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10 Things I Can’t or Won’t Ever Do Again (I Hope!)

10 things I’ve done that I can’t/won’t do again. And there's still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin of the 10 things you can't or won't do!

My mental health is a funny, funny thing.

Most things in life are two steps forward and one step back. Yet, sometimes you find yourself in dark and low places that you never thought you’d be in again. You said you’d never be in them again! And you might have even meant it. That doesn’t mean the dark covers don’t rise up again over your face, gently suffocating you and pulling you down. That said, once you find the light, I believe you find it even faster and brighter and better the next time around. So what I’m saying is – it’s ok to find yourself in places you swore you’d never be again. Dark places. Physical places. Mental spaces. Unsafe places & spaces.

Whatever it is, we all take steps we didn’t mean to take. We all see darkness and we see light.

Now today’s Finish the Sentence Friday prompt about listing 10 things we’ve done and can’t or won’t do again? It’s freaking fascinating. It took me a week to even come up with one, and then they all flowed out like lava. The thing is, we can’t control everything or even a good percentage of things, but we can control the things we’ve done that we can’t or won’t do again. I mean, at least most of them, right? So I made my list and I had to make sure it resonated through all the bones.

It’s not always pretty but it’s all my own.

10 Things I Can’t or Won’t Ever Do Again:

1 – Eat Thai food. Why on earth am I starting with that one? It’s so unimportant in the grand scheme of the world but I got sick from it THREE times and didn’t learn the FIRST or SECOND times. Now I know! Three different restaurants too.

2 – Hurt someone’s feelings on purpose. As a kid with four siblings and my own trauma and feelings of worthlessness, there were times in which I was ok with teasing other people. It sickens me now, and I got plenty teased myself. It feels AWFUL.

3 – Go on a boat ride with someone who gets seasick easily. Just no! It’s ok if they wear the motion sickness patch, though.

4 – Live in New Jersey. Been there, done that.

5 – Live in a city. I did that once or twice but at this point, I think I might eventually become a hermit in Nowhere, Alaska who keeps a shotgun on the porch and throws rotten eggs at tourists and trespassers. Be honest – can you see me like that?

6 – Take on a work assignment that makes me feel yucky, no matter what it pays. Same with buying social followers. I bought Twitter followers once because I thought that was an ok thing to do, but they drained out within days. Embarrassing.

7 – Turn down a chance to snuggle with my kids whey they initiate it, and especially if I have nothing else going on! And same with Cassidy, with hugs and kisses too, although sometimes anxiety is an issue. They can understand that, though.

8 – Share or laugh or make jokes about women or men or races or sexual orientation or ANYTHING of the sort.

9 – Read “Where the Red Fern Grows” or “Babysitters Club 11: Kristy and the Snobs.” Never. Ever. Again.

10 – Fall in love. It’s not that I won’t, and it’s probably not that I can’t, but it took so long to get here, didn’t it? I’m staying.

Then I have honorable mentions and bonus nods to: Getting two cats at once, watching The Sixth Sense, and eating veal!

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is “10 things I’ve done that I can’t/won’t do again.” And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin: HERE.

What would you say?

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  1. Great list and I will add watching The Bar Witch Project to this one as it made me feel as though as was seasick with the camera movement throughout the whole movie. But that is just me 😉

  2. HaHa! I can relate to many of those in my own particular way. One example is I was on a plane ride in a 6 seat plane with someone one seat away from me who got airsick just after eating a big meal. I’ll take a boat anytime over that, lol. Your honorable mentions are good ones too.

  3. Yes to #7 – I will never, ever turn down a hug from my kids, my husband…or really anyone I care about.

    Swap out Thai food for tequila for me – it only took me one time to learn that one!

  4. I’m in bed commenting on your post and going to try not to dwell on Sixth Sense but I think you and i had that conversation before. Anyway nuff said on that. Well you can’t go on boat ride with me. It hasn’t happened to me yet, it’s just a matter of time based on how it makes me feel (assuming you mean small boats) – it’ll be a wrap if I ever see someone else get sick first. And OMG Where the Red Fern Grows! I tried to look at it as an adult like I could actually handle it. Since I felt a sob coming I went ahead and turned it off.

  5. OMG the steps back and forward and back again. Thai food does that to you? Indian food does it to my husband and I blame his Tennessee roots, figuring that he ate stuff like dumplins too often. Here’s to love lasting, and the two cats at once thing. Also heck to the no on taking work assignments that make us feel yucky. I’m just learning that too…

  6. The second one. I feel like the worst person in the world whenever I hurt someone’s feelings. Fortunately it’s been so long since I’ve done that and I can’t even remember who I hurt or when. My feelings aren’t easily hurt. Despite my small and slender stature l can take a punch. I enjoyed the slideshows very much Tamara! I tapped on the lead pictures and kept swiping to reveal the next one, and the next one.

  7. I hate hurting people’s feelings. I know it happens sometimes, but I never do it purposely anymore (which I am sure I have done a lot when I was younger).

  8. Sorry to hear about the Thai food, we will have something else when you come to California. Agreed that live is to short to ever hurt anyone’s feelings with any intent. Unfortunately, I see a lot of it on Facebook these days….and it is always a yes to hugs from the kids.

  9. Love that you’ve compiled this list. It helps to know what evolves into a deal breaker in our life. Sorry about Thai food, but adore the last item in your post. So sweet.

  10. LOVE your list, Tamara! Did you read “The Great Alone”? If not, you must. It’s all about Alaska, and picturing you on that porch (I see a bit of a different you- shot fun maybe, but no throwing eggs!!) made me think of that book!

    I’m so sorry you got sick THREE times on Thai food. That sucks. I LOVE Thai, so I’m sad you can’t enjoy it. And doing anything that makes you feel yucky- is a no no. Our gut is always right. And hurting others? Yeah, no no no. And when I do by accident, it sickens me. Like to the core, soul sick- and I never forget it either…

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