10 Reasons To Use a Cover Letter Template

In the world of strong competition for a limited number of jobs, it is important to stand out from other job seekers. That's why many professionals turn to a free cover letter template.

In the world of strong competition for a limited number of jobs, it is important to stand out from other job seekers. One way to make an impression on a prospective employer is through a well-crafted cover letter. A cover letter is essentially a document that accompanies your resume when you apply for a job. It builds on the information found in your resume and explains why you’re qualified to fill the position and what attracts you to the company. However, writing cover letters can be difficult. That’s why many professionals turn to free cover letter templates as sources for help with their own letters.

1. Improve your chances

One way you can set yourself above the rest in the eyes of your future employer is by using a reputable sample or template. A properly written cover letter has certain key elements that will greatly improve your chances of getting hired. You can use this template as a guide or you can follow it step by step.

2. Writing a cover letter is far easier with a template

Cover letters can be difficult to write without help because there are several significant factors you should include and others that you shouldn’t include in your letter depending on the position and company you’re applying for. You’ll find it easier to stick to what’s appropriate and relevant when using a cover letter template as a guide.

3. Sample formats are proven effective

You may have heard of research done on effective sample formats before, but did you know that sample formats work well for most things? Formatting is important in any form of writing or document, including cover letters. The use of a template with effective sample formats will allow the employer to read your cover letter more fluently with less strain on their eyes.

4. Use the right language

Although it is best to stick with formal language when writing a cover letter, there are some instances where you can be relaxed in your wording. When using the free template as a reference for writing your own version of this document, you’ll find that it’s easy to pick up on subtle cues that will help you determine what should stay and what should go from the original text.

5. Spend less time searching

Needless to say, there is an abundance of cover letter samples online but it would take hours upon hours spent looking through them all before you found one that was worth using. In fact, many professional resume writers spend days compiling a list of quality samples before they finally choose one. With such a time-consuming process, it’s best to take advantage of the easy accessibility and use of cover letter templates.

6. They can inspire creativity

When you’re feeling stuck or uninspired with your cover letter, there is no need to worry. You can easily find inspiration with an already written template that you can edit and customize for your own needs. This will give you the jumpstart you need and you’ll be able to produce a well-written cover letter in no time.

7. Use the right layout

A cover letter may be informal but it should still be structured properly with all elements placed in their appropriate spots on the page or screen. A professional layout ensures that your future employer gets the most positive impression possible from reading your letter.

8. Letters are perfect for specific jobs

While you can use a personal template for any job search, it is best to use one that has been formatted specifically for the position you’re applying to. By using the right cover letter template for the job, you’ll be able to highlight key areas on your resume and explain why they should hire you.

9. Ideal for a professional look

It’s a proven fact that resumes with a formal tone and layout, as well as those that include cover letters, are most likely to be chosen by hiring managers. If you’re going to take the time to craft your own application, you should also invest in an attractive and professional-looking template so you can separate yourself from other applicants.

10. They don’t have to be boring

A template is often thought of as boring or unimaginative simply because it’s been used so many times before. However, if you use one that has been written with your personality and qualifications in mind, then it will reflect your abilities and character instead of just sounding like another form letter.


Cover letter templates are a great tool for anyone who wants to learn how to write a winning cover letter. By using tried and tested cover letter templates, you’ll find it easy to write your version of a cover letter complete with all pertinent information needed for getting hired fast. Whether you want to use it as a guide or as the final copy, take advantage of this free resource and get started now!  

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