Currently, Don’t Be Afraid to Catch Feels

Blogging is a funny beast sometimes, isn’t it?

I mean, I came here to do one thing – which was to write – but I found so many strange and wonderful connections instead. I found myself. I was super lost, but we’re always lost and found, lost and found, throughout life. I always think that as long as I can come here once or twice a week to say “hi” simply as myself, it’s all ok. And what can I say? I’m super muddled. I feel like I’ve been that way for a long time. Maybe this is just my life now. Maybe this is just me now. Muddled, occasionally haggard, sometimes glowing, always busy, and able to boomerang back. Sometimes the words come and sometimes it’s pulling teeth and if we’re being honest, I didn’t think there was a chance in heck I’d come here and have anything to say.

Yet, here I am – barely stringing words together. Sometimes it’s fun to see where this goes.

Now, it’s Currently Time! Feel free to write your own sometime!

Currently, I’m..

Reading: Seriously, nothing. I had an overdue library book for about two months that wound up being packed up in a box before our renovations started. I have so many books to read. You know how with some things in life, you have to hear a click to be sure? Like a seatbelt. That’s how my brain works. If there’s a click, I’m full speed ahead. If there’s no click, and maybe just some halfway one, I’m pretty much useless. I can’t do the simplest thing – like go into the basement and find a book to read. My brain is my biggest opponent. Ridiculous. The click metaphor works for all aspects of my life. LAME.

Planning: Ooh, pick me! Planning! I’m sort of terrible at it, but maybe the seatbelt clicked for this one. We’re planning our annual Disney World trip in January! Before that, we are surprising the kids with a Polar Express train ride in upstate NY (I mean.. the North Pole). There might be a hotel stay or two in all of that. I’m also co-planning.. you know.. our entire HOUSE as it gets ripped apart and put back together. Remember when the renovations start/stopped? Now they’re full speed ahead.

Stressing: Stressing? Me? Ok, you got me there. I’m always in a weird whirlwind of sweating the small stuff, and then not sweating the small stuff, but it always comes back around because I’m hard-wired in the DNA to stress the small stuff. I actually think it’s the big stuff, but don’t tell anyone. Currently, I’m more busy with work than I’ve ever been. Remember last year and earlier this year, when I was doing photography, blogging, and big boxes of data entry surveys? Yeah, that was child’s play. I’m so busy right now with blogging, photography, and my new Visual Content Management job (QA) that I actually can’t breathe sometimes. It’s a wonder I’m writing this because I have seven photo shoots to edit. Also, I stress about the apocalypse and marriage and parenting and my mid-section, but who has time to write and read that one? Not it.

Wishing: I make wishes and prayers when I’m panicked and it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, WHAM. Let’s talk about wishes, though. They’re usually made from a mid-level and sent to above. You follow me here? Prayers are made from down below – just to get to mid level. Does that make sense? I wish for things to make sense. And world peace. Health.

Feeling: Like I shouldn’t be afraid to catch feels. And in my strange inability to feel things sometimes, I wonder if there’s a way not to force the feels, but to coax them out. Last year I couldn’t feel the holiday spirit, except maybe in glimpses. I wasn’t in the waterfall of the feels, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t..let’s go right to the next one and you will:

Listening: To this little number:

Eating: Nothing at the moment but I stole a Hickory Farms Salted Caramel Chocolate (from myself) a few minutes ago. And I have my eye on the Cookie Butter OREOs upstairs (finally found them!) and having Cassidy make stovetop popcorn. YES.

Wearing: A super cool Star Wars shirt and burgundy pants.

Loving: That I was there on the last day my favorite seasonal ice cream stand was open for 2017. And when I mentioned that Scarlet was away, they gave me a free quart of cotton candy ice cream to give to my kid! Ah! I’m also loving the feel of the warmth from the pellet stove, the smell of coffee, paychecks, and all the possibilities I’ve been discovering about myself and my capabilities. I hope it’s upward mobility.. forever. That’s a reasonable request that I haven’t chosen to ignore!

Name that reference (above)!

Hoping: Just insert a bunch of political and weather and health things right here. That about does it for today.

Pick one of these verbs and tell me what you’re doing currently.

5 Tips I Learned From the World’s Hottest Vet About Pet Nutrition

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a YouTube Live conversation with Dr. Evan Antin – the world’s hottest vet! This post is written in a collaboration with Purina. All thoughts, opinions and cute Athena photos are 100% my own!

We got to talk with Dr. Evan Antin - the world's hottest vet on YouTube Live. Here are 5 amazing tips we learned about pet nutrition this season and beyond!

If you have never heard of Dr. Evan Antin until now, you’re in for such a treat!

Dr. Evan Antin is a veterinarian at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital outside Los Angeles. AND, he’s known as the world’s hottest vet. That aside, he was genuine, charming, informative and helpful. I got to sit in a panel, but also in my own home with my cat Juniper totally visible to the vet and we got to ask him questions about pet food and pet nutrition. With Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner, pet safety and nutrition might be on the top of your mind, like mine!

Here’s what I learned:

1 – Understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for your pet. This will help them to live long, healthy lives. Not all pet owners are aware of what a quality diet looks like for their pet, and they don’t make the best decisions about pet food. Pets aren’t human, and more goes into choosing their pet food – like individual pet needs and finding quality food with the right ingredients. Speak to your vet for the best nutritional approach for your pet. It will really help!

2 – Do your research on ingredients. The most important aspect of the pet food you choose is whether or not it provides a complete and balanced nutrition. That said, do your research on grains, by-products, raw food, and natural/organic food.

3 – Check the quality and safety of your pet food. Did you know that 8 in 10 (81%) of pet owners have either reached out or want to reach out to a source of information about their pet’s food? However, 41% of those who want to reach out don’t know where to look for information. You can check the quality and safety standards of your pet food by contacting or checking your pet food manufacturer’s website, or by speaking to your veterinarian for recommendations.

4 – Avoid table scraps. I know it’s tempting but the foods we eat around the holidays contain a lot of oils and fats. We could unwittingly give our pets diarrhea, vomiting or pancreatitis. And some people foods are toxic to dogs – like onions/garlic.

5 – Speak to your vet about quality/quantity of your pet food. This was actually a question I got to ask Dr. Evan Antin face to face, that I was wondering about if you should follow the quantity instructions on a bag of pet food, or if they might instruct us to give our pets too much food. He said that it depends on the particular age, lifestyle, and health conditions of our pets, and we should speak to our veterinarian about specific quantities of pet food we give our pets. That helped me so much!

To learn more about nutrition, quality and safety of pet food, please visit

Dr. Antin travels to the most exotic places on earth to work with wildlife, and was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Beast Charmer” alive in 2014 and 2015. He received his undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Colorado, and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University. Now he lives in Agora Hills, California with his fiancée, his dog, Henry, his cat, Willy, his savannah monitor lizard, mangrove snake and an assortment of tropical freshwater fish. I think I saw Henry in the background and he was very cute!

What would you ask Dr. Evan Antin if given the chance?