Fun, Easy Christmas Craft: Rustic Felt and Twig Christmas Trees

This fun and easy #Christmas #craft will keep delight your little ones, and then you can use the Rustic Felt and Twig Christmas Trees for decorations too!

I remember something my little sister said last year that made me beam for days.

She was pregnant and it was a winter night, with the sunset creeping ever closer to afternoon, and we had about eight minutes to do a maternity shoot. Somehow we managed it, in the near dark, and I later handed (emailed) over her pictures. “I’ll do newborn ones too!” I said, because of course I would do that for my sister. And that’s when she said it. She said, “Man, having a photographer for a sister is so clutch.” I couldn’t stop beaming. I was so happy she had noticed!

Christmas craft

Now I’m going to tell you how I use the term. “Having an art teacher for a mom is SO CLUTCH.” I probably don’t sound as cool as my sister did, but that’s ok. The thing is clutch. My mom has been an artist/art teacher for about 40 years now. She expresses her thoughts, opinions, experiences and DREAMS through art. I used to be her art assistant and I’ve taken note of the projects the kids really took to the most, and I use them with my own kids. It amazes me how imaginative they are.

This fun and easy #Christmas #craft will keep delight your little ones, and then you can use the Rustic Felt and Twig Christmas Trees for decorations too!

This project is exceptionally cool. When we were in NJ for the weekend, my mom took the kids to her art gallery while I had a newborn photo shoot. There, the kids made a bunch of crafts. Hey, free art classes. I can’t deny how cool that is either.

This fun and easy #Christmas #craft will keep delight your little ones, and then you can use the Rustic Felt and Twig Christmas Trees for decorations too!

So if you’re feeling inspired this weekend, try this amazing craft!

This fun and easy #Christmas #craft will keep delight your little ones, and then you can use the Rustic Felt and Twig Christmas Trees for decorations too!

Rustic Felt and Twig Christmas Trees


Long twigs
Felt in a variety of colors
Hot glue gun
Small wood slice rounds in different sizes


  1. Begin by drawing half of a Christmas tree shape on the outside edge of a piece of cardstock paper and cutting it out. You can view the photo for reference on how to do this.
  2. Fold a portion of felt over and cut out a Christmas tree shape using your cardstock tree shape as a template. Cut out 4-5 felt trees for each finished tree you wish to make. You can create and cut out a smaller template as well if you would like to make trees of different sizes.
  3. Break a twig to the length you would like your tree to be.
  4. Starting at the top of the twig, put a straight line of hot glue down the twig about as long as your felt trees.
  5. Fold a felt tree in half and push it into the hot glue so that the hot glue runs behind the center of the felt tree, and the top of the tree is just above the top of your twig. Again, you can view the photos for reference on how to do this.
  6. Continue folding and gluing your felt trees all of the way around the twig. You can fit 4-5 felt tree shapes on the twig depending on how full you would like your finished tree to look.
  7. Create a base for your felt and twig Christmas tree by gluing together 2 or more small wood slice rounds of different sizes. You can also use a single wood slice if you prefer.
  8. Use hot glue to attach the bottom of your twig and felt tree to the base. Hold it in place for a minute or two until the hot glue has hardened.
  9. Display your felt trees as a group on your mantel, shelf or table this holiday season.

This fun and easy #Christmas #craft will keep delight your little ones, and then you can use the Rustic Felt and Twig Christmas Trees for decorations too!

What’s your favorite Christmas craft?

5 Winter Morning Hacks To Start the Day Better

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Here at Tamara Like Camera, we get pretty passionate about the products we write about. That’s why I’m proud to say that this post is in collaboration with FrostGuard® – a product I have been needing for a long time here in freezing New England.

AD What if I told you I found a way to take back your winter mornings! That's right - increase productivity, time with family, and car safety with FrostGuard

Winter mornings, am I right?

I used to think they would be the end of me, and that every day felt like the same thing. Cold bathroom floors. Too-short showers. Kids’ lunches to make. Frozen windshield. Rinse. Repeat. Every single day. I’m not a winter girl. As a kid growing up in New Jersey, March really did come in like a lion and out like a lamb. Every time! And even with that wonderful consistency and predictability, I’d still yearn for April each time. The promise of a sweet spring was what got me through.

