Your Fall Survival Guide From Walmart!

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Having house guests this fall? Have no fear! has you fully covered for everything you may need for a good season. #ad #Walmart #FallinForWalmart

Fall is the season for celebrating what matters the most, and for us, that’s family. Recently, as you know, I discovered the wonders of when I used it to do my own oil change. I couldn’t believe how much the website had changed for the better. In just a few clicks, you can cover it all. I love that is here to help us prepare the house for house guests. And I’m talking everything – like personal care items, home décor, kitchen ware, and FOOD items, of course.

Think of as your friendly neighborhood store. It’s a friendly website. There’s a great selection of high-quality merchandise, there’s friendly service, and every day low prices. So you don’t have to sacrifice your wallet OR your style this fall when you host 1,000 people. (slight exaggeration on my part) Whatever you need at home, it’s there!

Looking for fashion? Beauty products? Groceries for fall baking? Consider the friendly answer to the question, “Where can I go to get EVERYTHING? I’m feeling stressed!” Well, don’t feel that way! Just go online.

Find everything you need. BOOM.

It’s open 24/7 and provides a great online shopping experience. I love getting all my fall essentials from the comfort of my own home with Then there’s more time in the day to prepare the home and HAVE FUN!

I saved at least 25% from my usual fall shopping. I couldn’t be happier! We always have a huge Thanksgiving celebration either here, at my in-laws’ house, or at my parent’s farm in New Jersey. We try to get together several times in the fall.

Now, do you want to see what I bought?! The unboxing was such fun, as you can see from my spread of fun products. Here are all of the amazing items in use in our home. We love celebrating fall, and anticipating our numerous house guests.

Make sure you take advantage of these exclusive Every Day Low Prices at!

What would you get in a fall survival guide?