When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Husband

The REAL photo(s) behind the story here is so hilarious, that I couldn’t start the post with it.

I simply had to build suspense. And despite this post’s racy title, I promise you it’s all in good fun, like the story behind the photo. I don’t even know where to start so I’ll go back to the beginning. Several weeks ago, Cassidy’s Office Manager texted me about yet another co-worker of theirs. This guy had pulled Cassidy’s name in the office Secret Santa exchange and had a funny idea to run by me. I was distracted at the time but always up for helping a gift cause. (I wouldn’t necessarily say good cause here, unless humor is your cause) And then I got the text. It was his co-worker, Chris, who I knew from our family Passover Seder, and all around good guy. He had seen Cassidy walking out of work one day and been struck with the thought.

What if he stole his boss’ life? Wouldn’t that start with his wife? And kids..

(Don’t be offended if you didn’t get this card. No one did! They were a month late!)

So, Chris asked me if I’d be willing to take a family photo with him. Of course I would! We went back and forth awhile and then found a free afternoon. We met at Look Park and he brought along another co-worker to be the photographer. We’d planned on wearing ugly sweaters and he brought Santa hats. I happened to have Astro in the car with me anyway – since we’re co-dependent like that – so I thought it would be hilarious to include him! So real! And Scarlet had the idea to get a cheesy and corny frame for the photo. Chris confessed that his mom thought it was in poor taste and that he’d get fired!

Ready to see the photos behind the story?

photo share

The way he did the second frame – to enlarge the photo of the evil face he was making after stealing his boss’ family – is pure comic gold. He texted me the photos after he had made them, but that was weeks ago. I was so worried one of the kids would spill the beans to Cassidy. I only told my mom, my sister, and one of my favorite bakers because she knows the woman who had taken the photos for us. And I was so nervous the night of the party – last Friday. I hate keeping juicy secrets. When it was time for Cassidy to open the gift, I had butterflies in my stomach! His co-worker took a video but all you really need to know is that Cassidy thought it was hilarious, and that he loves commitment to a bit. He didn’t fire Chris!

That said, I came over to congratulate Chris on a job well done after the gift exchange, and he was texting his mom to reassure her that Cassidy thought it was funny. And that is the story behind the photos. Cassidy and I still had a great date.

Despite the fact that Chris stole us.

photo share

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So, have you ever been part of a joke like this?