Loving Ice Cream Again: My Favorite BJ’s Wholesale Club Product

With 260-330 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint, it's no wonder that #breyersdelights are just that - a delight! All of the taste and none of the guilt. Come see why. #ad

First of all, it’s no surprise that I love BJ’s Wholesale Club.

When I lived in San Francisco, after 26 years in New Jersey, I missed so many comforts of home from living in the northeast. When we moved back together to start a family two years later, and settled in Massachusetts, one of the first places I visited was BJ’s Wholesale Club. I had missed my favorite store! Now we live sandwiched between two great locations – one way out in the country and one in a city. I love going to both locations, and being a satisfied member of BJ’s Wholesale Club.

It’s because you never know what you’ll find. I love the samples and the whole experience. They have yogurts you can’t find anywhere else. They have books and clothes and toys you can’t find anywhere else. And have you seen the candy selection? I love the bakery, the butcher, and the produce section. It’s out of this world! With the new year and my commitment to better eating, I was SUPER excited to see their dessert section and what’s in there: Breyers delights Cookies and Cream.

It’s that whole new year, new you thing. 2018 is a big year! I don’t know why, but just go with it here. Personally I love to be freely enjoying a treat that’s better for you, and still tastes delicious. Breyers delights from BJ’s are made with high quality ingredients, natural sourced flavors, and all American dairy. And they boast 330 calories and 20 grams of protein!

This reduced-fat ice cream, made with real cookies and fresh cream in every bite, will delight your taste buds! We should also talk about how awesome BJ’s is with its fresh choices, surprising finds (like this), and low prices!

As I said above, there are 260-330 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint. They’re made with fresh cream and all American dairy. They have 1/2 the calories, vs. comparable Breyers ice cream flavors. They also have 2 times the protein, vs. comparable Breyers ice cream flavors. And they use sustainably farmed vanilla, RFA vanialls. They have 20-40% less fat, vs. comparable Breyers ice cream flavors. And mostly? They’re just really really delicious. That matters.

It’s perfect just to snuggle up with a roaring fire and a yummy pint of ice cream. I love how they come in 4-packs so you can enjoy four pints at your leisure. That first dig into the creaminess was pretty awesome for me.

Get some yourself! Visit the Breyers delights product page at BJ’s HERE.

What’s your favorite reason for trying new Breyers delights?