Winter’s Leftovers.

No doubt, winter did a number on me this year.

There is STILL snow in our yard and on the sides of the driveway! Granted, there isn’t a lot and we were able to put up our swings over the weekend, which was entirely too happy-making for words. We live in a clearing in the woods, so as much as the house itself does get abundant light all year that many of you pointed out when I shared photos of my living room, the tall trees still cover a lot of our property. Our lawn still has snow long after it’s melted everywhere else in town. Everywhere else in MA?

This was taken last April. It was obviously somewhat warm for Scarlet to rock a Cinderella dress in comfort, but there’s snow!

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Slowly, I’m coming out of my winter funk but it’s harder this year than before. I still dread getting out of the shower and I still curse at the pellet stove when I have to put it on in the early morning or late at night. As if it’s the pellet stove’s fault! I still have some frozen remnants in my head and heart. I still have anxiety over little things, like Scarlet’s dentist appointment, my haircut, business lunch meetings, jobs, preschool pickup? I kid you not. Sometimes I’m just so far gone that ANY kind of social interaction and/or chance at letting go, moving on, growing, expanding, whatever. It just makes me a little more jittery.

I may never know why. I know it comes and goes with physical seasons and life seasons. So much to think about. Money and travel. Kindergarten and a two-year-old. Blog conferences and real estate photography. Organic food and chemicals in the air. Illnesses and puppies. Fresh beginnings. Yesterday I woke up and had to take Scarlet to preschool, then relax at home with my mom, Des and Athena, then hit an appointment, and then get Scarlet from school. I had been up since 5:40. Why? Des thought it was a good idea, even if I didn’t. I find waking up before 8:00 am to be barbaric, but try telling that to the rest of them.

I was fuzzy. My phone was buzzing suspiciously at 8:30 am. From Vegas. (5:30 am there) And then something magical happened.

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I called my sister, at the crack of dawn her time, to see what on earth was up. And…she’s engaged!! And he’s a real person with real feelings and a real smile and he makes her happy and he has a very sensitive side, and he once called me from the Disney Store to pick out a perfect gift for Scarlet. And not for nothing, but she was totally playing with the Flynn Rider doll he got her. She took the bridal dress off of Rapunzel and put it on Jasmine. She then took off Flynn’s shirt and asked me for help getting off his pants and boots. She said, “I want Jasmine to come home and find him naked as a funny surprise.” That really happened!

And what a surprise that would be…

So let’s get out these winter leftovers, shall we? Let’s move on and move forth. Let’s think about warm, fresh beginnings with no more frozen remnants hidden in our heads, hands and hearts. These are the last of my frozen thoughts and my winter photos.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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Tamara is a professional photographer, a mama of two, a Lifestyle Blogger/Social Media Influencer/Brand Ambassador, and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four of those things at all hours of the day and night. She is a very proud contributor to the book, The Mother Of All Meltdowns, the Stigma Fighters Anthology (volume 1), and The HerStories Project: So Glad They Told Me. She is also a proud Community Lead and a regular contributor to the SoFab Food blog, and the Target Made Me Do It blog. After two cross country moves, due to her intense Bi-Coastal Disorder, she lives with her husband, daughter, son, dog, cat, and 11 chickens in glorious western Massachusetts.


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  1. Seeing your pictures definitely chases the remnants of winter away. We are incredibly lucky in our part of Canada. The BC Interior has some of the mildest winters in Canada and hot, dry summers. It does get pretty windy in the Spring, but I see it as a sign that warm weather is being blown in by the wind 🙂
    I hear you about the anxiety and I really like what you posted about it on Facebook a little while ago. Tell someone. Share it. Don’t sit with it alone. xoxox

    • That sounds so great! I follow the “Meanwhile in Canada” Facebook page and they’re always showing everyone buried in snow. Now it’s a big country. I know it’s not ALL like that. And having been to BC in March once, it was MUCH warmer than it was in the northeast that I escaped.
      Not sitting on the anxiety! Totally talking it out this week. Totally.
      xoxox to YOU!

  2. The snow is all melted over here, but the temps still aren’t warm enough! I am bitter about the whole thing. But once the summer days come, I’ll forget all about the cold – just like how women forget about the pain after giving birth. (that’s what my mom said as I was leaving sunny florida.) LOL Those are beautiful pictures, though. Almost makes the winter worth it. 🙂

    • I love that thought! It is like giving birth. You just settle into the sun and you forget what just happened..
      I am so excited to hear about Disney! I was waiting for you to get back! (I’m a dork)

    • Thank you! And you’re so kind to be over it for us too. It’s bad. And you know we’ll be complaining about heat/humidity soon. Well.. maybe I won’t for a while. It’s nearly 60 and sunny today which is promising.

  3. I took a shower Monday morning. Stella was watching TV, Micah was playing on the floor, Henry and Alice were already gone. I stood under the hot water, watching water pour out of a leak in the shower head hose and thinking, I would stay under this water for a very long time, if I could. I’m so ready for flip-flops and spending our whole day outside. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially when Stella announces daily that the snow at her school is gone and that she can see the [dead] grass growing.

    • At Cloverdale here in Florence, the snow mountain finally yesterday. And the giant ice lake dried up. There still hasn’t been school drop off outside like there is in the spring and fall, but that’s always when I really know – “Ok, spring has hit!”
      Although today is quite gorgeous!

  4. Love this farewell to winter! It did a number on me too. I still feel like it’s all just a dream that it will be near 70 here today and the snow is really gone. Like I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and there will be another storm headed our way.

    • Wow! Near 70? We don’t expect that until next week. Today is just 55 or so but purely sunny. Which is nice.
      I do think the snow is really gone but I’m totally knocking on wood. Although this is an IKEA desk so it might be particle board and not real wood. Crap. Ok, knocked on the hardwood floor!

  5. Yes – GOODBYE winter! Get out of here! If it makes you feel better – we also still have snow remnants.
    Congrats to your sister!!! Hooray for weddings and love. Now that is something to truly celebrate!
    And cracking up over Scarlet’s “surprise” for Jasmine. Too funny!

    • haha..right? Flynn Rider naked. What a surprise.
      So happy for my sister. So happy for us because today is yet another day without needing to turn on the heat. Although I think we will tonight. Brrr…

  6. This was a very long winter, especially with a new baby. We spent way too much time indoors. We have *finally* starting taking nice, long walks (maybe even one today?) It’s great for bonding with other new moms!
    A HUGE congratulations to your sister, that’s so exciting!

    • Oh, I hope you get your walk today!
      I gave birth in July with Scarlet so my tough, long winter was when I was pregnant. That was so tough. I never thought the winter and the pregnancy would end, but both did!

  7. I’m ready to say goodbye to winter too. The kids want to go skiing one last time…Mount Snow is still open till Monday. We’re debating… Congrats to your sister! What exciting news! And Scarlet’s comment…love it…out of the mouths of babes! Too funny!

    • I didn’t even know Mount Snow was still open! My friends went last week and I thought that was it. Well I hope you all enjoy it one last time then!

  8. OK, so at first I thought you were kissing some other guy! Congrats to your sister. Kids say the funniest things! Loved the pics but I am ready to not see snow for a LONG time. LONG time! I want to bask in the glow of the sun with sand between my toes.

    • ha! I’ll take that as a compliment!
      When is the sun and sand basking? I want it so badly. We can also go to Cape Cod but I have honestly been there in July AND August and it’s been COLD. Like 55 and rainy. However it’s also been a heat wave there. And mostly, it’s been perfect when we go.

  9. Your winter photos made me smile and were perfect, but still so happy it is over here, too now! Huge congrats to your sister and I too am calling the Disney Store here today to find out if they have any new Elsa plush dolls in. The guy told me they get new deliveries on Wednesdays and my girls have been wanting these dolls forever, but always seem to escape getting them as the store has no more Frozen stuff in for months now. Crazy! But sorry the ramble and just wanted to say very Happy Spring is here for us now, too!! 🙂

    • ha! I loved your ramble – it seemed totally appropriate.
      Good luck getting the doll! Scarlet wants an Anna dress but it may be awhile. Luckily she got her Elsa dress before the craze because those sold out FAST.

      • I am glad you liked my ramble. And my girls have Anna, but not Elsa. So, of course, that is what they want now. No luck today and will call again next week it looks like!

        • I heard the Elsa one was harder to find, and the guy at Target seemed surprised he couldn’t find an Anna one! And Scarlet wants me to braid her hair when she wears it. If we ever get it!

          • I feel the same way about the Elsa doll and seriously not sure, we will ever get one either. But if our girls lived closer would be the perfect match with them having Anna and Scarlet having Elsa 🙂

              • We have the plush Anna and don’t tell anyone yet, but my girls are getting the Barbie Elsa ones from Disney World, because Kevin’s co-worker is done there now and found them for them. But won’t be getting them for at least another week. So, totally surprise for them. They still want the plush ones though and that is the one I can’t get my hands on apparently.

                • Ah! I smell a blog post about that one, right? We got the two dolls with the ice palace from my mom for Christmas.
                  Then I tried to get them for a friend and couldn’t find Anna. Your girls will be so happy!

  10. Congrats to your sister!! I’m sure you’ll be in the wedding, but you have to take some pre-ceremony pics for us to enjoy!

    And, seriously, after a week in the Caribbean, my body is in total shock over the cooler temps at home. Brrrr!

    • Well, well, look who’s back! We missed you. Eli and I even talked about crashing your vacation and sleeping outside your cabin.
      It’s not bad here today and the upcoming forecast will hopefully help ease your transition. You didn’t miss much, though!

  11. There are few things more wonderful than pictures that capture beautifully falling snow. But putting up the swings is probably one of them. I’m glad it is starting to warm up for you…even though I will miss seeing winter pictures until next year.

    Congratulations to your sister!! Or best wishes. Are we still supposed to offer the bride best wishes and congratulate the groom? I’m just going to send happiness to all of you, and not worry about the “rules”!

    • I think the only thing I like about winter is the photography of snow. And cute hats. That about covers it! Oh well, I do like holidays too.
      I have no idea of the etiquette with weddings, but I dare say you’re wishing great things to them!

  12. So happy for those sweet few days of pre-spring with you! I loved swinging with Des on my lap, albeit with snow to stop my motion!

    • I loved that too, but mostly because I could be lazy during that time! It was such a sweet three days and I miss it a lot. Warm and sunny here today. Maybe (probably) we’ll see you again in two weeks!

  13. I’m having a hard time deciding: am I more in love with your photographs (oh that one of her on the swings, little red shoes peeking out!) or the way you shape your words? I think it’s a tie! Know what you mean about those pockets of anxiety. I have them too…all the time. And why is it that our children’s school is so often the nexus of it? I still can’t figure out why. Well, maybe I can. For me, it’s about interacting with the other adults. That sounds so crazy, but there it is. I think this is just my baseline and after 40 years of existing probably fair to say it’s not going away. C’est la vie, right?

    • That really means a lot, because I consider myself equal parts mother, photographer and writer. I hate to leave one out, ya know?
      Pockets of anxiety – I love that way of wording it. I have deep pockets, shallow pockets or no pockets at all that I fall in and out of.
      For the most part, the other adults are totally pleasant here. Next year is kindergarten and I am less hopeful..

  14. Ahhh so many things swirling around my head to say! First off, congratulations to your sister! Second, so happy that winter is FINALLY starting to go away. And third I LOVE that Scarlet wanted Jasmine to have a little surprise. That is so funny!

    • Right? It was hilarious! Naked men are quite the surprise, Scarlet, but you don’t even really know how much. And you won’t for 30 more years! (according to Cassidy)

  15. Mazel tov to your sister and future brother-in-law! I just came in from walking the dog; it’s a beautiful day today. So I was able to enjoy the last of your winter photos knowing that winter is gone for good.

    • It is beautiful! And these photos make me happy in that semi-wistful way. I don’t miss the snow, but I do miss the people in the photos who visited us.
      Next time we see them, it will be summer. Far preferred.

  16. We still have snow in our yard too. The house blocks the midday sun. It’s almost gone though. Sort of. I’m so ready for summer. (Spring is just muddy in Maine.) And I love Scarlet’s surprise for Jasmine. Too cute!

    • Do you think Jasmine will like her surprise? I do!
      Today, nearly the last of the lawn snow melted! We just have some minor, dirty snow piles left on the driveway.

  17. The snow has been gone for a long time here 😉 Just kidding. It snowed once this year, left us with a half and inch, and then melted away before midnight. We have mild winters here in Louisiana. The one thing we do have, ICE Storms, Those will totally ruin your day. We have been feeling the Spring weather for a while now, and it’s the perfect weather for me right now. I play a lot of tennis outside and anything below 50 is horrible and anything over 95 will give you a heat stroke….so these sunny, breezy, 72 degree days are awesome. They won’t last very long, and the horrible humidity and 115+ degree heat will be here before long I am sure. And mosquitoes. Ugh. Seriously, I am glad things are melting your way. Congrats on your sister’s engagements!

    • My favorite kind of weather! Sunny, non-humid and 72-80. Just so good. I can’t do heat very well, and I can’t do cold. So why do I live here??? Northern Cali was just my speed.

  18. Wow congratulations to your sister how freakin’ awesome!!! And don’t feel bad it was a ROUGH winter, the cloud around my brain is finally clearing but it was a long time with that shit in there. It’s like all functioning came to a halt, it was draining. Now it’s Spring and my mind has 1000 things it wants to do and process at once. Yikes! Today is my freakin’ SITS day and guess what? the ONE freakin’ Wed I don’t post FML. Lol. However, last night I BLACKED out so it’s OK forgive thyself. This post required more research than I anticipated hmph. Spring is peaking so give your body time to readjust and accept the warmth. Some brains can’t leap out of bed, they hit snooze for a few more minutes 😉 Happy Hump Day Tamara! -Iva

  19. Oh – such exciting news for your sister!! That will make the sun come out!!!
    I agree – let’s be done with winter and all of the sickness and sadness and celebrate spring and happiness!!!

    • I kinda thought most of the illnesses were over, but my good friend’s family just got hit with the flu! The flu! I thought it couldn’t come past March. I guess I didn’t know!

  20. I think we can all agree that winter was a real beast this year. I’m ready to welcome in Spring with you.

    p.s. The parking lots around here still have big hills of snow.

    • At the local grocery store, I actually saw them bring in a giant snow-sucking truck thing. No lie! That was a few weeks ago, though, so I don’t know if there’s any left.

  21. I’d pick those snow flakes over pollen, though. even with allergies, I feel a calling to take a half day and waste it on a blanket somewhere. (It takes a great man to make a girl’s foot pop up like that when you kiss her).

    • I used to have terrible pollen allergies. The only thing that works for me is that I start taking prescription flonase (generic) a few weeks before spring hits.
      Either that works or the pollen hasn’t been bad here for the last two years. Somehow I doubt that.
      Feeling this’s enough to make my foot pop up!

      • I considered freebasing pollen one year to immune myself to it. But then I realized I don’t know how to freebase, and a Google search on a company computer probably isn’t smart.

        • I like freebasing things. Like local honey. Isn’t that supposed to help? A tablespoon of the most raw, local honey you can get down there. Then why not do two tablespoons a day.

    • Not even the tiniest bit! Honestly. I’d even skip Christmas, to be honest, but don’t let that make me sound like a grinch. I just love spring/summer/fall that much.

  22. I had wanted today to be the last of the winter ice and snow pictures too….. but, not so much. the snow stays in the picture. but, we did go outside and it was lovely and sunshine and I feel pretty confident in saying THIS will be the last of it. Good lawd please!
    All the kids were awake when daddy got home for work at 5 am this morning. I don’t know if he was fighting a Yeti in the kitchen for the last piece of bacon or something — but he sure was making a ruckus. I don’t think anyone should have to talk to anyone else or do much before 10 am AND a second cup of coffee. Actually, it should be made a law.
    Big congrats to your sister!! 🙂

  23. Beautiful pictures, but I think we are done with winter, too. Our schedules have been so crazy lately that I am more that ready for the slower pace of summer evenings and casual mornings. (I agree that anything before 8:00 is simply barbaric. For the most part, my children agree. Sadly, the public school system does not.) Congrats to your sister!

    • And it gets worse as they get older, to fit in after school activities! Even though kids sleep in more the older they get. It’s a bad thing for me. My ears get all poppy if I don’t get enough sleep.

  24. Yay to your sister!

    I am so done with winter. I just need it to stay warm now. But our weather goes back and forth. No snow at least, but Monday it’s going back to the 40s and I’m like, “NO!”

    I am NOT a morning person. I have to be up at 640 to get my kids ready for school and I feel like I want to die.

  25. Congrats to your sister! How exciting! We’re starting to see some Spring-ish weather in Seattle, and it’s so refreshing. I was able to open our sliding glass door for a bit earlier today–it made my soul happy. We don’t get the snow or cold temperatures that you do, but it sits at 30s/40s and grey and gloomy and rainy for days and days. This was our first year here, and I’m so ecstatic to see the 60s!

    • I have a friend going to Seattle tomorrow. I’m jealous!
      We had the door open partly today and it was so nice. The weather called for full sun and it was mostly cloudy. I get so pissed when that happens!
      On the other hand, sometimes (rarely) the sun does come out when the forecast calls for all clouds.

  26. Happy happy to your sister! I am still trying to shake this cooool winter out of my bones. It has been in the 50s and 60s here and I keep forgetting that I can go outside and enjoy it! I am especially enjoying the longer days… although my son peeked through his blackout curtains last night after we read bedtime stories and said “It’s still morning time!” (aka – it’s still light out.) No dice, kid, you’re going to bed.

  27. When April finally comes I always expect the snow to just magically disappear. No such luck in New England. Our snow is gone but the air still has the cold chill to it. Someone close to me got engaged today! Such happy news to welcome Spring.

    • April is hopeful but if I look back on the last several, it’s always been cold on my husband’s birthday (April 13th). And I realize that with gardening, we don’t “trust” the overnight frosts to really be gone until after the first full moon in May. Maybe that’s superstition, but I just call it “New England Living.”

  28. Congrats to your sissy!! I loved those pictures. I love the warm loving energy they give in their pics! Are you so excited for a wedding? Weddings are sooo rare in my family so I get excited when ANYONE gets married LOL. Also: Adios SNOW!

    • Yes! So excited! It will be my first time being a matron of honor. Wow, that sounds old. And very likely, the last wedding within my siblings although I could be wrong.
      And I want new nieces/nephews to squeeze.

  29. I’m so ready to leave the winter behind. It has been a long, hard one. Thankfully, the snow has melted here and today it really truly felt like spring! I’m so excited for your sister and your family!! What wonderful news!

    • Thanks! It’s the sister you “know.” They’re coming this weekend to visit and I’ll be doing engagement photos. And you just know there will be yoga ones.

  30. Many congratulations to your sister! Engagements, weddings and babies are the best news to get moving on a fuzzy morning. My MIL would agree that anything before 8am is barbaric..but she would probably move it to 9am. Here’s hoping that you get to enjoy a nice warm spring and summer with lots of snuggles and smiles from your budding kindergartner!

    • I think 9:00 am is truly more my speed, to be honest, but it seems like it will never happen again! It’s interesting, to say the least, to start my days so early. I imagine I see much more than I did back before kids.

  31. I was so happy when my little sister got engaged to a wonderful, real man! She struggles so much with anxiety. I think you two would get along really well…I just thought of that now. 🙂

    • Maybe it will be mild for you, in weather or just in your mind. Most of my winters are less traumatic and often even beautiful.
      This was a tough one here!

  32. Congratulations to your sister! I love engagements and weddings; totally brings some good times to the fam. And I truly hope this winter will be over and done with soon enough for you. It’s already friggin’ April, right? Sheesh.

    • Me too! It makes me feel young again, when all of this stuff was still in the future. Not that I don’t love my present.
      It’s warm(ish) today! And it will hit 70 this weekend. Whooo!!!

  33. Huge congratulations to your beautiful sister! That’s wonderful! Here’s to the cold and frozen being soon defrosted from your thoughts, your heart, and your yard. Just think – in a couple of months we’ll get to complain about how hot and muggy it is. Thank goodness for spring! And your photos are amazing. Always.

  34. Your family is so beautiful..! Congratulations to your sister! That’s so fun. Engagements are so special! I feel you on the before 8am thing. I always tell my husband that we are not farmers, that this is 2014 and we should be able to wake up later than they did in the 1800’s. It’s ridiculous! I read about Des’ amazing haircut! That is the perfect situation. See, you don’t have to worry about nothin’! It all works out, always. <3! PS. LOVE THESE SNOW PICTURES! Especially the one of Scarlet from last April. Talent alert!

    • His hair was really long in the back. I feared the mullet. You should always fear the mullet!
      Thanks for loving my photos! They were taken in January. Early January. (except for the last year one) And I just got them up! I guess I was in winter denial.

  35. I have to say, your photos make the snow look like so much fun! I am sure I would also be in a funk if it was like that day after day. Congrats to your sister! That is so exciting! Will the wedding be in Las Vegas? They have some nice wedding venues there!

    • ha, no! Just the engagement. They’ll get married in New Jersey and probably up where my parents live – which is VERY rural. I think a beautiful barn, rustic wedding. If they have it near my parent’s house, my 100-year-old grandmother could probably come!

  36. I am in a funk too 🙁 It’ll pass. BTW I share anxiety issues with you… not that you want to share those issues but I totally 100% understand. Somedays/weeks are tough.

    Congrats to your sister, and growing family! Sounds like he is a good catch! Laughing about Flynn Ryder!

    • I wish we could go talk it out at the mall! Wah! Anxiety is tough. Weeks are tough. A lot.
      I’m glad you like my Flynn Rider story! My eyes bugged out of my head when she said it.

    • Thank you! I’ll hopefully have a long lull of winter photos now. Whew. There may be a few here and there since I’m clearly months behind with uploading!

  37. Congratulations to your sister! That’s so exciting! I love your pictures and I am so glad they are pictures from the past and not what I’m currently seeing outside my window. I am so ready for Spring!

  38. As always, love the pictures! You capture such great “moments”. I am looking forward to your spring and summer pics, as I am #sooverwinter too! Went and cleaned out the produce aisle yesterday. What is it about warm weather that makes me crave the good stuff?

  39. That’s it. I’m coming to rescue you from the snow. Even in my Canadian woods, our grass is starting…ok a wee…teenie tiny…turning green if you close one eye and pat your head, you can totally see it.
    I’m so happy for your sister!! Sqqeeeeee!!

  40. I felt like winter would never go. But slowly, it seems to be departing. We wore spring jackets last week!
    And this weekend I spoke about unpacking our summer clothes. BIG strides, right?
    But looking at your winter photos makes me remember how very beautiful the winter can be too.

  41. Oh! The snow! I was so ready to see it go. Forever. Or at least for the rest of the year, pretty please? 🙂

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