7 Ways to Protect Your Dog This Winter

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Have a dog who enjoys the outdoors? Even in New England, our dog gets out a lot in winter. Here are 7 ways to protect your pal. #ad #Vectra3D #DoubleDefense

Even though we live in New England with long and cold winters, we still protect Athena from fleas and ticks year-round.

She’s an outdoors girl! She came to us from Alabama and I’ll never forget the first time it snowed. She put one dainty paw in the cold white snow and gave us a look that said, “No WAY I’m going out there!” Although it was humorous, we were happy she found her “snow legs.” Even though the weather can change and be unseasonably warm or unseasonably cold at any given time, New England has long winters. We have cold Autumns too. And just like with the warmer seasons, we follow tips to protect Athena all winter long. Here are 7 ways you can protect your dog this winter to make the best of the cold!

Protect Your Dog

1 – We use Vectra® 3D For Dogs year round. The thing is, it’s ALWAYS possible for fleas, ticks and other dangerous parasites – like mosquitoes – to infect your dog anywhere in the country. And it only takes one bite to potentially spread disease. That’s why we love how Vectra® 3D For Dogs is a fast and effective monthly topical that kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, biting flies and mites* before they bite your dog. Why will you love it? It kills through contact, which means parasites don’t have to bite your dog to die. AND, it begins reducing flea feeding in 5 minutes, and kills fleas in 6 hours.

Protect Your Dog

Mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease to dogs and Vectra® 3D For Dogs prevents mosquitoes from feeding, and in turn, helps stop the spread of heartworm disease. It remains effective after bathing or swimming and protects for one month. Vectra® 3D also has a patented application that makes it super easy to use. The applicator is easy to use with no drips, no mess, and no need for scissors. And the long, rounded tip helps you easily and comfortably apply product directly to your dog’s skin under the fur. For detailed application instructions, you can visit vectrapet.com/us/Home/How-To-Apply.

Protect Your Dog

Protect Your Dog

Protect Your Dog

Do not use Vectra® 3D on cats!

We use Vectra® 3D and a monthly heartworm preventative to give Athena a Double Defense against heartworm disease. Our protocol is using Vectra® 3D to kill and repel mosquitoes on the outside of Athena and a heartworm preventative to kill heartworm larvae on the inside of her. We use Heartgard®. I feel doubly protected because Vectra® is a fast-acting, long-lasting, broad-spectrum parasite control, as well as a topical mosquito, flea and tick protection for dogs. Its patented applicator makes it easy to apply to Athena. It’s Double-Defense – killing and repelling mosquitoes outside with Vectra® 3D and killing larvae inside with a heartworm preventive. Double Defense is a one-two punch against heartworm disease.

Vectra® 3D is available through your local veterinarian. To find it near you, visit VectraPet.com/us/Home/Tools/Find-a-Vectra-vet.

For more information on Double Defense, visit fightheartwormnow.com/double-defense-heartworm-protection.

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Have a dog who enjoys the outdoors? Even in New England, our dog gets out a lot in winter. Here are 7 ways to protect your dog. #ad #Vectra3D #DoubleDefense

Here are six other ways to protect your dog in the winter:

2 – If you give your pet water outside, swap the metal bowls with ceramic or plastic ones. And make sure you monitor their water freezing. You can also buy heated water bowls for many pets if this is a concern where you live.

3 – Just like you don’t leave your dog in a hot car in the summer, don’t leave your dog alone in a freezing car in winter.

4 – Watch our for antifreeze – which is fatal for dogs.

Protect Your Dog

5 – Make sure you keep your dog on a leash around frozen ponds, lakes, or rivers. They can fall through ice!

6 – Many dogs, especially active ones, need extra food in the winter. Make sure they’re getting enough food, but not too much!

7 – Groom your dog to keep him or her properly insulated.

Protect Your Dog

Do you have any winter safety tips for dogs?

• *Excluding mange mites

The Ultimate Sleep Routine for Adults (It Really Helps!)

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Are you in need of a good sleep routine? This helps us deal with sleeplessness and minor aches and pains. #ad #ForBetterTomorrows #BetterTomorrows #FallBack

There’s no doubt that this fall back time of year (end of Daylight Savings) can really cramp my style!

As a kid, I was not a good sleeper. That’s why it surprised me in my 20’s to find that I really AM a good sleeper. I think that all those years spent with four loud siblings taught me some good survival instincts for adulthood. And that’s the ability to tune out noises and lights and even thoughts – and sleep through the night! Unfortunately or fortunately, I have slept through literal earthquakes and explosions in my life, but never through early motherhood! So there’s that. Generally, though, nothing challenges my sleep. Yet when it’s not going well, it’s really not going well. And lately I have challenges – with our home and with minor aches and pains from indoor and outdoor chores and long hours.

You KNOW I love solutions. Hover over this below image to purchase TYLENOL® PM from Walgreens:

Right now, we’re smack in the middle of home renovations. We’re getting our master bedroom/bathroom completely redone, as well as the flooring on two floors. We haven’t had a bedroom of our own in seven weeks! In fact, the only times I’ve slept in a real bed during this time was at a hotel in Maine, and in my old bed in my old room at my parent’s farm! Cassidy and I are also hard at work with fall chores and tending to the 11 chickens. Not only are we experiencing a big break from our old sleep routine, but there are certainly slight aches and pains too. It’s from the yard work and the futon, as well as long hours with working at a computer and parenting for even longer hours. Ultimately, we wanted to find a solution to help with minor aches and pains, and occasional sleeplessness too. That’s how I discovered TYLENOL® PM as a solution.

It’s important to get a good night’s rest for a full day ahead – especially when our day to day routines are interrupted by pain. This over the counter pain brand relieves minor aches and pains while also helping me fall asleep. It’s non-habit forming when used as directed. Lately, there are fewer hours of daylight and it takes a toll. I need my energy more than ever, and I hate to waste my precious daytime hours because of a bad night’s sleep due to pain. I buy TYLENOL® PM at Walgreens because TYLENOL® is collaborating with Walgreens to help treat consumers experiencing sleepless nights.

Sleeplessness is an issue for many, and pain is an added layer of complexity to sleepless nights. It’s wonderful to have one solution to relieve minor aches and pains while helping us to fall asleep. Daylight Savings just ended on November 5th, and days are so short! (and so cold) I’ve also been working on a good sleep routine lately. I think it’s more important than ever. I follow a sort of timeline, while taking sugar, caffeine, exercise and screen time into consideration. Here’s my routine:

1 – Stop drinking caffeine at least 5-6 hours before your bedtime.

2 – Stop drinking alcohol at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

3 – Finish dinner at least 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

4 – Spend the last two hours before bedtime doing winding down things, and not winding up things (like exercise).

5 – Turn off screens at least one hour before you go to sleep.

6 – Also stop working or studying an hour before you go to bed.

7 – Go to bed at an established time that you set yourself. It should be a time that makes sense in YOUR life.

8 – Choose the last hour before bed to do NONE of the above things, and only activities conducive to sleep. This will vary, but if you keep a routine where you read, drink tea, meditate, listen to music, etc. every night during your last hour of the day, you will start to associate those activities with sleep. Think of it like sleep training for adults. It works for babies, so why wouldn’t you need sleep training too? Try it and see how it works! Your mind and body will be aligned for sleep.

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Are you in need of a good sleep routine? This helps us deal with sleeplessness and minor aches and pains. #ad #ForBetterTomorrows #BetterTomorrows #FallBack

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Do you have any good sleep tips?

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