Loving the Café Matte Collection by GE

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Café Matte Collection by GE is a collection of modern kitchen appliances you can customize w/ a line of customizable hardware options #ad #distinctbydesign

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to geek out over kitchens again! It’s the real estate photographer in me.

I totally love the Café Matte Collection by GE. It’s a Café suite of customizable appliances at Best Buy. AND, it allows us to update our appliances to fit the latest trends and style preferences in a more affordable way. That’s pretty important to us! So many choices! You can get Matte White, which has a Cooktop, Double Wall Oven, French Door Refrigerator, and Dishwasher. The Matte Black, as seen above, has a Range, French Door Refrigerator, and Dishwasher. Totally amazing.

So basically it’s a collection of modern kitchen appliances by GE that you can customize! The Matte Black or Matte White finishes set the canvas, and then you help complete the look with their distinct line of customizable hardware options. You choose the look that reflects your personal style. Appliances with personality! Here are some other fun features:

  • The options to change handles and knobs to different finishes that brings your vision to life.

  • The Matte Collection is offered in suites of Matte White with brushed bronze hardware, and in a separate offering of Matte Black with brushed stainless hardware. This allows you to order additional hardware if you choose to re-design.

  • You can select brushed bronze, brushed stainless or brushed black hardware choices to customize either matte finish and complement your overall kitchen design.

  • The premium finishes in Matte White and Matte Black seamlessly complement cabinetry and flooring, and this sets the state for mindful layers of warmth, depth, and personality. Lots of it, in fact! Plus, the soft luster and warmth of the Matte White finish offers a fresh approach to a staple kitchen color. It allows you to create pops of brightness against it.

You have to love that personalization with the customizable appliance. It’s distinct by design, and you can make it your own. I’ve always said that it’s time that appliances had some brightness and personality!

So, what do you think of the Café Matte Collection by GE?

This Mom’s Reminder About Loperamide

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Loperamide in certain dosages can mimic the effects of opioids. There have been cases of teenagers using such products to get “high”. #ReadTheLabels #ad #IC

Let’s face it – no one wants to talk about upset stomachs. No one even wants to THINK about it.

The thing is, though, that they happen. Children can have 5-7 diarrhea episodes a year! It’s less for adults but no less unpleasant. We have so much to do in life – with work and parenting and our kids do too – with school, religious school, after school programs, sports, music lessons, play dates, and so much more. So chances are that you keep OTC (over the counter) diarrhea relief products at home. And this is because of the 5-7 episodes per year on average, as well as the fact that 70% of travelers will suffer from diarrhea, although most adults will choose to ride it out. What’s the most common way to resolve diarrhea? Through over the counter remedies. And here is where my “mom’s reminder” comes in to share what I’ve learned.

This Mom’s Reminder About Loperamide:

The active ingredient in many OTC diarrhea relief medicines is loperamide, which is completely safe if used in recommended doses. However, if taken in large doses, it mimics the effects (high) of opioids. Therefore, the FDA has asked retailers to voluntarily stop carrying large count loperamide products. (It is not mandatory yet) While Loperamide may have an effect on relieving some symptoms, it does not address the underlying issue or cause of diarrhea. So parents and other consumers should beware of the potential for abuse of any over the counter products that contain loperamide.

There have been cases of teenagers using loperamide to get “high”, and I’d rather know this information about loperamide now. Especially with the holidays coming! All those road trips and indulging in candy and rich foods, and the fact that it’s stomach bug season! The safety of our children is top priority, as I’m sure you agree! And even with growing children, they may think they’re independent, but we still need to stay on top of medications and ingredients in those medications. Make sure to always check the labels when buying diarrhea relief medications. This is a great practice for the season, and always.

Loperamide in certain dosages can mimic the effects of opioids. There have been cases of teenagers using such products to get “high”. #ReadTheLabels #ad #IC

Just as a reminder, loperamide is completely safe when used in recommended doses! And we know that there will be occasions to use over the counter diarrhea relief medicines. For more information about the FDA letter, click here.

Consult your physician for any further medical advice!