How You Can Help Make HIV History

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Every 2 minutes a young woman contracts HIV. In 2016 1 million people died of HIV-related illnesses globally. Are you ready to #MakeHIVHistory too? #JNJ #ad

I remember exactly where I was when I first heard about HIV.

I was in my 6th grade classroom with my amazing teacher. This was the early 90’s and people were scared and more uncertain. I’m not saying that fear has dissipated but the initial mystery had us all frightened. My teacher gave us a lesson on what it is and how you can catch it, and mainly – all the ways you can’t catch it. I remember that conversation distinctly and how it helped alleviate some of my fear. Little did I know, I’d remember and need my teacher’s words not long after.

When I was 13, a few years later, someone VERY close to me pulled me aside and told me had contracted HIV. I was crushed and heartbroken. This was a family member, and one of the most important people in my life. I feared the unknown in general, but this was a HUGE unknown to me. Over 20 years later, this is still an important cause to me. Every week, over 7,000 young women around the world contract HIV – according to UNAIDS. That means that there’s a new young woman impacted every two minutes. Young women aged 10-24 are twice as likely to contract HIV as males the same age. Today, young people make up over 20% of HIV/AIDS cases in the US, and according to the CDC, young people between the ages of 13 and 24 account for just over one in five HIV diagnoses. This is staggering to me after all this time with what I have learned.

It’s over 30 years later, and HIV is still here. Not only that, 30% of people globally who are HIV positive don’t know that they are. The vast majority of people living with HIV are located in low and middle income countries. There’s an estimated 25.5 million living in sub-Saharan Africa and among this group, 19.4 million are living in East and Southern Africa. This group saw 44% of new HIV infections globally in 2016. 1 million peple died of HIV-related illnesses in 2016, according to the World Health Organization, and almost half of these deaths occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. Every day, 400 children newly contract HIV, with 290 children dying of AIDS related illnesses, according to UNAIDS – Children and HIV Fact Sheet July 2016.

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For more information, you can check out Johnson & Johnson’s Make HIV History page here. Treatments for HIV have improved, including a promising possible HIV vaccine being developed by Johnson & Johnson which they announced at this year’s Global Citizen Festival. For more info:

Every 2 minutes a young woman contracts HIV. In 2016 1 million people died of HIV-related illnesses globally. Are you ready to #MakeHIVHistory too? #JNJ #ad

Will you join us to make HIV history?

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#HillsTransformingLives: 5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

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We got Athena as a rescue dog and have now researched the amazing work of Hill's Science Diet. 5 reasons to adopt a senior pet! #ad #HillsTransformingLives

Did you know that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month?! What an important month this is!

We have found the greatest love in our dog Athena, and we are so thankful every day that we rescued her, and she rescued us too. We have incredible times with her in the garden, and with snuggling, and at our town’s wonderful and adventurous dog park. Our eight-year-old takes an active part in the dog’s care and training, and we hope for the same for our five-year-old eventually. We are now avid rescue pet owners and supporters. We took a chance on her and she took one on us.

We got Athena as a rescue dog and have now researched the amazing work of Hill's Science Diet. 5 reasons to adopt a senior pet! #ad #HillsTransformingLives

There are many reasons to adopt a senior pet, and to learn about the important role that proper nutrition plays in the health and overall well-being of senior pets. Nutrition, veterinary care and love all play a key part in helping to keep older pets active, healthy and happy. Senior dogs and senior cats have different nutritional requirements than their younger friends and that’s why selecting a specially formulated food like Hill’s® Science Diet® Youthful Vitality can help address the needs of an older pet and help them to live their life to the fullest! Are you thinking of adopting an older dog or older cat?

Here are 5 reasons to adopt a senior pet:

1 – You just may save its life, since older dogs are more likely to be euthanized before younger dogs at crowded shelters.

2 – Senior dogs tend to be more mellow than younger dogs, and would love to nap and cuddle for most of the day!

3 – Senior dogs usually come to your home, already trained and with an understanding of at least basic commands.

4 – You can teach an old dog new tricks. Dogs can be trained at any age, and older dogs have better attention spans.

5 – Senior dogs have a tremendous amount of love to give, and will be your best friend for life.

We got Athena as a rescue dog and have now researched the amazing work of Hill's Science Diet. 5 reasons to adopt a senior pet! #ad #HillsTransformingLives

Dogs over 7 years and cats over 7 years will make incredible companions, snuggle buddies, workout partners and friends. An aging dog and an aging cat have a lot of gratitude for their rescuers, and will reward them with unwavering devotion. If you’re thinking of adopting a dog or a cat, consider adopting a senior/older dog or senior/older cat. You can help fight the effects of aging by trying Hill’s® Science Diet® Youthful Vitality – specially designed for pets ages 7 and above.

Senior pets are often overlooked at shelters. That’s why Hill’s® Science Diet® began an exciting new partnership with Animal Planet to launch the “Mission Adoptable” web series. It was filmed in collaboration with the SPCA of Texas in Dallas and focuses on the plight of older shelter pets that face a difficult time getting adopted. You can watch the journeys of each senior pet, and it’s exciting! It’s even better to know you can help – by visiting shelters, watching the web series, and sharing information about it.

Stay connected!

There is so much more to say and read, and I encourage you to learn as much as I did!

To watch “Mission Adoptable”, click this link.

And to learn more about Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love Program, click this link.

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Watch “Mission Adoptable here and get inspired to visit a local shelter during this amazing month of November and consider adopting a senior pet. The videos are a MUST see. I must have watched them a dozen times. Two dozen!

Tell me about the senior pet in your life!

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