5 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter

Thank you Idahoan® Steakhouse® Soups for sponsoring this post. Grab yourself a bowl and celebrate National Soup Month with me!

Want to warm up your winter? For some, this is the coldest and longest part of winter. Find out how we WARM it up in style with #IdahoanSoups! #ad

Finally, it’s National Soup Month! Did you know that January held that honor?

For me, it’s National Soup SEASON. Or seasons. The thing is, everyone knows I love ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. I don’t really think about it until April or May, though. Then it has a natural reign until the sun starts setting earlier and earlier, and a new love takes over. I love soup SO MUCH. I pretty much want it and think about it daily. I used to spend hours upon hours calling up all the local cafes and delis to hear their soups of the day. This was always disappointing, though. Why is that?

It’s because they never had the soups I wanted. And if they did, it’s too expensive to buy restaurant soup every day. And even if I did that, it’s too hard to get out of the house on the most icy and frigid of days. Just today, I barely made it to school drop-off because of the cold rain puddles and black ice. Sometimes, often, you just want to snuggle up inside with a fantastic bowl of soup. And that’s where Idahoan® Steakhouse® Soups come in. You could say I’ve found my winter love.

And THAT is how you celebrate National Soup Month. You can see why it’s National Soup Month, right? I fell on the ice just today getting to my car. There’s a cold wind, a layer of ice and snow, and still-early sunsets. It’s important to me to warm up my winter in style. I like things of comfort, warmth, and deliciousness. Here are my 5 ways to warm up your winter:

1 – Increase your core temperature by staying active. Put on music and get moving! Make sure you check up on your loved ones and any neighbors who might be extra vulnerable in cold weather. Bring pets inside! Our chickens stay in their coop.

2 – This is the time to make good use of your heaters and fireplaces. You’ve hopefully been saving for this! Keep safe by keeping anything flammable away from the heat sources. And don’t forget the power of extra blankets and good snuggles!

3 – Find unique ways to keep warm. Maybe you don’t have a bathtub? Head to a sauna or hot tub place. Join a Hot Yoga or Bikram class. Remember to think warm, or even hot. It’s good for your soul, and good for your body too to feel that heat.

4 – Prep your home. Close curtains, shades or blinds at night to keep cold out. During the day, let the warming sunlight in! And keep any unused rooms closed to prevent cold air from circulating through the house. Keep garage doors closed.

5 – Celebrate National Soup Month all winter long. In fact, all year long. And how do you celebrate it? Idahoan Steakhouse Soups warm us up during those cold winter months! Now this is my favorite way to enjoy soup. It’s a quick and easy and delicious meal option for my family. They give you the flavorful, slow-cooked taste of restaurant-quality soup at home, in just five minutes. We love all four delicious varieties: Loaded Potato, Creamy Potato, Cheddar Broccoli and Cheddar Potato.

I love that Idahoan Steakhouse Soups bring together real Idaho® potatoes with flavorful seasonings and rich cheeses. There’s a creamy taste in every spoonful! All you have to do is add water. And enjoy!

I love the ease that it takes to cook this, and also that they’re all my favorite varieties of soup. I love my soups to have broccoli, cheese, potatoes, and bacon. BOOM. Done. Each spoonful is delicious and hearty and WARM.

Find out more about Idahoan Steakhouse Soups here and follow them on their social channels at @IdahoanFoods!

What flavor would you most want to try?

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