10 Ways to Transform an Old Home Decor into A Contemporary One

Do you feel your home is outdated and needs an update? Here are 10 Ways to Transform an Old Home Decor into A Contemporary One just in time for spring!

Are you bored with your current home décor? Do you feel it is outdated? Then, you have stepped into the right place, my friend. Old houses have an attractive “old school charm”. However, a makeover is important to fall into step with the current interior designing trends. A contemporary makeover does not mean you need a completely new home décor. Rather, you need to preserve the essence of the past and respect the character of your old home.

10 Ways to Transform an Old Home Decor into A Contemporary One

There can never be enough ideas when it comes to decorating our houses, but when the moment of truth arrives, doubts trouble us. So, visualizing your design is necessary. This is exactly why we have come up with the best 10 ways to transform your house. We are sure you will get convinced to replicate some of them.

1 – Paint the walls in neutral hues

Any bold colors fans reading this? We want to inform that bold colors do look good, but they give a funky vibe to the house. Neutral hues are more on the sober side and make a house contemporary. Neutral contrasting shades such as dusty pink, mint green, and beige make the walls stand out. They give you the flexibility to experiment with accessories whenever you want. And make sure to use the same colors on all the walls around the house because consistency is important. To make the look more tied together, paint the ceiling with the same color.

2 – Bring greenery home

Nature teaches us many lessons. It is worth deriving inspirations from its accents. You can find ideas from various blogs and magazines. This shows how passionate you are for your house. You are following the trend without comprising with your home’s ethos. Decorating with silk plants is a good option. Artificial boxwood shrubs look stunning when placed in the living room. They do not look tacky at all. You can find some of the most realistic fake trees online. Also, tutorials on how to make artificial topiary are available. You can check them out as well.

3 – Update the light and switch panels

Switch panels often ruin the look of any house. Usually, the old ones are either painted over, broken, or out of fashion. You can update your home décor by replacing the panels with the latest ones. Make each one of them cohesive. The task might seem intimidating, but it is quite simple to accomplish. You can do it on your own by learning the full process online or hire an experienced electrician to change the light and switch panels.

4 – Make an impressive entrance

A great first impression is crucial. To create one, the main entrance of your house needs a striking makeover too. Use bold, glossy colors to paint the door to make it appear as the focal point of the house. The hot red is a vibrant shade and is sure to grab some attention. Bright orange and sunny yellow are some of the other gorgeous shades. These color schemes fill our hearts with happiness and warmth. Use enough lights and place artificial topiaries on either side of the door.

5 – Light up the house

Lighting makes a huge difference. It can convert a room from drab to fab. The days of old, boring lighting fixtures like typical chandeliers are gone. It is time for the designer lighting appliances. Don’t worry, you do not need to a hefty amount for it. You can find statement lighting fixture pieces from the local flea markets. Make sure to add ceiling and table lamps to give the illusion of a bigger room. Natural lighting is equally important. Do not block the doors and windows. Let the light come in.

6 – Hello, open shelves

We like showing off our beloved possessions, don’t we? These days, open storage units and shelves are in vogue. Firstly, it means that we get extra storage space. Secondly, we can keep our crockeries, books, and artistic pieces on show. These shelves have a charm of their own. They create a modern home décor theme without losing the soul of the older one. They do not disturb the original architecture of the house either. The brownie point – you have your own little gallery.

7 – Mix and match

Some people might discard the idea of including vintage items into a modern contemporary house. But according to our experts, the mix and match theme of antiques with chic home décor products helps in tying a perfect bond. The modern gadgets and appliances look more in sync with other modern interiors. This is one of its biggest advantages.

8 – Straight cut furniture pieces

We can’t stress more over the fact that traditional furniture pieces are bulky, stuffed, and clingy. In other words, contemporary houses demand the exact opposite of these. Modern furniture items are less complicated and feature straight cuts. In that way, the minor architectural attributes get to play the most significant roles. Either incorporate minimalistic elements or add old and modern pieces to make a beautiful combination. It makes the area more personal and homely.

9 – Play with glass and mirrors

Does your house feel smaller than its original size? To trick your guests and your own self, use as many mirrors as you can. The mirrors are going to make the area look more spacious. They will also act as phenomenal art pieces.

10 – Integrate modern artwork

Nothing proves to be more demotivating than dull and tedious artwork. Contemplate the idea of replacing the boring painting of a landscape with that of contemporary artwork. It will match the modern aesthetic of your house. This totally does not mean you will go bankrupt. You can even buy original or first-hand copies of well-chosen paintings of famous painters.

Some people want to achieve that charm in haste. Always remember that it comes with time and creativity. The supplies needed for the makeover do not cost much but yield extraordinary results. By making small changes, you can attain a modern house and bid the bygone décor goodbye.

How do you make your home feel more contemporary?

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