10 Glamping Resorts You’ve Never Heard Of

Glamping is the hottest thing and one of the best ways to spend your vacation. There is a glamping experience for everyone, even die-hard fans of wild camping. At its core, after all, glamping is simply camping with luxurious amenities like a full-size bed and electricity. With comfortable accommodations, you can enjoy incredibly restful nights of sleep and then enjoy all that the area has to offer. 

While there are glamping options that simply offer you a different type of accommodation, there are increasingly more luxury resorts that offer unique experiences that you simply cannot enjoy anywhere else. Glamping ranches, in particular, are becoming popular. Also known as dude ranches, these resorts offer glamping accommodation options for night and many fun and exciting activities like horseback riding, archery, fishing, music, and more during the day. They have become all-inclusive experiences for those that want to get out of the city but bring the creature comforts of home with them. 

There are many incredible glamping options out there, but these top 8 offer something different, and chances are you have never heard of them: 

Westgate River Glamping resorts

Source: Instagram, posted on May 16, 2021, Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo’s Official Instagram

1. Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

This glamorous camping experience offers luxury accommodation, a full rodeo, and many other fun ranch-themed activities. 

One of the biggest glamping trends is ranch glamping. Unlike other glamping options, ranch glamping combines all the comfort and thrill of camping in comfort with the wild west and fun activities. You will be able to see a rodeo during the day, attend live music events, go horseback riding, and so much more with your friends or family. 

They might be known as dude-ranches, but these high-class resorts offer something for everyone. Each of their tents sleeps up to four people and comes with comfortable furniture, amenities like a microwave and fridge, and even comes with complimentary coffee delivery in the mornings. 

Llama Lodge by The Wandering Llamas 

Source: Facebook, posted on March 20, 2020, The Wandering Llamas’ Official Facebook

2. Llama Lodge by The Wandering Llamas 

This eco-friendly glamping experience combines the luxury of glamping with llamas and offers guests the chance to trek with a woolly companion. 

This is a unique, off-the-beaten-track glamping option that is eco-friendly and offers something new. Located on a llama farm, you have the option to go on treks with the llamas on the farm and get taken on a tour deep into the Blue Ridge Mountain wilderness and the Cherokee National Forest. 

Each tent has a queen-size bed, electricity for you to stay charged throughout your stay, coffee, and even a wine bar. Your tend even has a porch where you can sit in rocking chairs by the fireplace. 

Not interested in sleeping on the ground? Go up and stay in one of their Foxden treehouse glamping rooms that is located inside the llama enclosure. 

Headwaters Eco Lodge by Jupiter Outdoor Center glamping resorts

Source: Instagram, posted on May 26, 2022, Headwaters Eco Retreat Lodge’s Official Instagram

3. Headwaters Eco Lodge by Jupiter Outdoor Center

This glamping experience does offer tents, but instead has guests stay in upcycled shipping containers that can be rented out. 

This glamping option in Florida offers a unique take on the glamping experience. Rather than stay in a tent or wagon, you will instead be staying in an upcycled shipping container. It comes fully furnished, can be rented partially or as a whole, and offers complimentary access to bikes, kayaks, and canoes so that you can enjoy the grounds and surrounding area to their fullest. 

Conestoga Ranch

Source: Instagram, posted on May 4, 2022, Conestoga Ranch’s Official Instagram

4. Conestoga Ranch

This five-star camping site offers a variety of accommodation options, including fully-furnished tents, complete with their own private bathroom. 

Conestoga Ranch overlooks Bear Lake and is a certified five-star camping site. With a variety of accommodation options, you can choose the one that suits your budget, needs, and wants. Stay in a glamping tent that combines the luxuries of a cabin and the fun of a tent all in one. Or stay in a Conestoga wagon for a historical, different experience. 

Accommodation options sleep between 2 to 6 guests, and each offers a variety of luxury amenities so that you can customize your glamping experience. 

Posh Primitive glamping resorts

Source: Facebook, posted on October 31, 2018, Posh Primitive’s Official Facebook

5. Posh Primitive

This glamorous camping escape offers custom-made, log-embellished canvas tents and farm-to-table dining. 

