Ten Items You ACTUALLY Need on Your Baby Registry

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I remember that first time so well – when we went to register for our first baby. We were armed with way too many brochures that told us everything we absolutely had to have, and we couldn’t help but get a little overzealous with the registry scanner. For me, it wasn’t fun the way it had been to register for our wedding, in which we danced around in love and danced around the aisles of our chosen stores. We scanned forks, slow cookers, toasters, blenders, breakfast trays, and everything else we thought we would need to complete our marital bliss. What we needed then, and most need now, is love.

That’s it! Mostly. Really!

Therefore, I thought it would be the same with the baby registry – so much fun. Other people’s gifts. Registries! Cute baby stuff! Bows and hats! Baby socks! In fact, when it concerns the well-being and life of a whole other human, for me, it wasn’t as much fun. It was daunting, confusing and overwhelming. It was a little hormonal and nauseous too! Let’s just say it’s not the same. This does not mean it wasn’t joyful for you, or that it cannot be anything but positive. I just remember being overwhelmed and not ready. I was a little younger than I thought I would be, and a lot more confused. Luckily, it worked out!

The thing is, babies don’t actually need as much as “they” will have you believe. Mostly they need love and food. A whole lot of both. Diapers, of course. Clothing is important too, but my babies were both born during spring and summer heat waves, so it wasn’t the biggest necessity for us. I remember that skin-to-skin contact was a lot more sweaty than I thought it would be!

As an “experienced” mom of two (I think?), and having just experienced two baby showers and two newborn periods with my sisters, I’m astonished at how overwhelming it can be to register for your baby/baby shower. There is so much information and it can be more intimidating and exhausting at times. Whether you’re shopping alone, with your partner, or with a cute little helper, hopefully this list will help break it down for you, and make the baby registry shopping easier and more fun!

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Ten Items You ACTUALLY Need on Your Baby Registry:

  1. Diapers, of course. We loved the Up & Up brand best, but there are many disposable and cloth choices.

  2. Wipes! Honestly, when you get a lot of diapers and wipes for your baby shower, or for baby gifts, it helps immensely. Money was so tight for us in those days, and we didn’t have to buy our own diapers or wipes for ages. We were lucky.

  3. A place to sleep. You don’t know what kind of sleeper you will have until your baby is born, but there are a large amount of choices. How and where your baby sleeps is a personal choice, or one between you and your Pediatrician, but what you do know is that sleeping is important! This is one area in which you may need more than one item – from Moses baskets to pack-and-plays, to bassinets and co-sleepers, and of course – to cribs. There are different ages, stages, and phases, and everything changes and then changes again, but what you do know is that baby needs sleep!

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  1. Blankets. You will probably get way more than you expect, however definitely register for ones you truly want – like swaddling blankets! They can be pretty valuable in calming your baby. Many people will make you beautiful blankets, and since I’m a professional photographer, I absolutely love those for props and backgrounds. So don’t get me wrong on that, but it’s nice to choose a few that you really need, like swaddlers, stretchy blankets, and soft, cotton ones.

  2. A travel system. This is quite important. We registered for a stroller, baby carrier, and car base, which was essential to us for going anywhere by car, or even plane. We had the fire station install it and give us a lesson too!

  3. A diaper bag. Yes, it’s true. You can get them in so many styles and sizes. You will need them for awhile!

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  1. First-Aid and safety items. I still use these. Get good ones! Some of the “kits” aren’t necessarily the best things. A good digital thermometer, suction bulbs or a Nose Frida, medication droppers, and band-aids will help you immensely.

  2. A baby carrier, or more than one. I find these to be immeasurably useful. Whether you wear your baby at home, in public, or all day and night long, there are many wraps, strap carriers, and other safe items to help you bond with your baby.

  3. Items to make you feel safe when you’re not holding your baby. Baby monitors, bouncers, swings, playmats, etc. I put these in one category because you won’t need tons, but you will probably need one or two items to put your mind at ease.

  4. Baby bottles. No matter what you choose for your baby – your milk, someone else’s milk, or formula – bottles are essential. Whether you are nursing, formula feeding, or both, bottles DO belong on your registy. The various types of bottles can overwhelm you. We had great luck with both kids using Playtex Baby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins® Liners.

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Making for better beginnings, the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners are closer to natural breastfeeding. They simulate the same suck, swallow and breathing patterns as breastfeeding. This makes for easy switching between breast and bottle feeding, and helps baby latch on naturally. There’s the Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple – which has a natural wide shape and a raised texture which helps the natural latch.

Also, the liners are easy to use and you can match the size (4oz or 8oz) to the size of your bottle, place the liner into the Nurser bottle, and then fill the bottle with milk or formula. The liner will gently collapse while the baby drinks.

I consider these a not-to-be-missed item on a baby registry.

As you can imagine, I shop for baby items at Target. They have a whole baby feeding aisle!

baby registry

baby registry

Connect with Playtex on their website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on YouTube.

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Target is your one-stop shop for baby, and all awesomeness, and it’s the #1 place for baby registries! There’s a Cartwheel offer right now, from 8/21 – 9/3 for 10% off of all Playtex bottles and cups. Yay!

