TrustedHousesitters: America Loves Pets

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Take a trip across the country and discover how much America Loves Pets from state 2 state! Join the #AmericaLovesPets conversation - share pet pictures #ad

According to this fun map, Massachusetts’s favorite dog is the Labrador, and our favorite cat is a Persian!

Read on to find out more about the America Love Pets data, and how TrustedHousesitters used social media to find out favorite pets, state by state. And we’re talking more than cats and dogs! This thorough data opens the world up even more.

It’s just about summer vacation for us, while some of you have been out of school and/or work for weeks now! Probably you have settled into a rhythm of summer life. Perhaps you’re planning road trips and vacations? Every year, we go on at least two vacations. In the winter, we go to Florida. In the summer, we go to Cape Cod. Last year we threw off normal routine and the two of us went to Alaska! We were happy we had care for our kids, and that we found sitters for both of our pets.

America Loves Pets

That peace of mind in knowing that your pets are in good hands while you travel is PRICELESS.

This year, life is ever more complicated. We have one dog, one cat, and 11 chickens! We used to be more able to take off at a moment’s notice. There are some places we can take our dog, and some places we can’t. We never want to displace our cat, though. And 11 chickens?! That’s why I’m so impressed with TrustedHousesitters. You can filter your pet sitter searches, and yes, you can find people who will help with your chickens! This is earth shattering news! This means more travel for us.

So, what exactly is TrustedHousesitters?

It’s a way you can find your ideal pet sitter/house sit from a pet loving community. These sitters will love your pets/home like their own completely for free. Or maybe you want to be the one to pet/home sit? It’s mutually beneficial. Vets say most pets are happier at home when owners are away, rather than adapting to a new environment. These registered pet-sitters are care-oriented rather than pay-oriented. They’ll travel to care for your home and pets, in exchange for a free retreat. Trust and safety is a priority, so there’s a 3 step verification process, including global identity with I.D. document cross-checks and criminal background checks. You can view profiles of registered sitters with ID verifications and video profiles!

Caring people happy to sit for FREE in exchange for a retreat, while YOU’RE on one too? Win-win.

Or perhaps you’re looking to house sit and care for someone else’s pet? Look to the site for that option too!

At this world’s largest house and pet sitting network, they love ALL pets. So much, in fact, that they set out to scrutinize 12 months worth of online conversation specifically mentioning pets. They used the social listening tool – Meltwater – and looked at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to discover which pets are most loved by YOU! They broke that data down further into pet breeds to find out what the most popular ones are by state. The results are fascinating! You can check it out yourself. Simply click here to go to their America Loves Pets map to find the top pets in your state. I looked at all states!

TrustedHousesitters launched in 2010, following a global need for new pet care solutions. The USA launch is particularly exciting to me, because the network keeps growing. Trusted Housesitters gives new opportunities for worldwide travel – helping thousands of people all over the world. This is a new way to travel and a new way to connect – combined by a love of animals. So check out the America Love Pets data, and check our your pet care/home sitting options.

You may find that your entire world will open up!

Name a favorite pet from your state!

Summertime Snacks & Summertime Memories

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Summertimes memories are built around campfires, in beach houses, and around the sand. What snacks will you remember most? #ad #SnackStories #SnackSnapShare

When I was a kid, we had a large swimming pool, and that’s where we would spend most of our summer days.

We were all fairly close in age and I know we must have eventually gotten old enough to fix our own snacks, but I fondly recall my mom’s voice calling out the screen door – “Snack time!” The thing is, swimming creates a hunger! For me, summer does in general. I think it’s because I remember being active and hot and getting intense snack cravings after hours at the poolside. When you have five kids, you find something everyone will love to eat. Enter pretzels and potato chips.


Fast forward to now.

One of the most magical places we go to in July is the family’s beach house in Cape Cod. My father-in-law built it decades ago, and has kept up this four bedroom, two bathroom wonder for all this time. It’s only improved in style and design, but the general classic “beachiness” about it stays intact. Truro is probably the quietest part of Cape Cod, but it’s near all the action and delight of Provincetown. When we go, I’m actively aware that we’re creating similar summer memories for our kids to the ones we have had. It’s place of safety and excitement, comfort and wonder, and all of the summer delights of a perfect beach house experience. I love raising the kids to know this as a place they can go to answer the calls of summer.


Cassidy introduced me to the house when we were dating the 2nd time. Before kids we’d go there to get away, or even to fight morning sickness in a remote, beachy place. Now that we have kids, it’s even better. I love the gravel road, the hammock, the wraparound deck, the outdoor shower, the cool breezes, the swimsuits hanging to dry, and the people coming and going all day long. I love that we carve out our spaces of summer happiness – sometimes apart, and mostly together.

snack time

From home to beach to home to market and then back home again, it’s a true vacation. One of my favorite summer vacation rituals, both from when I was a child, and now as a mama, is when we go grocery shopping for the beach house. Why is this such fun? It just is! It’s the food you’re going to use to energize your trip and your many beach days. It’s about satisfying everyone’s snack cravings with great snack products. It’s about finding something that everyone loves.

Summer memories are built around campfires, in beach houses, in the sand, and around yummy crunches of summer snacks.

Summertimes memories are built around campfires, in beach houses, and around the sand. What snacks will you remember most? #ad #SnackStories #SnackSnapShare

For us, it’s Snyder’s of Hanover® Pretzels and Cape Cod® Potato Chips! All of my favorite summer stories feature these snacks. I can remember so clearly that time of day in mid-afternoon when it’s all about snacks to share. Everyone loves pretzels and potato chips, and we all find different dips and hummus flavors to enjoy with them.

Snyder's Lance


sharing snacks

Summer vacations come and go, but some traditions stay the same every year. And that’s those moments of beach waves and summer snacks with family and friends. Our favorite snacks are great tasting products made from simple, high quality ingredients. You know you can never go wrong, and I love that they offer limitless opportunities for summer snacking. You can enjoy them with family and friends all summer long! Everyone has a favorite summer snack.

Now, enter the best sweepstakes ever! Share your own snack stores and submit photos of yourself, your family, and your friends in your snacking moment using the hashtag #SnackSnapShare. It’s so easy! In fact, this is my happy snacking photo:

(If I were to enter, I’d say: “Here I am in my happy snacking place. #SnackSnapShare”)

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What is your favorite go-to summer snack for all your family’s needs?

Summertimes memories are built around campfires, in beach houses, and around the sand. What snacks will you remember most? #ad #SnackStories #SnackSnapShare