You Got Lucky, Babe, When I Found You.

I tell you. I keep sitting down to write this post, and I really need to write it because my head feels heavy with emotional pressure, and even though I have poured my heart into my sponsored posts this week, we all know that this is where the weird stuff happens. I’ll tell you weird. I keep sitting down here to write this post, and Des called me downstairs no less than ten times while I was hoping he was trying to nap. So I ran back and forth to retrieve water and shoes and snacks and one TV show and he even called me down to tell me that Juniper (the swiper) swiped his egg and cheese sandwich. Ever hear of that one?

(Swiper Face)

She jumped up on the coffee table, knocked his egg and cheese sandwich to the floor, and started to feast on it. I picked her up to scold her, started laughing during it, kissed her head, and then cleaned up the sandwich. I’m bad at cat discipline.

So is Scarlet.

(Bliss Face)

Honestly, how much of cat ownership is thinking or saying, “What the **** are you doing??”

So here I sit, empty-handed (of egg and cheese sandwiches) and heavy-hearted, but maybe in that good way. Full-hearted.

(I Know All Face)

What’s new with me? Well, what’s new with you? Alaska is in two weeks, actually a little less, and my thoughts are occupied with disbelief and with wondering how to cope with my longest flight in ages. Are there any gentle, kid-dose drugs out there that will allow me to sleep? Read? Talk inside my head less? Eat egg and cheese sandwiches from near-outer-space? I really need to know this. My head is positively swimming lately. If you see me, and I can’t sit still and I duck my head and I play with my hair and I start doing Lamaze breathing, do something fast. Anything. Feed me or push me or pull me or hug me.

(I Know All Face, Part 2)

What else is new? I got obsessed with the Netflix show “Stranger Things.” I finished season one and I promise no spoilers, but you should watch it if you like good acting, incredibe storytelling, and feeling like you’re back in the 80’s all over again. And if you like music and life and actors so good, they’ll make you swoon. And if you like Eggo waffles. SPOILER. But who doesn’t?

Also, there’s a pop-up Museum of Ice Cream in NYC. It only goes until August 31st, and since we’re doing Alaska at the end of the month, we have to go soon. I’m thinking next week with the kids, if any NYC or nearby bloggers want to come meet us.

There will be sprinkles.

(Sprinkles Face)

We got a new Subaru Outback. It’s TARDIS blueish. Cassidy actually got it on his own and just came home with it one day, to our surprise! I haven’t driven it much but it has Sirius Satellite Radio and I’m obsessed with the 90’s station. Among others.

When I fold my laundry, I save the underwear for last and I count it, obsessively, to see how many days it’s been since I last did my own laundry. As you can clearly see, I don’t skip a day of wearing it, or wear a pair two days in a row! So there’s that.

(Judging Face. Just kidding)

On a serious note, though, I received some bad news this week from my mom. Her horse, Blaze, passed away after being ill for awhile. He was so strong, though. I remember when he was born in 1988 and I think there was a video of his birth! He’s been her constant friend and love for so long now, and moved from being boarded (somewhere wonderful) to being at my parent’s own property for over a decade. I’m so glad he spent the last half of his life or so next to my mom, always there at the fence to greet her when she got home. Baby Boy Blaze, you were a true gift. Thank you for all the years as my brother.

(Pretty Ilene Face)

They were lucky to have each other. We’re all lucky to have each other.

And these next pictures are of one of Blaze’s stable mates – Sweet Pea, the Mule.

That’s why I’m linking up to THREE linkups today, all about blessings and being blessed and when it comes to blessings, and whatever else. I’ve always considered myself a little charmed, and I think maybe most of us do, if we’re lucky, until we get older and realize that things are kinda hard, or very hard. And we have bills, bills, bills. And letting people in and out of our hearts is really darn hard. Sometimes we slump and we slink down lower. Sometimes we get too low. I’m here to tell you that there’s still a big part of me that believes. I think having an open heart and an open mind, open enough to realize how far we always still have to come, does help. I’m a little charmed. I bet you are too. So here’s my random range of strange blessings.

How about it? (name that reference for a kiss)

Ten Ways I’ve Gotten Lucky. Wait, that sounds weird. Blessed? There’s luck and skill and sprinkles too!

1. When I was a kid, whenever I forgot my homework, we’d have an assembly and miss that class that day. Every time.

2. Whenever I’d miss a campus bus at Rutgers, another one would be right behind it, even though they were supposed to be 15 minutes apart, but never really were. For me, at least. Because magic and wizardry, or at least delusions of grandeur.

3. I have a fast metabolism, at least for now, and my eating habits are mainly healthy ones – like eating slowly, only eating until I’m 70% full, and having bigger breakfasts than lunches and dinners. Dinners.. Hrmph. Gateway to dessert, I say.

