5 Tips to Help Your Family Have a Bug-Free Summer

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Here in the northeast, bugs are a big problem for outdoor entertaining and play, and camp! 5 Tips to Help Your Family Have a Bug-Free Summer! #ad #BuzzAway

Can we take a minute to talk about the bugs this year?

At least where I live people always say, “This bugs are terrible this year.” They say that EVERY year, though! The bugs are always terrible! It’s a real challenge with where we live, and I imagine where most people live. I think it takes away a lot of the enjoyment of spring and summer if you’re constantly worried about bug bites and bugs flying around your head and into your eyes, etc. That’s why I pack both sunscreen and family-friendly Buzz Away Extreme® in my kids’ camp backpacks.

We want our family to have an incredible, and safe, summer.

Here in the northeast, bugs are a big problem for outdoor entertaining and play, and camp! 5 Tips to Help Your Family Have a Bug-Free Summer! #ad #BuzzAway

Here Are 5 Tips to Help Your Family Have a Bug-Free Summer:

1 – Cover up! If the kids are going into the woods are doing a lot of outdoor exploring, they wear soft cotton pants in light colors, as well as long sleeved shirts. We generally don’t have too much heat, but the clothes are lightweight anyway.

2 – Protect yourselves all day, every day. I used to think mosquitoes were only active during dawn and dusk but now they’re out there all day, every day. So think about protecting your skin 24/7 pretty much. Bugs get in the house!

3 – Apply sunscreen before bug spray. In fact, let the sunscreen dry for about 15 minutes before putting on Buzz Away Extreme®. If you reapply sunscreen, reapply bug spray too. Don’t mix up the order of things!

4 – Get Buzz Away Extreme. This is an innovative, non-greasy mosquito repellent that utilizes a proprietary blend of plant based ingredients that work together to protect your family. The formula contains Citronella Oil, Geranium Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and a dozen other plant based carrier oils, aromatic essential oils, plant-based preservatives, and purified water too. This is a DEET-free bug spray, and it’s effective too! Buzz Away Extreme® has been independently field tested and proven as an effective DEET-free insect repellent. We don’t do spring or summer without it.

Buzz Away

5 – Convenient wipes are wonderful! You can also get Buzz Away Extreme in wipes form. There’s nothing as easy as using DEET-free mosquito and tick repellent with a One-Two-Swipe. And there’s a pop-up dispenser that is great to travel with.

Buzz Away

I love having the two formulas. The spray is crucial for our summer lives, and the wipes are easy to use when applying insect repellent to the face, especially on wiggly kids. I feel more confident about summer when I have this combo at home:

bug-free summer

Here in the northeast, bugs are a big problem for outdoor entertaining and play, and camp! 5 Tips to Help Your Family Have a Bug-Free Summer! #ad #BuzzAway


Be sure to check out their full line of products and to find a Quantum Health retailer near you HERE.

How do you keep the bugs away?

Here in the northeast, bugs are a big problem for outdoor entertaining and play, and camp! 5 Tips to Help Your Family Have a Bug-Free Summer! #ad #BuzzAway

10 Things I’ve Learned From You, Yes, You.

I thought I’d have more time to write this, but life had other (and better) plans.

And that’s ok because it shouldn’t take long anyway. I’m pretty much pretending it’s a 5 minute free-writing session because all of this stuff is hot to the touch, and fresh off the tongue. What have I learned from you? A ton. And who are you? You, specifically, are my fellow FTSF bloggers. Sometimes, maybe, you’re the only ones reading these Friday posts. Or maybe you’re not the only ones but there’s nothing lurker about you. You are flesh and blood and bone and typing and wisdom.

I see two of you right here (below). Also, I don’t look like this in real life. My face is less smushed:

Tonight, tonight, tonight, I spent time with a high school friend. You see I used to be fearless, in other ways. I fight fears and phobias nearly daily, but I used to drive from city to city at every hour of the night. I’d do anything to be by your side. There was a time, I pumped enough milk to leave Scarlet with Cassidy for the day, and drove from busy city to busy city, through busy city, just to get to my friend Vik for his mom’s funeral. These days I’m sometimes nervous to drive from one country town to another. What ifs, ands, and buts. I don’t want to be stopped anymore. I wasn’t at all stopped tonight.

Just to spend 7 hours with an old friend. We took Vik to dinner and ice cream and then talked on the couches, so comfortably and like no time had passed, for like.. four hours. Magic. Sometimes, often, it works. And other times, I’m watching clocks and fading away and letting anxiety strip me of that bold color – that drive – the listening – these love adventures. I got some back. And I don’t want to give it up again. I want to remember the opening of hearts and thoughts.

No watched clocks. Just free.

Without further ado, here are 10 things I’ve learned about blogging from other FTSF bloggers:

I’m sort of editing it to say 10 things I’ve learned (in general) from other FTSF bloggers:

1 – That waiting until the last minute really works when your heart and talent are there. Kristi used to only write her posts last minute, and still might, and each one is poetic gorgeousness. She spins them from gold like Rumpelstiltskin.

2 – From Kenya I learned a whole fresh perspective from someone living such a different life from me, in such a different place, with such different experiences, and yet I have always felt like we often feel/think/do the same things.

3 – I’ve learned that online friendships are something fierce and real, and sometimes don’t just stay online.

4 – I have learned what my life could be like 10 years from now, and how great that might be.

5 – I’ve learned that different viewpoints can still lead to respect and heart.

6 – And I have learned about kindness and thoughtful comments on blog posts, like you know they read every single word.

7 – I have learned the importance of nostalgia and sharing photos and stories forever.

8 – I’ve read some special needs mama perspectives that are achingly and crushingly beautiful.

9 – Mostly I’ve learned just how much I believe I’ll never stop blogging, as I haven’t paused in over 8 years. I have hesitated, though. Blogging isn’t always writing in the way I want to write. It rarely is. Yet we all find our ways back here – thinking of ways to write to and about each other – and having no trouble doing so. Much love to you, yes, you.

10 – And I’ve learned that I still long for that simpler time when it was just words and us.

*Bonus: I have learned about primer mascara (the white tube) and baby foot peels.

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What would you say?