10 Things I Hate About You

“Why are you so angry all of the time today?”

Scarlet asked me that yesterday, and it stopped me in my tracks. There’s nothing like questioning your crankiness after a sweet little voice questions it first. And to be honest, her voice is sweet and little, and was even a little hoarse yesterday, but she was throwing me a lot of attitude right back. THAT is why I was cranky. I hate the word “hate” but there are things I hate. I hate crowds, which sometimes translates to others that I hate people, which is absolutely not true. Although I do hate feeling trapped or overwhelmed or anxious. I hate that I think people can be so incredibly oblivious, but I hate even more the fact that it’s true for me too and that people don’t use their brains to their full capacity. Ohhh, I’m guilty of that.

The thing is, the range of things to hate is so vast. I hate the feeling of a hangnail, and how if you don’t clip it or have access to clippers, you can’t let it stay like that. So you pull it and it HURTS, and then continues to hurt for hours or days. It’s small, though. I hate racism, and that’s quite large. I hate my own inadequacies, of which there are plenty, but I hate more how trapped I feel sometimes – completely unable to rise above – and react, heal, combat, surrender, let go, and deal.

That’s what I hate.

Hate is a bad word in my house, along with “stupid” and “fat” which are the really bad “s” and “f” words. That doesn’t mean they’re not words, though, and that we don’t sometimes fling them with meaning. When Finish the Sentence Friday proposed this topic today: “10 things I hate more than anything”, they joked that maybe they made a mistake with the topic, and that we’d have to be cranky to participate. To be honest, I am cranky today. I’ve had two sick kids home with me for most of the week and I have SO much to wade through before two business trips within the next week. I don’t even feel that well but it’s allergies that are making me paranoid it’s more. I haven’t even been out in the world to hate anything.

You don’t have to be cranky to write this post. You do have to properly examine some tough stuff, though, and your reactions to them. I decided to break mine into categories, and to say things I hate about each one. Fun? Well. We’ll see:

1 – Foods. It’s so hard to pick a least favorite. I used to say raw onions, but I think there might be worse things. Like cilantro, truffle oil, stinky cheeses, octopus, and duck liver! That fake grape flavor in candy and kids’ medicine. YUCK.

2 – Destructive Human Behaviors. Where to begin? Lying. Violence. Stealing. Cheating. Bad habits. Bullying. Greed. HATE. Gosh, we really are a weird bunch, aren’t we? Luckily, we happen to exhibit such positive behaviors too.

3 – Driving patterns. People are greedy on the road, aren’t they? Sometimes people drive as if you can’t die while driving, and others are just annoying. I’d say driving slowly in the left lane for awhile is an oblivious or malicious behavior.

4 – Bodily fluids. I can’t think of any to be a walk in the park, but vomit is my most hated!

5 – Animals. I really don’t love scorpions, spiders and snakes, but I’d let them all live. I will carry a tiny ant to safety and I have almost zero violent tendencies to speak of, but as far as I’m concerned, mosquitoes and ticks can DIE.

6 – Unpleasant physical feelings. I’ve been lucky to experience this minimally, and only from reading in the car, but I think motion sickness feels SO MUCH worse than any virus or food related sickness I can imagine. And it LASTS so long.

7 – Weather. There’s a lot to hate out here. There are those endless thick-clouded days in March. We have dangerous ice storms, cold rain, steamy rain, or just plain gloominess. I think the endless thick-clouded nothing days are the worst.

8 – Other people’s habits. Audible eating and close talking are in the lead!

9 – Places. I’ve had some dark times in Delaware. And Rahway, NJ isn’t my idea of a peach. There’s that congested driving area near, but not in, NYC and it’s just my idea of the worst places to live. Pollution and houses right next to each other.

10 – World crises. Terrorism, poverty, hunger, and polar bears clinging to icebergs. Gun violence, polarizing political views, racism, homophobia, intolerance, fear, hate, and hurting animals. Hurting ANYONE. Religion wars. CANCER. Just stop.

My list of things to love? It’s nearly endless. I can’t count that high! It’s raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. It’s eyelashes on Des and love with anyone. Basically this was hard for me, because I’m mostly all about the LOVE!

Feeling cranky today? This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is “10 things I hate more than anything.” And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin: HERE.

What would you say?