6 Reasons We’re Excited For Scarlet to Start Vocal Lessons at Guitar Center

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For as long as we can remember, our daughter has wanted to sing. Now her dream is coming true, thanks to Guitar Center! I'm so excited to start this partnership and tell you the six reasons we're excited that she's starting vocal lessons there! #ad #GuitarCenter

For as long as I can remember, Scarlet has had a penchant for singing.

It started with cartoon movies and now she’s graduated to full-on showtunes! Not only does she loves to sing, but she’s been told on numerous occasions that she has great vibrato. Now I am not vocally trained (except in my dreams) but I know vibrato when I hear it. It’s exciting for her! She’s going to be in the school talent show at the end of this month, but before that, we have amazing things cooked up for her! I am proud to announce my partnership with Guitar Center – and Scarlet will be getting vocal lessons SOON! I was happy to hear her talking about it with friends and teachers. It’s a big deal!

My little girl – 8 going on 9!

I admit that I’m a little nervous. My kids are so different from me. I was content with backstage crew and photography, as long as I kept some distance between crowds. My kids are both going to theater camp this summer and Scarlet is taking vocal lessons in West Springfield – only 15 minutes from Northampton. I think musical education is crucial to children. That’s why I’m happy to share my 6 Reasons We’re Excited For Scarlet to Start Vocal Lessons at Guitar Center next week:

1 – Music education has a host of benefits her instructor will help her with. Vocal or instrument lessons give a sense of confidence and self-esteem. Music education can increase social skills and help with academic improvement and retention. Music education promotes cognitive reasoning, motor functions and hand-eye coordination, cultural awareness, and physical well being. Not to mention that Scarlet’s lessons may lower anxiety, help create discipline, and give her a wonderful outlet for self expression. That is something I’m anticipating the most. Scarlet has always been nothing but self expressive.

2 – Guitar Center has created custom curriculum that focuses on teaching theory through contemporary music. Scarlet is so excited for that! All of their programs are approved by the National Association for Music Education, the world’s largest arts education organization. Also, her instructor will help tailor curriculum to her goals and interests with a database on thousands of songs to learn. I already know what Scarlet is going to mention, in terms of what she loves to sing. Our location has lessons for voice, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, recording software, and band and orchestra, for all levels.

3 – Convenience. Guitar Center has over 200 locations nationally, as well as brand-new facilities. This is one-stop shopping! You can find lessons, retail, instrument repairs, and supplemental learning materials. Find a location near you.

4 – The instructors. Their pro instructors have a passion for music and want to help YOU reach your musical goals. Scarlet has been paired with an instructor just right for her. And there are weekly office hours to supplement the education.

5 – The instruments. Guitar Center offers more than violin – you can take any instrument, anywhere. And they have an achievement program to help students monitor their progress with a 6 tiered program. Students can learn in their own time.

See why Scarlet can’t wait to learn to sing? Now, let’s get connected! Find out more about what Guitar Center has to offer here. And follow them on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll be following up to let you know how it’s going.

What kind of lessons would you take?

5 Internet Safety Tips For Families

This post has been sponsored by WebSafety. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you heard of WebSafety? It's the #1 app for parenting monitoring, and, it can help your family! Here are 5 Internet Safety Tips for Families! #ad #WebSafety

Can we please talk about screen time right now?

I’ve been totally bursting to talk about it. Today, my five-year-old asked me when he’d get his own tablet. My eight-year-old doesn’t even have one yet, but it made me think about how aware they are of the Internet and the games. It’s a much different world from what we grew up in. That said, every family is different. My parents shoved us outside every warm morning and often didn’t invite us back in until the streetlights went on! That’s a slight exaggeration, only in that we’d come in to eat meals and drink water. That’s about it! That said, TV and video games very much existed then as well.

Sure, it was different technology, but the temptation (or lack thereof) to partake was there.

And I remember it well, especially as my kids get older and discover new games, apps and capabilities of the numerous devices in our lives. They don’t have their own, and I plan to hold out as long as I can, but they have access to computers, phones, Echo devices, and more. The best thing we can do now is talk about Internet safety, and no time like the present.

That’s why I compiled my list of 5 Internet Safety Tips For Families!

1 – Discover and explore the web together. YOU should be the one to introduce your kids to the Internet. I really don’t believe it should be their friends. It’s a way to discover the benefits and advantages of the Internet, of which there are PLENTY! Information can be exciting and educational. Keep a positive attitude as you explore together. It matters.

2 – Set rules, limits and guidelines on screen usage. Reach an agreement that makes you all happy. Discuss screen times, personal information, behavior and kindness in gaming, emailing, messaging, etc., what websites are ok or not, and being careful about photos, names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Discuss rules/modeling for adults as well, although they vary.

3 – Ask your kids to show you what they like to do online. I remember being so surprised at the confidence my daughter had in swiping through my phone, even with seemingly little practice. It intrigued me. Remember not to be too critical of what they do on the Internet. It’s normal to be curious about the web. We were all curious as kids too!

4 – Talk to your kids about the dangers of meeting people on the Internet. This is an odd one for us because I met my husband through email, but it was different in that he was my client and we both had co-workers who could vouch for us being who we said we were. That said, tell your kids not to ever meet anyone without an adult present.


5 – Now let’s talk WebSafety. The WebSafety app helps parents protect children and helps them use mobile devices safely by monitoring where they are going, who they contact, and who is contacting them through their phones.

It monitors text messages and social media use, sees what photos your kids are posting or interacting with (Facebook and Instagram) and sends real time alerts when they see dangerous activities, or they cross boundaries you set. A special note that WebSafety is not watching everything they do online – but it simply tells you when there’s a concern that you can then check out. WebSafety is available on Apple and Android devices, including tablets, for a free 30 day trial. When the trial ends it’s $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year. WebSafety is a lower cost comprehensive technology to address safety concerns.

Have you heard of WebSafety? It's the #1 app for parenting monitoring, and, it can help your family! Here are 5 Internet Safety Tips for Families! #ad #WebSafety

Download the app to start your 30-day free trial at Google Play or the Apple Store!

Do you have any tips for online safety?