10 Ways to Turn Your Child’s Dreams Into Realities

I’ve partnered with Fidelity & MEFA in support of the U.Fund Dreams Tour. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Are you a family of dreamers too? Find out 10 ways to help turn your child's dreams into realities with the help of the U. Fund Dreams Tour #ad #UFundDreams

At any given time, my family is working on several different dreams.

We’ve always been a family of dreamers. You can see it in the way we imagine and envision. You can see it in the way we travel and make Halloween costumes. It’s in the way we draw out plans for chicken coops, bathroom renovations, and dream trips to Disney World. And, you can (finally) even see it in the way we execute these wildest dreams. We have individual dreams, and we have family dreams. Mostly, that all criss-crosses, intersects, and meets in the middle. As the kids grow older, they share some of our dreams, and also have their own. Which is great, because I have solo dreams too! I’m thankful for this chance to glimpse the way a child dreamer dreams, and to know I’m here to help them along their journeys.

That’s why I’m so proud to be partnered with Fidelity and MEFA on behalf of the U. Fund Dreams Tour.

Bringing Our Dreams to Life

Scarlet and I had the pleasure of visiting the U. Fund Dreams Tour Tent at the grand opening of the Dr. Seuss Museum a couple of weeks back. The grand opening featured a wonderful festival outside, and then a large glimpse into the museum. Hand in hand we walked along the collections of books, historical objects, photos, drawings, and FUN events.

child's dreams

I loved to discover every Dr. Seuss book I loved as a little girl, and as a VERY new mother. Scarlet loved to discover the books I used to read to her, and that she can now read to herself. We both also discovered books we had never seen or read.

The event was gorgeous, and now the museum is here to delight visitors for many years to come. We absolutely LOVED The U. Fund Dreams Tour Tent – where we could interact and connect. In fact, it gave my brain a much needed kickstart to really start thinking about the ways in which we want to encourage our kids’ futures and dreams, but also HOW. I walked away feeling possible. And that’s one of the most powerful feelings I know. Oh, the places we’ll go! And hopefully together!

1 – Just listen. When you were a kid, you probably had BIG dreams, right? I know I did. I know I still do. The most important thing my parents ever did was to not deny my dreams. Children mainly think anything is possible. Let them.

2 – Teach your child life skills. Sometimes I think it’s so obvious, and other times I realize how much I have missed! Luckily I have a partner who fills in where I lack. Obviously we want these life skills to be age-appropriate, but they build on each other and grow. I’m talking cooking and baking, age-relevant chores, gardening, writing letters, picking out their own gifts, navigating the world, knowing basic first aid, and more! Every kid is different, but life skills are always important.

3 – Provide a quality education. This could be the very lightbulb over their head, or wind beneath their wings. I know we tend to stress over the “right” schools and the “right” teachers, but I try to relax about that, when possible. I believe it all works out well when they’re loved at home, loved at school, and given the chances to find their way.

4 – Be positive. They learn SO MUCH from you. Having a positive attitude/outlook can be earth-shatteringly enriching for your children. Sometimes it’s hard, but I believe I got my positivity from my mom, so I’m keeping that cycle going!

5 – Don’t control your child. Their future is wide open and their dreams are like a bird – unable to be caged.

6 – Gently propel them into action. As kids grow, their interests and passions begin, develop, and grow. They can change too. Pay special attention to their interests and help them write down their dreams, research their goals, and make a timeline for achievements. Just the way you would for yourself!

7 – Show support. Your support will mean everything to them. Have small celebrations for every achievement. It’s so beneficial to have small rewards to help along the way.

8 – Create visual games, challenges and inspiration. Creating a vision board is one great idea. You can also develop little games and challenges to teach them about making small achievements – and baby steps – along the way.

9 – Believe in the dream. With every fiber of your being.

Are you a family of dreamers too? Find out 10 ways to help turn your child's dreams into realities with the help of the U. Fund Dreams Tour #ad #UFundDreams

10 – Learn more about the MEFA U.Fund College Investing Plan. This is a simple and smart way to save for your children’s futures with as little as $15/month. Learn more here.

My kids are young, but the ages and stages slip through my hands like liquid sometimes. We started out with next to nothing, and we’ve been building our lives and our dreams on a brand new foundation of hope and information ever since. It takes hard work for us, but we don’t have to go it alone. The U. Fund Dreams Tour empowers us (and you) to make decisions about our family’s future, with resources available to help us better navigate this process. How can you find out more?

Are you a family of dreamers too? Find out 10 ways to help turn your child's dreams into realities with the help of the U. Fund Dreams Tour #ad #UFundDreams

These events will be taking place between May and October of 2017 and they look GOOD. My family attended a few U. Fund Dreams Tour events in 2016 and had a blast. The events will all have a large “U. Fund Dreams Tour Tent” filled with engaging discovery activities for kids to have fun with and connect. There are discovery activities intended to help parents better understand the challenges of saving for college, and they are also there to be fun and interactive for the kids. The U. Fund Dreams Tour is a fun and interactive chance to connect. It aims to bring awareness to the importance of saving for college, to offer viable solutions, and to help you on this journey of helping your children achieve their dreams.

Are you a family of dreamers too? Find out 10 ways to help turn your child's dreams into realities with the help of the U. Fund Dreams Tour #ad #UFundDreams

MEFA’s U.Fund College Investing Plan, the Massachusetts 529 college-investing plan, is a tax-advantaged college savings plan managed by Fidelity. MEFA is a non-profit state authority that works to make higher education more accessible & affordable.

So, how do you help turn your child’s dreams into realities?

Are you a family of dreamers too? Find out 10 ways to help turn your child's dreams into realities with the help of the U. Fund Dreams Tour #ad #UFundDreams

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  1. Aw, couldn’t love this message more if I tried and I am with you on wanting only the best possible for my kids when they do grow up. So love the ways you have shared to promote this! 🙂

  2. College fund is so important, and even more important to find a reliable and credible one. My parents had one for my siblings and I but unfortunately, something got messed up and we weren’t able to use it at all. 🙁 So glad you found something you can trust! I love that you have a family of dreamers and that it shows in everything you do. ♥

  3. Oh my – I want to see this museum! So many great tips here, to help your child reach their dreams. Helping them find their passion is so important!

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