5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Parenting

This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

Are you a new or expecting parent? Here are 5 things I wish I had known about #parenting as well as #coupons for diapers. Time to stock up! #ad #SharetheLuv

I always knew I wanted to be a mom.

It was never a question, even when I was ridiculously young and couldn’t even begin to conceive of this insane idea of parenting another human. While I couldn’t begin to flesh out the details, even in my mind, there were so many things I “knew”, or thought I did. I remember starting stories with, “One day when I have kids, we’ll..” Or, “I can’t wait to take my kids here one day.” I had it all figured out in my head, or so I thought, but really I knew next to nothing. Except one thing.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom.


That said, I’m one of five kids, and I remember all of our scattered ages, stages, and phases better than I should! I have incredible long-term memory. I remember when the youngest of us were in diapers. My mom used Luvs Diapers. The packaging has changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed for me is seeing Luvs diapers in my home! My parents always used them for the five of us, and my mom kept the boxes for decades to store baby clothes. She probably still has those boxes!

I remember what the boxes looked like. And now it’s more like this:

spring nursery essentials

Some things change, and others stay the same. I’m seven years into parenting, but the learning curve is steep and powerful. I love talking to my sisters about having babies, and I love knowing that the door hasn’t closed on that part of my life.

5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Parenting:

1 – Kids develop at their own paces. I learned to walk when I was 18 months! Some kids learn at 8! I learned to read at age four. Some kids learn at six or seven. Try to enjoy each milestone, without always thinking about the next one to come.

2 – Have a good sense of humor and embrace the messy chaos, and chaotic messes!

3 – When your baby grows up and you’re at a parent/teacher conference you might glaze over the academic talk just to get to the good stuff: “Is she happy? Is she KIND? Do other kids like her?”

4 – You will parent better if you take the time to do something you love. Regularly. It’s good for you and it’s good for the kids to see you achieving your own happiness. Take breaks. Take breaths. Take it easy on yourself. You’ll need it.

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Happy Savings!

I Wanted to Be Teacher’s Pet

This morning I ran into Scarlet’s first grade teacher walking her students into school, and I realized with shock that she will pretty soon be “two teachers ago” for Scarlet. It breaks my heart! Add in Des’ preschool graduation, and I can’t..do it.

Stop trying to make me do it, life!

teacher's pet

  • In kindergarten, my mom made my reading teacher cry. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t tell this story, lest you think my mom is a bully. She’s not. My reading teacher was also not a bully. I DO remember her having very cranky eyes. (seriously, I wrote that in my diary) During a phone conference and unaware of a too-recent tragedy in my life, my teacher told my mom that I looked sad all of the time, looked out the window, and didn’t do my work. My mom snapped back, “Well gee, maybe it’s because she just watched her father fall down and die.” I think, but I don’t know, that my reading teacher’s cranky eyes turned sad. I know she gave me what I needed after that and that soon, I read better than most of my class.

teacher's pet

  • In 1st grade, my teacher was 102-years-old. No, really. (maybe 70?) She kept a little parakeet named LGB. (Little Green Bird). One day the sixth grade teacher’s class pet tarantula escaped and bit into some wires in the gym. (I can’t make this stuff up) It caused some sort of fire or smoke or gas problem and we were all evacuated and sent home for about seven years while they rebuilt the school. Actually I fact-checked with my mom and it was only about a weekend or so. When we came back, my childhood best friend and I both noticed that LGB had different feathers. All I know is that my teacher gave us a look that could probably still make me jump, and told us to never, ever tell anyone else what we saw.

LGB was the true teacher’s pet, because it wasn’t me! I once called her “Daddy” by accident.

I used to want to be the teacher's pet! This time of year has work, activities, and school overload. Take time to enjoy the time that's left now! #parenting

  • Second grade. I used to think my 2nd grade teacher was so old and really, she was under 30. She was probably around 25 or so! A mere baby! Oh, how our perspectives are funny sometimes. She had a chipmunk statue I played with.

teacher's pet

  • In third grade, I was teacher’s pet, for perhaps the first time in life. It was when I first learned, as I keep learning throughout life, is that I’m a fierce, competitive, driven achiever if all conditions are right. If not, well I look sad and stare out the window a lot when I’m supposed to be learning. My teacher used to actually say to other students, “Follow Tammy’s example. Do exactly what she’s doing” about pretty much anything I did. I was a temporary rockstar.

teacher's pet

  • Fourth grade. I had an actual witch as a teacher. She made me cry harder when I was already crying. She drowned our class pet crickets because she didn’t like their chirping. And, she was let go from our school. However, my warrior mother had already had me placed nicest woman on the planet’s class. You can check her credentials against other nice people you know. She was always happy and we played games and since we had a tortuous 1:00 pm lunchtime, she’d always make sure we didn’t go hungry. One day her eyes were red from crying all day. No one else mentioned it. That night I slaved away on a card for her, writing that I noticed she was sad and that it hurt my heart. I added a little box of pink and white M&Ms I had gotten from my dad’s work. I snuck it onto her desk at the end of the next day. She called later that night to thank me and tell me I had a way of expressing myself through writing that touched her heart..

teacher's pet

  • My fifth grade teacher told me if I didn’t become a writer, she’d eat her own arm. She thought that my writing was so sad, so that I didn’t have to be. I filled up dozens of black and white marbled composition books in her class. One day I wrote a story about the man in the moon who smiles at good people and literally moons bad people. I know she talked about it in the teacher’s lounge because other teachers would ask me to read my story. One night recently I told that story to Scarlet before bedtime. We both got the giggles for a long time before sleep finally took over.

I used to want to be the teacher's pet! This time of year has work, activities, and school overload. Take time to enjoy the time that's left now! #parenting

  • In sixth grade, I had many teachers. One was amazing. He was/is(?) seriously gifted. Funny, heartfelt, caring, intuitive. I had a really rough time that year, amid more pretty and more achieving peers. He knew I’d find myself one day and he told me so. One day he had his amazing daughter have lunch with a few of us and she stopped lunch, pointed at me and asked, “Who is that, Daddy? She’s pretty.” I was so unaware that in any reality she could be talking about me that I hunched over my sandwich and didn’t look up. And, I must have looked ungrateful but I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was the epitome of gawky. I took it to new levels. Maybe he told her to say that. I doubt it. She was only six or so.

Either way, I never forgot what that felt like.

teacher's pet

After that, there were always many teachers. Team teaching in middle school. High school and college. I never forgot a teacher or professor. One was a former Chippendales dancer, the rumors stated. He had a rivalry with another of our teachers and they would have us pull pranks on the other. I’m talking tampons in his desk drawer. These are the things you never forget. These teachers of our lives. They see the rawest sides of us, at times, and we see that of them, at times. There is an attachment. To be honest, I’m so bad with change I don’t know how I got through the graduations. I suppose the wonder that is summer vacation kept me happy and distracted for all that I was giving up in cozy and familiar classrooms.

And as you can see above, I was also gaining something new every year.

I used to want to be the teacher's pet! This time of year has work, activities, and school overload. Take time to enjoy the time that's left now! #parenting

So I wrote this little (big?) post here because teachers are magical.