10 Awesome Packaging Design Tips

10 Awesome Packaging Design Tips. Do you want to find out the best way to attract customers via your brand’s packaging? Check out these tips!

10 Awesome Packaging Design Tips

Do you want to find out the best way to attract customers via your brand’s packaging? Check out these tips! 

A brand gets a lot of attention when they stand out from their competitors in a unique way, and the packaging design plays a vital role in doing so. It does not matter whether you are creating a new brand or rebranding an already existing brand. You have to make your brand’s packaging method unique compared to your other competitors to be at the top. Great packaging should give your brand good visibility, which will help your products to stand out on the retail market’s shelves. The buyers will choose your products over other products just because of your product’s packaging. A very high percentage of buyers say that they are more likely to repeat a luxury product purchase if it comes in exclusive and premium packaging.

Perfect packaging designs should be a crucial part of any business’s strategy to grow its brand. Bad packaging designs have a high chance of hurting your brand’s reputation, so you have to know the tricks. Here are 10 tips to make your packaging design awesome.

1. View Packaging Design as an Investment

Many brands ignore their packaging designs, which eventually costs them a lot in the long run. A good investment in high-quality designs will attract your customers more effectively. The wonderful designs will also boost the business values of the brand. So you must have a distinctive, carefully made, creative, and well-packaged design to attract your customers. You can use transparent labels in your packaging design too.

2. Personality-Filled Packaging

Do things in a unique way and create a really compelling personality for the brand with a system like Personality Profile Performer. This will have a massive shelf impact on your brand’s packaging. Select some good characteristic aspects, such as humor, story, language, tone of voice, character, and present it to your customers via the design. All these details will capture their attention, then engage them to try your products. If they have loved your products, they will become and remain a loyal and regular customer of your brand.

3. Observe Your Competitors’ Designs

Do not just compete with your competitors with the stocks; watch them closely to know what is bringing them profits. You have to investigate the designs for their products and identify the details which attract their customers. Not only the colors are important, but the way they are used in the design of the packaging also matters. The structural design also should be looked at for more engagement from the customers. The design of the packaging should be distinguished enough and yet stay relevant to the customers’ needs.It’s helpful to follow trends. For example, right now, stand-up candy pouches are trending, so you can find unique and engaging ideas for the packaging.

4. Go for Simple and Clear Design

A clear and simple packaging design could be more than enough. The best brands in the world have easy to recognize package designs that are very simple and clear. The design should allow the customer to know your company in only one glance, which is only achievable via simplistic designs. It is also proved that the simple and clear packaging designs help to increase the visibility on the store shelves. The customers will have a good understanding of the product because of that simple yet beautiful design.

5. Be Honest with The Design

The design should be attractive to a certain level where your customers will feel the honesty of your brand. Do not even think about implementing a design which the product does not contain. This will hurt your brand reputation a lot, and worse, you might not gain the trust of customers ever again. Simply, your customers should be feeling safe when getting your product.

6. Authentic Designs Are More Preferable

Authentic packaging design themes can be a complicated characteristic to define, but the customers of your brand will know them. Create packaging that is authentic to the brand’s promise, story, values, platforms, statements, etc. An authentic design is vital for enhancing brand perceptions to be seen as a brand that is authentic and trustworthy.

7. Bring a Twist to the Usual Design

A different vibe on the standard design styles can bring a lot of things for the best. Good visibility, uniqueness, and other options can be gained just with a unique approach than other brands. If others use photography a lot, you can use icons, minimalistic designs, or illustrations. Using great colors to stand out from the rest can be a very effective step to gain attraction from new customers.

8. Beware of The Typography

The words used in the apparel packaging can be a regular thing, but the typography is something that you should be aware of. The words must have a good font style and have a great look to differentiate the product in a good manner. Select premium fonts that have high readability, observe the spacing or kerning, size of the text, then lastly, the color to pop on the design perfectly.

9. Easy Recyclable Design

Many customers now in the world are very conscious of the environment. They worry about the issues of the environment, which makes them look for products which have eco-friendly, long-lasting packaging design. These are good moves for a brand to make eco-friendly designs to gain trust from customers.

Custom business mailer boxes offer an easy recyclable design that is perfect for any business. These custom boxes are strong and versatile, ensuring fragile items can be securely packaged and transported safely. Not only are custom business mailer boxes strong and secure, but their recyclable design allows businesses to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing the quality of packaging. Plus, custom designs enable businesses to make their product stand out in the crowd and be more unique to clients.

10. Durable Design

This completely depends on the supply chain process and the shelf life of the products of your brand, but there is more to it. If your packaging is not durable enough, it will fall apart eventually and cause a huge loss for the brand. A durable design will not only save the product but also gain a lot of respect from the consumers for the care that the brand has given to them.


A good expression for a brand comes from their customers only, so try to give them the best via the packaging designs. Your brand’s products are the only thing that connects you to your customers and to their activities. So beware of the poor packaging design, which will definitely affect your brand’s sales. Have the best possible impressions through the packaging design to make your customers satisfied. Also, remember that you can go for the best designs with simpler designs.

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