5 Benefits From Our Culligan Water Filtration System

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I grew up with a water filtration system and once I moved away from home, I had missed it since. That's why I'm so happy to be back to my filtered water roots! Here are 5 benefits! #ad #HeyCulligan #CulliganIC

Cassidy can be a man of few words, I never know WHAT he’s thinking. So the other night, he said something interesting, “Getting our Culligan Water was one of the best things of the last few years.” YES! I wanted to throw my fist in the air and shout, “YES. YES. You get it!” It’s not surprising that he gets it, though. We live in a world of sometimes-harsh things. It’s been winter for about a gazillion years. Winter used to mean dry hair, cracked skin, and a general “blah” feeling when looking in the mirror. Wondering where my glow is. This winter was a little different.

Mainly, we took care of ourselves. Bigger bedroom and bathroom, and splitting up the kids’ rooms. From December until April we were winterizing the chicken coop, getting the dog a new bed, eating better, and loving our Culligan Water!

We’ve had our Culligan Water system for a few months now! It’s been a great experience. You’ve probably seen the Culligan Water vehicles out in the road, or had water from them at your office. I love that they also provide water solutions for your whole home. They identify a host of water issues including hard water and the taste of your water.

I know we have the best water for our home, and for our family. And you know what? Every day is a “good water day” and that means a lot of good hair days and good glowing skin days too! This kid has GREAT hair:

So it’s safe to say that we love it, we’re keeping it, and that our Culligan Water Filtration System has improved our lives, and we really needed that. Ready to hear more? Here are 5 Benefits From Our Culligan Water Filtration System:

1 – We’re drinking more water! It’s true. People always say to drink at least eight glasses a day, and what better incentive is there than clean and clear water? Our Culligan reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system inspires us to drink more, because we know we’re drinking the best water for our house and for our family. You can see the difference instantly!

2 – AND, you can feel the difference instantly too! The water softening system is to be envied. Softer skin, softer hands, softer hair. My hair is thick and can be quite lush IF I take care of it well. This means less product buildup and fewer chemicals settling too comfortably in our water, and thus, our hair. I’m happy to say I felt the difference instantly.

3 – We buy fewer personal care products. We have less static, and also need less anti-frizz or anti-flyaway products. And our skin is softer and more hydrated, so we have less use for hand or body lotion. And this means fewer shopping trips!

4 – A cleaner, more efficient home. Yes, it’s true. Softer water has more benefits beyond letting your hair and skin keep their natural moisturizers! Cleaner water makes dishwashers, washing machines, and COFFEE machines run better. Softer water leaves behind less residue than hard water with its hard water minerals. Therefore, that means cleaner toilets, sinks, tubs, fixtures, etc. Plus, cleaner glasses and plates, and even clearer ice cubes! That one took me by surprise at first!

5 – It’s better for the environment. In fact, drinking from your tap, especially with a reverse osmosis water filtration system saves a ton of money on bottled water, and also reduces waste. We used to go through tons of bottled water a week.

I don’t think I realized how much of an impact water really has on our lives. It’s not just drinking water, which is HUGE, but it’s the way better water makes you feel in terms of beauty and personal care, and it’s the way your home is operating.

Can you think of any benefits from Culligan Water that I didn’t mention?

I grew up with a water filtration system and once I moved away from home, I had missed it since. That's why I'm so happy to be back to my filtered water roots! #ad #HeyCulligan #CulliganIC

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