So, what do you think most belongs on a baby registry list? Are you obsessed with Target like I am?

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  1. I was a HUGE fan of the playtex drop ins for Josiah. So much easier than having to wash bottles the same way. Josephine didn’t care for them though. She was a Dr. Brown’s fan. I can’t say enough good things about BOTH brands.

  2. I agree there are so many different things that babies don’t need, but you summed up perfectly what you do need when you first have a newborn here with your list from what I remember from having my two back way back when 😉

    • Yes, it’s tough! There are so many bottles and they will certainly work differently for each baby/parent. I’m glad you had some luck, though! Des wouldn’t take a bottle.. ever.

  3. I love the list. If I was going to include anything else, I’d say a good breast pump. I found it essential with both kids and they’re not cheap.

  4. We always got so many blankets. I don’t even know what to do with all the keepsake blankets we got! A big box of wipes is one of my go-to baby shower gifts. You know I love my baby carriers, too! I’m still using both the structured and sling carriers regularly!

  5. When Target first showed up I didn’t think they could make a go of it with all the competition. I was wrong there!

    I do have a problem with their new bathroom policy as I feel it endangers women. Actually, I think it’s a good policy not to use public bathrooms anywhere. If I could, I would keep my back to the wall in them at all times 🙂

    • I agree about the competition. They proved us wrong!
      I didn’t know much about their bathroom policy. I hope no one has been harmed! Ours seems the same as it always has been!!
      I agree about public restrooms, though. And the ones in Alaska.. wow. Some where great, though.

  6. Oh those baby photos are adorable! Baby bottles are an absolute must and I love using registries when buying gifts for friends. It makes it so much easier to get what they need!

  7. We love the Playtex Nursers with my son who I exclusively pumped for. You just never know! I thought I would breastfeed but ended up only pumping for him. {client}

  8. So adorable! I love Playtex, though back when my kiddos were babies, we were using the Playtex Vent-Aire. Still recommend the Playtex brand to this day!

  9. I’m not sure how I would survive without Target :)! My older son was born 5 weeks early, and we had NOTHING for him, not even a single onesie. But it all worked out, obviously! Great list!

  10. I was so overwhelmed, too, by what baby stuff to get. And I was pretty much the first of my friends so I couldn’t get much advice from my peers. In the end, you realize there isn’t a whole lot they “need,” even if the stores would have us think otherwise 😉

  11. You definitely have the essentials covered. Items to support breastfeeding are also nice for moms planning on breastfeeding. And I love the registries at Target. They are pretty easy to shop from.

  12. I agree with Sonya, you’ve got it covered! One thing I absolutely LOVE (because yes, they’re still in use today) the BOPPY! I wish I would’ve known about it with my older babes.
    We used Playtex too. 🙂

      • I should clarify that we no longer use the Boppy for it’s intended purpose. It’s helpful when the babes are sick to help prop them up. 🙂 Although, my youngest daughter uses a Boppy as pillow, just because. 🙂

        • Good point! Scarlet would probably still use it for her babies and dolls. I wonder if we sold it or gave it away? We thought we were one and done, and then through with two, but of course, the whole family wants three and I’m the hold out! Believe it or not!

  13. I am a PRETTY FRIGGIN TERRIBLE sister because I have ZERO idea if my sister even registered when she was pregnant and um, I don’t think I even GAVE HER ANYTHING when she had a kid! LOL! Man I am truly the worst!!!! WAIT WAIT WAIT A HOT SECOND – I did buy her baby an NZ outfit, that she is definitely already too big for – so maybe I am not SOOOO bad! Oh man, if/when I ever have a kid … She won’t be gifting me with anything LOL!! Maybe just her knowledge of how the heck to take care of a kid?!

    • She will definitely gift you her wisdom. I was the first of my family of five kids and they never showed up empty-handed so now it’s a lot of pressure to do the same. And you’d think I’d have so much wisdom being a mom of two, but sometimes my brain just gets overwhelmed and I have no idea what to gift them!
      The gift of photography is always a good last minute one. Who doesn’t want pictures of their kids??

  14. These are fabulous suggestions!! We had cloth diapers on our baby registry and I was thrilled when we received the full layette! It saved us so much money during the diapering years. Actually, I love all your suggestions! We were given a small baby care/first aid kit (it wasn’t on our registry) but we STILL use items from it and our kids are 5 and 8!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I hadn’t registered for cloth diapers, but then got them as a gift for my baby shower and that was exciting!!! The amount of money saved is pretty amazing , like you said.
      And I hear you with my kids, aged 4 and 7!!

  15. I am happy to say I had ALL of the items on my registry! I went a lil crazy with my first born’s registry–wipes warmer anyone? I learned quickly what I needed with the second one and that was not much was needed as all. But I did need those bottle liners! Helped so much with the colic for Josh we continued with Jake!

    • It’s amazing how the liner fills with air and collapses, and helps with colic. It’s like magic!!
      Des really wants a wipe warmer NOW. He hates cold wipes in the morning! Too funny.

  16. I think I needed tons and tons of diapers more than ever when Reiko was a baby. So it was such a relief when he finally learned to let it go. It was one of the most costly items, plus formula milk because I only breastfed for a month. I agree about wipes – they’re a life-saver!

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