The Perfect Holiday Gift and 5 Self Care Tips

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amopé. The opinions and text are all mine.

Want the perfect holiday gift? Give the Amope Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File Pink and give the gift of a spa experience right at home! #ad

Give the gift of perfectly smooth feet!

You know I wouldn’t steer you wrong! The Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File Pink is pretty much the best thing ever. It’s so good that I bought one for my Secret Santa and then went RIGHT back to Target to get myself one.

So you basically have two choices and if I were you, I’d take BOTH. You can get the Amopé Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File or the Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Rechargeable Foot File as the perfect items for your loved ones. Boom. You solved the question of what to get them. AND, you can put it on your OWN wish list. And you’re going to want it. It’s an awesome gift for a significant other, friend, relative, etc. You can wrap it up or use it as a stocking stuffer. It’s simply perfect.

You can find it at Target in the foot care aisle, like I did. The Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File has a roller head with long lasting micro-abrasive particles and it comes with finely ground diamond crystals. The foot file buffs away hard skin – leaving you with visibly and touchably smooth feet. The Amopé Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File is waterproof, so you can tackle your dry feet and cracked heels in the shower or even better – in the bath!

The wet/dry foot file is also rechargeable so you don’t need to change out batteries – you simply place it on the rechargeable docking station and plug into the outlet with a recommended minimum of three hours. Then you can continually file for over 20 minutes, which is more than enough time to smooth out your hard skin and cracked heels. Right now use this digital coupon link in time for the holidays. You can use it between 12/4/17 – 12/25/17. Link HERE. This is what it entails:

Amopé Extra Course Electronic Foot File: Save $10
Amopé Wet & Dry Rechargable Foot File: Save $15

On the subject of having a perfect spa experience at home with the Amopé, here are 5 self-care tips for winter:

1 – It’s amazing how good it can feel to take a hot shower or a long bath. To have your hair washed, cut or colored. To feel connections with other people, to feel strength in yourself, and to feel pampered and cared for. Do it.

2 – Move your body. Why, oh why, did it take me so long to actually listen to this advice? You need to find your own movement – whether it’s through walking, running, yoga, classes, and more. Who with? What? Where? When? Why?

3 – Don’t stop being YOU. And if you’re part of a couple, don’t stop being a couple during this journey. I recommend regular date nights and even regular solo date nights. Whatever it takes, whether it’s one or both. I recommend both.

4 – Learn to manage that stress. Connect. Reach in. Reach out. It’s pretty rich advice coming from me – a known anxious person – but that’s all the more reason to listen to me. I know how it can go! Deep breathe. Exercise. Do acupuncture. Yell at the sky. Connect with friends. Seek support – whether personally or professionally. There is a wide world out there, full of defenses against the dark feelings. Time-outs, hydration, and fruits and vegetables help a LOT. Deep breaths.

5 – Give yourself extra time in the morning to have a deluxe and healthy breakfast.

What else would you add for self-care? I look forward to a good book in a good bath and then using my Amopé Pedi Perfect. I’m so happy I got one for my Secret Santa, as well as myself. I feel perfectly covered (and with smooth feet) for another awesome holiday season. I hope whatever you do for self care, you’ll share in the comments! Who would you get your Amopé Pedi Perfect for?

Want the perfect holiday gift? Give the Amope Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File Pink and give the gift of a spa experience right at home! #ad

Would you put the Amopé Foot File on your wishlist too?

5 Tips For Dealing with Dog Stress During the Holidays

This post is sponsored by ADAPTIL®, but all thoughts, opinions, and cute dog photos are 100% my own.

The holidays can be stressful to dogs. Use these 5 tips to help keep your dog calm over the holidays. My tips are useful for dogs of all ages #ad #Adaptil

Our dog, Athena, is one of the best dogs I’ve ever met but she definitely has a nervous streak.

The thing is, the holidays can be tough for pets. It’s the travel – whether you take them with you or not – and it’s the constant coming and going. It could be house guests, or being a house guest, or eating too many rich foods that drop on the floor! It could be the inclusion of a giant Christmas tree – in our case we had to move Athena’s bed to a different corner of the room. I know she’s happiest when she has her bed right where she loves it to be! For now she’s sharing her space.

Here’s my list of 5 Tips for Dealing with Dog Stress During the Holidays:

1 – Keep your dog on her regular schedule as much as possible. This includes food, grooming, water, walks, etc. Even when we travel, we might walk our dog at the same time as usual, and we take care to feed her at the same times too.

2 – Limit the amount of travel you do with your dog. Sometimes, she might prefer the downtime of staying back with a beloved dog sitter or a member of the family. I always think Athena wants to come everywhere with us, but sometimes not.

3 – Be aware of potential hazards for dogs. This could be wrapped presents, food in stockings, decorations, or even unsecured trees. Take important safety precautions, and keep potential hazards out of your dog’s reach at all times.

4 – Limit the amount of other pets your house guests bring over.

5 – Consider ADAPTIL®! How does it work? It’s science! Mother dogs communicate with puppies through natural messages released into the air – and these “comforting messages” are called dog appeasing pheromones. ADAPTIL® mimics these strong signals of security – and this provides comfort to dogs of all ages – and helps them feel safe and secure during stressful situations. It’s veterinarian used and recommended, and clinically proved for dogs of all ages.

ADAPTIL® is a safe and effective solution that helps dogs cope with challenging or stressful situations. These situations can be loud noises, loneliness, traveling, or even adoption. When dogs are exposed to ADAPTIL®, they experience fewer signs of travel stress – like vomiting, salivating and restlessness – in as little as five minutes! It helps reduce or eliminate signs related to fear and anxiety, like excessive licking and barking, and hiding or destroying household items. After 30 days of use, signs associated with loud noises, like trembling, hiding and crying, were reduced by nearly 80%!

The holidays can be stressful to dogs. Use these 5 tips to help keep your dog calm over the holidays. My tips are useful for dogs of all ages #ad #Adaptil

ADAPTIL® is NOT a sedative or tranquilizer and can be used with medications – you apply the spray to your dog’s bedding or toys to provide calming support at home or on the go. You can use the collar to calm and comfort your dog in stressful indoor and outdoor situations – make sure it’s always on your dog, except when groomed or shampooed. You can also plug the diffuser into your dog’s favorite room before a change to their routine or environment is about to occur.

Want to hear more about ADAPTIL®? It’s the #1 veterinarian used and recommended behavior product for dogs, and comes in easy-to-use forms for home and on the go. You can buy it through Amazon and other authorized online retailers (EntirelyPets, HealthPets, Inc0 or your local veterinarian. To find it near you, visit Visit or Facebook to find out more about this helpful solution to your pet’s life!

1. Gaultier E, Pageat P. Effects of a synthetic dog appeasing pheromone on behavior problems during transport. In Proc 4th Int’l Behavior Meeting Caloundra Australia, Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science, 2003; 33-3
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What do you do for dog stress during the holidays?