4. My hair and nails grow really fast. This can be good, but also bad, but majority good.

5. Hey, I’m doing what I love for work! That doesn’t mean it’s easy, people! If anything, it’s harder.

6. I have mellow kids, or at the very least, I have kids who sleeeeeeeep.

7. I was raised by my parents to be open-minded and open-hearted. Hey, it isn’t perfect but it’s important.

8. One can argue that having what is probably the worst thing to happen to a kid – the sudden death of a parent – at a young age might make me unlucky. Yet, I’ve still felt a bit charmed and lucky with this mix of weird and wacky and probably delusional and shallow and deep reasons to feel blessed. Despite hardships, I still know utter joy, humor, kindness, and love.

9. “We found love in a hopeless place.” — Rihanna. I think it’s remarkable to find love again with the one who got away. For so long it felt like I was in a movie. And this September, it will be a decade since I fell in love with him all over again.

10. We found love in a non-hopeless place. Northampton. HOME.

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday. This week’s topic is “When it comes to blessings…” And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin on the matter: HERE.

I’m also linking up with Michelle for her Blessings series.

AND, I’m linking up with Rabia and Lisa for their Tuesday Ten list about Ten Ways I’m Blessed.

It’s all connected.

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Tamara is a professional photographer, a mama of two, a Lifestyle Blogger/Social Media Influencer/Brand Ambassador, and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four of those things at all hours of the day and night. She is a very proud contributor to the book, The Mother Of All Meltdowns, the Stigma Fighters Anthology (volume 1), and The HerStories Project: So Glad They Told Me. She is also a proud Community Lead and a regular contributor to the SoFab Food blog, and the Target Made Me Do It blog. After two cross country moves, due to her intense Bi-Coastal Disorder, she lives with her husband, daughter, son, dog, cat, and 11 chickens in glorious western Massachusetts.


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  1. I am so excited to see your Alaska photos. I know they were be gorgeous.

    And I LOVE your kitty pictures. Aw! Natalie was sitting by me and says she loves the horse. She’s a big fan–she gets it from my mom, who has always loved horses. She hoped I would love them too, but it wasn’t to be. But Natalie? She adores them. So I guess it skipped a generation…

    • Thank you! I hope you’re right. It’s a big task to take on – taking photos of paradise and finding the balance of enjoying paradise!
      Natalie is so sweet. Blaze was a great horse. She would have loved him.
      It totally skips a generation because my mom and daughter love horses but I couldn’t care less. Same with my sister, and maybe my grandmother!

  2. You do have many blessings my friend! Sorry about Blaze, your poor momma. And I want to know more about Alaska. Where are you flying into? Are you staying in one place, or exploring? Are the kids going with you?

    • We’re flying into Anchorage where we have family. Then we’ll tool around two or three cities – some in the wilderness more, and some on the water. It should be interesting. We’re still planning!
      No kids! They’re going to Nana Camp and staying with my parents.

    • Thank you on both counts! Yes, Blaze was gorgeous. He was so strong and so handsome for so long.
      The Scarlet photos are from last May and I was only recently working on them and I thought they’d work so nicely in this post. Thank you for noticing!

  3. First, before I forget, I’m going to be in NYC next Monday & Tuesday. so let me know if you go (can you imagine we hang out twice in one week?!)
    I’m sorry about Blaze, that must be very hard for you.
    “Despite hardships, I still know utter joy, humor, kindness, and love.” I love your attitude on life! We need to appreciate those blessings when we can, otherwise the alternative is to let sadness and negativity consume us.

    • Oooh, I will let you know! Monday is out but Tuesday is possible. Then the other part of me is like, “You want to do NYC, and then Canobie, and then Alaska all in the same stretch of time??”
      Well.. kinda!!
      Can’t wait to see you!

  4. Whoa! So much happening. It’s a no wonder you’re swimming everywhere, or at least everywhere in your head! Yet, you are incredibly blessed and so full…of life and love and fun and strength and so so much. And the positivity that you exude is addicting! 🙂

  5. Alaska is going to be AMAZING! I can see you guys have such a good time already! Also, my 12 hour flight to Israel was helped only by many movies, snacks and a really amazing travel pillow.

    • That helps! Did you have a cushy seat? We don’t have cushy seats. Just normal ones. Meh. I’ve heard that international flights give you your own little sleep/read/TV zone. I’ll probably be staring at my shoes!

  6. All connected, and indeed we are all connected! What gorgeous photos, Tamara. Loved your blessings list! Sorry to hear about Blaze, he’s beautiful. Enjoy your travels – looks like you’ve got lots lined up! ♥ Hugs!

    • I can’t even believe the conversations we’re having about ziplining and glaciers and dog-sledding. This trip will be memorable, if nothing else!
      Thanks for coming! Everything connected, indeed.

  7. Very emotional post, Tamara! We are all connected in many ways, like experiences that we each share alone, yet not alone.

    I’m very lucky with my cat. She has always behaved like a guest in the house, perhaps because I initially invited her feral self to stay here, and she accepted.

    I lost my horse of almost 40 years a few years ago. Never imagined I’d have a pet that long. I still look out upon his field and think I see him wandering about.

    Perhaps you are like me with long trips. I worry about them until they arrive, then I become the traveler, fully committed and involved with the adventure, until a few minutes before arriving home, apprehensive as to what I will find.