Post Primitive is an all-inclusive resort option in Upstate New York. It is ideal if you want an outdoor adventure and are interested in exploring the Southern Adirondacks. Go out on hikes, bikes, canoe trips, or kayaks. Or alternatively, stay and simply soak in the peace and quiet in a glamorous tent. 

It is ideal for those who want to reconnect with nature, regardless of what that means to them. Every tent is eco-friendly and made by local craftspeople. The beds are queen-size, and each tent comes with its own fireplace for cozy nights. 

As for food, you will be able to enjoy a true farm-to-table dining experience, as all meals are sourced from Posh Primitive’s own garden. 

Under Canvas glamping resorts

Source: Instagram, posted on April 25, 2022, Under Canvas’s Official Instagram

6. Under Canvas

Under Canvas offers multiple locations in top spots like Yellowstone, Moab, Glacier National Park, and even the Grand Canyon. 

Under Canvas has multiple locations, so you have your pick of which national park that you want to visit. With each glamping destination offering a high-end, luxury experience, it is one of the best ways to experience the national parks in comfort without having to stay in a hotel. 

Reconnect with nature and enjoy stunning views of the natural landscape around you. All resorts are kid-friendly and offer fun activities so that you can enjoy your stay that much more. 

Kastrel Camp 

Source: Instagram, posted on December 3, 2020, Kestrel Adventure’s Official Instagram

7. Kastrel Camp 

Kastrel camp is part glamping experience, part conservation project that allows you to experience the authentic west in style. 

Kastrel camp is more than a glamping experience. It gives you the chance to experience the wild west in an authentic way that many other ranch glamping resorts don’t. As it is part of a conservation project to restore and recreate the largest wildlife reserve, you will not only get the chance to experience the authentic west but play an important part in helping the project along. 

You will stay in a climate-controlled yurt that comes with a comfortable bed, a panoramic view, and even its own bathroom. During the day, view the wildlife from bison to elk to antelope on a guided expedition that is hosted by one of the naturalists working on the project. 

Mustang Monument glamping resorts

Source: Instagram, posted on August 10, 2021, Mustang Monument’s Official Instagram

8. Mustang Monument 

This eco-friendly resort and glamping stay offer a variety of accommodation options and the chance to share the space with over 650 rescued wild mustang horses. 

Mustang Monument is a luxury eco-resort where the guests get to share the land with 650 rescued mustangs. It is an eco-friendly, philanthropic project that works to rescue wild mustangs from being forcibly removed from public lands. By staying, you will help save these wild mustangs and be able to have an incredible stay at one of the top glamping options in the state of Nevada. 

The ranch is full of teepees that are decorated with handmade décor and feature modern luxuries like a king-size bed. 

During the day, you can ride horses, can hike, can bike, and can even rock climb. All additional activities are included in the price of your stay. 

El Capitan Canyon glamping resorts

Source: Instagram, posted on February 8, 2022, El Capitan Canyon’s Official Instagram

9. El Capitan Canyon

This large glamping resort is just 20 miles north of Santa Barbara and offers a variety of glamping options, from a safari, tend to cedar cabins. 

This glamping resort can be found on the Pacific coast. There are 108 cedar cabins to rent, or you can choose instead to stay in one of the 26 safari-style tents. Each cabin has its own private bathroom and a private porch with its own fireplace, making it the ideal getaway for those who don’t have a cottage of their own and who are in need of some TLC. 

The area around this resort is stunning. Not only will you have great ocean views you will also be able to see the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Gaviota Coast. 

Source: Instagram, posted on April 19, 2022, Main Forest Yurt’s Official Instagram

10. Maine Forest Yurts 

These yurts come fully furnished with a kitchen, dining area, and even a wood-burning fireplace to keep you cozy and comfortable no matter the season. 

These yurts offer comfortable furnishings for those that want to spend time outdoors in a woodsy environment without having to pay luxury resort prices. You can book it all year round, with fun outdoor activities available throughout the year. In summer, you can kayak, fish, and hike. In winter, you can ski and even ice skate. 

Each yurt can sleep up to 6 people and comes with a kitchen and bathroom, making it perfect for big families and groups. 

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