had to keep buying it to replace it. It’s that good. Speaking of which, let’s talk about Healthy Choice and their vegan and vegetarian Power Bowls. They have bold and exotic flavor combinations, and include 10-16 grams of protein and 7-16 grams of fiber in each bowl. I love how each flavor features a combination of vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The Falafel & Tahini flavor has falafel with red onions, tomatoes, chard, kale, and spinach – served on top of brown & red rice, red quinoa and black barley with a sesame tahini sauce. YUM! I always try to make a good veggie bowl at home, but they’re nothing like this. It has SO much flavor and I love to smell it cooking.

#ad With the new year, comes new discoveries to explore. I've been loving my new morning & afternoon routines and now you can also #feelunstoppabowl like me

Then there are the morning Power Bowls. If you’re like me, you need quick, nutrient-dense additions to your breakfast time, and who doesn’t love a good bowl? All of their flavorful recipes include purposeful ingredients for a well-balanced meal of proteins, leafy greens, ancient greens, and steel cut oats, among others. My Roasted Red Pepper & Egg White Shakshuka has egg whites with red bell peppers, onions, chard, kale, and spinach. It’s served on top of steel cut oats, farro, buckwheat, and red quinoa with a spicy tomato and red pepper sauce topped with feta cheese. I’m not a sweets girl in the morning.

I need a quick protein breakfast, and they deliver 10-15 grams of protein and 3-5 grams of fiber.

Mainly, what I love is that each ingredient matters in Healthy Choice Power Bowls. And not only that, but the serving bowls themselves are made from a plant-based fiber that is recyclable. These wonderful mixtures of ingredients make me happy!

Check it out for yourself here, and enjoy!

Have you ever tried a Morning Power Bowl or Vegetarian Power Bowl?

Making My 5 Most Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions Yet – With Noom

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This will never work. That's what you're thinking, right? But you wouldn't be here if you'd given up all hope, would you? Here's 5 meaningful resolutions #ad

Wouldn’t you believe it, though? Winter is my least favorite season and yet I secretly love January.

There is so much to love. It’s that fresh and clean slate – nothing arbitrary about it. I’m someone who loves planning and goal-making and it’s nearly impossible to do that at the end of the previous year. Not when there are so many days to rest and relax, and eat Christmas cookies. I think most people approach new years and resolutions with a whole heart and wonderful intentions. Take me, for example. I’m naturally slim but when I do gain weight, I get lumpy. That’s because I have a small frame – nothing can bulk it up too much. Mainly I’ve been sensitive about diet and exercise for most of my life, only because my father passed away suddenly in his 30s. I approach this for health and for looking and feeling my best.

I discovered Noom and it gives me the frame of mind I need to make active and inspired changes.

Trust me – I needed this. It all started with/starts with a free 30-second evaluation. Noom is pretty awesome. All they ask for is 10 minutes a day, and all they ask for is for you to believe you will reach your goals. And then you will! What’s even more awesome is that it’s the most modern weight loss course known to man or woman. They go by a weekly course and each week you’ll cover a new topic and gain new skills. And these topics and skills are really in-depth! It’s all about digging deeper to define your goals and motivations. I have to say – what I thought was my goal was actually a LOT deeper, and they uncovered that in only minutes. Ultimately it’s about me wanting to be a healthier me and to build LIFElong habits.

My 5 Most Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions Yet:

1 – Finally leave North America. While I’ve been to Canada, that’s the extent of my “world” travels. I need to renew my passport and plan my trip! I’m thinking Greece in April, or maybe Norway, Finland or Switzerland in the summer. Bliss!

2 – Get the puppy, the dog, and myself on much better fitness plans. Of course with the puppy getting surgery, he’s at a slower pace than us but we can catch him up. Moving your body regularly cures SO many ails. It simply must be done.

3 – More fear-conquering. I’ve been doing that slowly for years now – with roller coasters and public speaking and photographing weddings. I think it’s important to let go and there’s nothing so freeing as conquering those fears.

4 – Make small and consistent gestures to be a better friend, family member, neighbor, and all around person. And that includes more helping Cassidy with the house. Whenever it happens, I feel closer to him, and closer to myself.

5 – Noom- The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need

As I said above, they ask you to believe in yourself and your goals, and it only takes 10 minutes a day to embark on the most modern weight loss course known to man or woman! I love the app and how it helps the journey and provides recipes.

Noom really works, quite simply. Once you dig deep and define your goals, you’ll think critically about how to sustain new habits, you’ll build up willpower, you’ll better manage stress, and you’ll make your new lifestyle last. Noom has a team of expertly-trained coaches to help you set goals, review food logs, and help hold you accountable. Not only will you gain coaches and tools, you’ll get a support group to lean on. Everyone is different, but people who stick to the program tend to lose 1-2 pounds a week with personalized, short-term goals each week. Every person has unique goals and that’s why a personalized plan really helps. Like for me, it’s not so much about losing too many pounds but about having a better mindset about food and what’s in the calories I’m eating.

Lose Weight For Good With Noom

The food logging is different because they use a calorie density strategy to help you understand what’s in the food you’re eating so that you can make healthier food choices every day. There is so much to learn and I love their approach. There are so many reasons why Noom’s approach really works, and you’re a big part of it.

Join Noom today and see all that they have to offer. And definitely keep in touch with me about how it’s going, and I’ll do the same. I’m really excited to start 2019 on such an awesome plan with brand new habits. I’ve been needing this.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2019?