    • That first sentence. That’s just it!!
      We had two feral garden cats a few years ago but they were never meant to stay. They were in, and mostly out. I was surprised at the fact that they NEVER bit, hissed, or scratched.
      I’ve found pet cats to be more mischievous! Although Juniper is really friendly, she’s at a playful phase. Older kitten phase. What a sweetie, though.
      My mom had Blaze since he was born. There was another horse at her farm that she inherited, but didn’t have for nearly as long. Anyway, he passed away a few years ago and he was 40! Wonderful horse.

      I’m exactly like you with travel!

  8. I freaked out at the conclusion of Strangers Things. I basically rolled around on the floor from the craziness of it all, wanting more and wanting questions answered as theories about next season wrangled around in my head. I screamed, too. It was all very intense.

  9. I’m so sorry about Blaze. That’s tough. I got completely obsessed with Stranger Things and I wish season 2 were coming out sooner (also got really into Between if you haven’t seen that one). Here’s to blessings and sandwich-stealing kitties and bus luck. Oh for the flight – ask your doctor about beta blockers, they just lower your blood pressure a little bit with no icky side effects.

  10. OH friend, it’s SOOOO GOOD to come back and read your poetic heart and gorgeous words once again! CHARMED you are, sweet love. Oh yes. IN all the ways, you are always charmed.

    I LOVE this. FULLNESS abounds in and through your life- your heart, your essence. And oh, how I adore taking some of it in each time I read your posts… I’m always filled, when I come here. <3

  11. The words and the pictures they come together so beautifully, Tamara. I can look at those pictures for hours.
    I’m so for the loss of Blaze – so hard to lose an animal you love. Love and more blessings!

  12. It’s all connected and I love it. All the pictures are beautiful and sorry to hear about Blaze! I’ll trade you slow growing nails for your metabolism! I’ll look for the Netflix series. We recently downgraded cable and gave TimeWarner their box back. So from my teeny tv in the computer room I have no channels but I have Netflix.

    • I’d love slow growing nails! I hate cutting them so often! And fast growing hair is fine and all, unless you want to color your hair and you don’t want roots showing after two weeks! I give up on that!!
      Try Stranger Things. Unless you spook easily? I do, and I still love it!

  13. Great post! Happy to see the head pants again. I forgot to answer last week I think, but, yes, I wear my head pants out in the real world. Where else would you wear them? Also, I’d like to meet for ice cream, although my kiddo can’t travel to NYC easily, we’re in upstate (near Albany) and I do get down there now and then. 😀

    • hah! I need to see pictures of that, I think.
      I don’t think we’re doing NYC this week because the museum is sold out, but we are closer to Albany anyway. We’re in western MA, so we just go through the Berkshires and there it is!

  14. I am jealous of your number 6. We have had so many surgeries around here in the past few weeks that I am a 24 hour pharmacy dishing out the pain meds and such. Can we swap kids for a while? I am tired 🙂

    • Yes, we can swap!
      They must get it from me because Cassidy isn’t a great sleeper and I can sleep through everything – earthquakes, hurricanes, explosions.
      I can’t sleep through newborns, though. My body will be like, “Time to feed the baby!”

  15. You are indeed blessed! Sorry to hear about Blaze but like you said, he’s lived a wonderful life next to your mom so there’s that. Yey to your new Subaru.. and yes, I’m definitely checking out Stranger Things. There’s been quite a lot of friends on FB who mentioned it’s really good. Netflix has recently launched here so I’m not sure if they have all the shows available yet.

  16. You did get lucky whenever you forgot your homework. Also, having another bus come after you missed the scheduled one was also very lucky. ☺

  17. I wish I could stick to eating big breakfasts and not so big dinners and my hair would grow faster. Those are all a lot of blessings. Have fun in Alaska!

  18. Thanks goodness fro kids who sleep!! Sometimes, mine sleep too much. My youngest didn’t get out of bed until almost nine today, but I’ll take that over spontaneous before dawn wake ups any time!! 🙂

  19. I’m sorry about your mom’s horse. And a Museum of Ice Cream – with I could go! It’s so important to remember our blessings – loved this post.

  20. So sorry to hear about your mom’s horse. This year seems to be full of extremes. High highs, low lows, and not much calm in between. I also wish I could borrow your metabolism and hair growing ‘skills’!

  21. So many blessings – and many are right here in the faces of your kids in this post. RIP Blaze – may horse heaven be miles of green pastures.

  22. Another of those posts that I love. You totally went deep with this one. I’m so sorry to hear about Blaze but I’m sure you all had lots of memories and you have photos to remind you of his and all the time you spent together. Here’s to a great weekend and have fun in Alaska. I’m so jealous!

  23. Recounting the ways you are blessed is an activity we should all do. It keeps gratitude in the center instead of on the periphery. I’ve heard awesome reviews about Stranger Things – I will have to check out the series.

  24. I remember when my kids were young and very needy and made it almost impossible for me to do anything for myself. I’d say it gets easy when they get older, but I’m about to look for a hair brush mid thought. But it does get easier when they get older. I love that you never lose hope in dark situations. The Bible says that love always hopes, and I believe that.

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