Then I lived in California for awhile and had no reason to complain about winter. Except that Cassidy had been out there for over a decade and claimed that each time he visited the east coast, he’d get a new wrinkle. Well guess who lives in New England these days, by choice, and withOUT a garage? Yeah, that would be Cassidy and me. The thing is, winter is unpredictable and spring is NEVER early. In fact, sometimes winter comes early and stays late. There was that freak October blizzard when I was pregnant with Des. We can’t forget that one! Wet, heavy snow on trees with leaves still on them!

Then there was the mid-November snowstorm a few years ago:

This is what our house looks like from about November until LATE April. That’s right. LATE April. See the back of that red pickup truck? That was my dad’s truck. Yeah, he wasn’t going anywhere fast. And it took awhile to clear it off.

Pretty, yes? Convenient? No. Somewhere along the line I realized, “Hey, I’m an adult. I don’t need to suffer. Take back my winter mornings!” Even better it’s those winter MONDAY mornings. There’s nothing like them. You actually have to leave the house, even if you’re like me and you work at home. The kids don’t school at home! Cassidy often leaves early and my lonely and cold car sits alone in the driveway waiting for me to come outside and spend TWENTY minutes brushing snow, ice and frost off the car. And that’s 20 minutes if I’m lucky! Until the day I discovered FrostGuard®. That was a good day.

This is a great lead-in for my amazing list. 5 Winter Morning Hacks to Start the Day Better:

1 – Why, FrostGuard, of course! Personally I have the FrostGuard Signature Bundle, which means it includes mirror covers. Hooray! The thing is, it really does take 20 minutes to scrape ice and snow off your car. Anyone who has ever done it can tell you that. So my best solution to take back my winter mornings is to put FrostGuard on your windshield at night and then just shake the ice and snow off the next morning. That’s it! FrostGuard is durable – made of heavy-weight polyester with weather-resistant PVC lining. It comes in two sizes and a 9″ wiper-flap for coverage and protection of primary viewing area.

FrostGuard is easy to use. I could install and remove it in seconds with the Fit-Fast® attachment system. It’s also secure – there’s a driver’s side security panel so it’s there when you need it. You don’t have to worry about it falling off:

FrostGuard is versatile – working with cars, trucks and SUVS and is also stylish. Notice how mine is my favorite color? Of course! The convenience of the quick-dry storage pouch means no soggy backseat when you’re taken it off your car.

FrostGuard improves winter safety because according to the Department of Transportation, weather-related vehicle crashes injure more than 480,000 and kill 6,253 each year. FrostGuard keeps your primary viewing area clear of snow, ice or frost. Plus, there are fun features to cover the side mirrors and you can also put your wiper blades over FrostGuard.

Looking for a perfect gift idea this holiday season? Think of your friends and family who have to deal with winter weather (raises both hands). Give them the gift of NOT standing outside in frigid temperatures scraping ice, snow and frost off their windshields every morning, and all around getting cranky and dreaming of tropical islands. FrostGuard is a low-cost, high-value present – ensuring your loved ones are warm in their cars! AND, I have a coupon for you! Who doesn’t love that?

Get 20% off FrostGuard Signature Bundle with the code “winter17”. Use before December 31, 2017. Some exclusions may apply.

There. Now that you’re going to save yourself or your co-workers, friends and family (and neighbors) from standing outside for 20+ minutes scraping snow, ice and frost off their cars, here are four MORE winter morning hacks for a better start!

2 – Set your thermostat. Have it kick in about 1-2 hours before you plan on waking up, and it will make a big difference to you! It will inspire you to get up and it will increase your core body temperature. Try it and love it!

3 – Have a morning music session. We have a device in our home that plays whatever we tell it to play. I like to channel my old college dining hall days when they’d play soothing music in the mornings and then ramp it up.

4 – Go straight to the shower! That warm water will get your circulation going and it helps to use a shower gel with peppermint or another invigorating scent. Have an active shower! Stretch in there. Dance. Sing loudly too!

5 – Have something to look forward to in the morning. A lot of mornings are spent thinking about drudgery. Do something nice for yourself and plan for it! Breakfast in bed. A magazine. A new shower gel. Breakfast out at a new place.

What are your winter morning hacks?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrostGuard.