We Care to Recycle.

It is now my favorite time of year.

Actually, my favorite time of the year is April – November, and hey, I like December too. I’m just no winter girl. My favorite thing to do, sunscreen and sun hat included, of course, is to sit with a book in the yard, and listen to the happy sounds of the kids, the dog, the birds, and even the bugs. I love the way the whole world comes alive in spring, as if it’s been waiting.

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We’ve been waiting too.

In and out of our house, with overstuffed closets and tumbling acreage, it’s a wonderful time of year to teach the kids about recycling. Earth Day happens to fall between Cassidy’s birthday and our anniversary, so we always note it on the calendar. In fact, we did a big recycling run on this sunny morning, and we have a lot more to do. Do you know about the wonderful Care To Recycle® program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.? Care To Recycle® provides new ways for parents to reimagine their recycling habits beyond the kitchen and into the bathroom. It’s aimed for parents to engage their children.

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Care To Recycle® aims to raise awareness of the importance of recycling personal care products in the bathroom, and also in preventing valuable materials from entering landfills unnecessarily. Showing our kids how to recycle is a major teachable moment in life, and can have a lasting impact. Recycling does not need to be viewed as another household chore. Rather, it’s a project, and a family one at that, just like how we decorate our house, or garden. We can create a healthy planet together.

For today’s kids, and for future generations.

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It starts with parents today. In a 2016 consumer survey on in-home recycling habits conducted in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., it showed that 60% of parents would be more likely to discuss recycling with their children if it was an activity they could do together, and if they had more creative and engaging ways to explain the impact of recycling. One third of regular recyclers (34%) admitted in the study that it never even occurred to them to recycle in the bathroom! Care To Recycle® is seeking to break down barriers commonly associated with recycling in the bathroom by showing that recycling in the bathroom can be easy and fun. From shampoo and mouthwash bottles to soap and bandage boxes, everything can be recycled. To better understand which bathroom products can and cannot be recycled, visit www.caretorecycle.com.

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Ten Ways We Recycle Within Our Home and Community:

1. Recycle every day. The best way to do it, is consistently and wherever you go – whether at home or on vacation. Remember to urge your friends and family to look for ways to recycle as well. Spread the love!

2. Recycle your electronics. We go through devices and phones at least annually. Don’t just throw them in the garbage! Many cellphone and other providers will recycle your phone for you. You can also find an electronics recycling center.

3. Re-use plastic bags, and use canvas bags as often as possible. We used to throw plastic bags away when we were done with them, but now we use them for future grocery trips or for garbage bags, to give them more uses than one.

4. Use rechargeable batteries. Enough said there! We go through a lot of batteries with toys.

5. Check with your local schools. Make sure they already have recycling bins. If not, get them or make them yourself!

6. Crafts! We save our plastic caps from shampoo bottles and skin care products and make 3D pictures, or magnets. There are hundreds of ways to reuse jars, bottles, and paper. Kids love to offer up suggestions for such crafts.

7. Clothing. Donate old clothing, or help your kids make quilts or special blankets with old clothing.

8. Recycle cardboard boxes of all sizes to create fun play areas for the kids, and even the pets!

9. Start a compost at your home or school, or both. All biodegradable food garbage can turn into great soil.

10. Books! Donate books that you’ve outgrown or plan a school-wide used book sale, or community used book exchange.

Has the Care To Recycle® program inspired you? What will you do to help your kids learn?

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