5 Ways to Help Soothe Your Eczema

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Do you suffer from eczema? Whether mild or severe, you can find relief with these 5 tips! My brand new favorite tip is GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief #ad

One thing I LOVE is to wear short sleeves or sleeveless dresses.
I don’t live in a climate in which this is possible year-round, YET, but a girl can dream! The warm months are my favorite, but in many ways, those are the toughest times to hide eczema. Eczema is characterized by itchy red rashes on your skin. It is more common for kids, but it can stick around through adulthood too. Everyone who has it experiences it a different way – from mild to severe – but we all find ourselves in similar situations. 

This is a snapshot of what it can be like to have eczema:  

1 – You can’t trust yourself overnight. That’s right – you can try to control the itching/scratching pattern during the day, to some avail, but overnight can be really rough on your skin. You might sleep with gloves on to protect your skin. 2- People will tell you to “Just stop scratching” as if that will solve everything! 3 – You’ll get the red, itchy rashes in odd places. Mine are often on my arms but it can be anywhere. 4 – Summer, with its moist skin, doesn’t necessarily make you feel better. You’ll still feel like you’re shedding dry skin. 5 – You’ll try many things and maybe everything, in order to soothe it, until you find what helps.

Here are five ways to find itch relief and soothe your eczema: 


1 – Put ice on it. Make a quick compress with a washcloth or gauze dipped in cold water. You can even use an ice pack or frozen food from the freezer. I’ve used ice cubes in small bags. This helps to numb the area and find some relief. 2 – Take Melatonin. This may help you to sleep through the night. 3 – Using coconut oil can help nourish the skin. 4 – Take a warm bath for 15 minutes and add ground oatmeal to the water for extra soothing. 5 – Discover GOLD BOND® Ultimate Lotion Eczema Relief

Do you suffer from eczema? Whether mild or severe, you can find relief with these 5 tips! My brand new favorite tip is GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief #ad


When you think of GOLD BOND, you may think of the original medicated powder that started the brand back in 1908! I totally did, and I’m glad I found this product, because it’s been the most effective for my skin. GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief goes beyond other leading eczema products with its 2% colloidal oatmeal that helps break the itching-scratching cycle. I love that it’s not greasy and that it is effective at addressing my symptoms until my skin calmed down again.

It has a steroid-free, patented formula that blends colloidal oatmeal – like I mentioned above – as well as seven moisturizers and three vitamins and relieves my itchiness, dryness, scaling/peeling, roughness, and redness/irritation. I keep it at home and always pop it in my travel bag for long days or nights away from home. I once had a terrible rash while away from home and I haven’t had a problem since bringing this along. It hasn’t just helped me! The formula was clinically tested. 8 out of 10 people saw and felt significant skin improvement in two weeks. 8 out of 10 people experienced significant relief of dryness, scaling, and roughness in two weeks. And 9 out of 10 people experienced significant relief of redness/irritation in four weeks. GOLD BOND® Ultimate Eczema Relief is available at all major mass, drug and food retailers for $9.99. 


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5 Easy Ways to Spoil Your Cat {With DIY Feather Toy}

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Here are 5 EASY ways to spoil your cat, including a #DIY Feather Toy for cats. Feed your cats the mess-free food you know they'll LOVE. #ad #MeowMixatTarget

By now, the secret is far out of the bag. I ADORE Juniper!

It’s true that I was a reluctant cat owner, and now I can’t get enough of her. My friends laugh at how obsessed I am with her, but she keeps me warm all winter! And we’re having renovations done right now, so I’m temporarily in a makeshift basement office. (not fun) Well Juniper is always down here with me! In fact, in most of my video calls for work, my co-workers can see her in the background – perched on a giant blue bean bag chair. She makes me happy. She makes me laugh.

I used to think she loved my loft office, because she was always up there with me when I was working. Now I realize what she loves is me, because when I’m in the basement, she is too. It makes me realize that it doesn’t have to be hard to please your cat. They like comfy things and food things and being left alone things and ear scratching things too.

Here are five easy ways to spoil your cat:

1 – Give your cat GREAT, mess-free food. It’s as simple as that! For Juniper, that’s Meow Mix Simple Servings from Target.

Simple Servings is a new, single serving of delicious wet cat food in a convenient, mess-free cup. They come in single-serve portions so there are no leftovers. They’re easy-to-open and easy-to-serve without the need for forks and spoons!

Although you can put them in a bowl too:

Juniper loves that they contain pieces of real seafood or poultry in a savory sauce or gravy. Simple Servings are available in a variety of flavors at Target: Tuna & Salmon, Seafood Variety, and Chicken & Turkey (Junie’s favorite!). There’s no mess, no leftovers, and no fuss. Just open and serve the cup – it’s that simple! And even a choosy cat loves Meow Mix Simple Servings.

2 – Spend your quiet times with your cat. They love their peace and quiet, don’t they? One way to really bond with your cat and show her love is to make your time together enjoyable and relaxing. Gentle pets, resting, etc.

3 – Give your cat lots of affection, scratching posts, and comfy places to sleep. As for comfy places to sleep, that could be a number of places. My cat prefers the inside of a kid trampoline, or on a giant, soft bean bag chair. Or even in my lap!

4 – Give your cat lots of treats!

5 – Make an easy DIY cat toy! When I was cleaning out Scarlet and Des’ old costume bin last week, I found a few feather/feather boas from old Halloween costumes. The cat went crazy for them! So I found an old cheap magic wand, some string, scissors, and a tiny bell toy and went right to work to make a feather cat toy!

  • First, gather a stick or “magic wand”, scissors, twine or good string, and the desired toys!

  • Next make a tight tie around the base of the feathers, and include a little bell if you have one! (we have tons)

  • Then, cut a good length of strength and tie a knot around the wand/stick. Wrap it around a few times to secure the knot.

  • Trim off excess string, and enjoy!

Here are 5 EASY ways to spoil your cat, including a #DIY Feather Toy for cats. Feed your cats the mess-free food you know they'll LOVE. #ad #MeowMixatTarget

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Here are 5 EASY ways to spoil your cat, including a #DIY Feather Toy for cats. Feed your cats the mess-free food you know they'll LOVE. #ad #MeowMixatTarget

How do you spoil your cat?