5 Reasons OLOMOMO Nuts are the the Perfect Snack

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OLOMOMO Nuts are the perfect snack for daily life and road trips. They are made sustainably and have unique and delicious varieties. #ad

Sometimes. Often. I really love work. Like when I get to taste test some delicious snacks!

Olomomo is pronounced O-LO – MO- MO. Of course! Basically they create healthier nut snacks and try to have a low impact on the environment as well! The founder set out to start a company that could leverage market forces and help make a positive impact on society. This is the first nut snack company to clear the bar for B Corp Certification. And OLOMOMO is committed to developing a fair and healthy work place, as well as a supply chain and operations that are healthy for the environment, AND, for all of the people involved at every part of the process. And now, let’s talk about the nut snacks!

I’m currently munching on the Sea Salt Vinegar and I had a blast tasting all of the varieties. I love Applewood Smoked. Cassidy likes the Cherry Vanilla. That’s a new one! Cashews. Almonds. Pecans. YUM. I have 5 reasons to love them!

1 – They are perfect for road trips, and we take lot of those in the spring, summer, and fall.

2 – They have a wide variety of nuts and flavors – from sweet to spicy to savory – and you’ll find one to love.

3 – These nut snacks fuel our many adventures, and give us the boost we need to do 13 hours at theme parks.

4 – OLOMOMO Nuts are protein-packed, gluten-free, healthy fats, non-GMO, and use organic ingredients when possible. They have low or no sugar, low or no salt, and simple, whole food ingredients. No artificial flavoring or preservatives.

5 – They have big plans for the future. Fair trade sources for nuts are quite limited, but OLOMOMO will be working on developing more fair trader partnerships, and using other fair trade and organic ingredients whenever possible.

They strive to find the best raw nuts in the world. They buy Almonds from trusted co-ops in California, Cashews from Ecuador, Viet Nam or India, and Pecans from various producers in the US. Pecans are the United States’ only native nut!

So, which flavor do you most want to try?

5 After School Traditions We Started This Fall

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Are you still getting adjusted to #BackToSchool time? These 5 traditions will ensure you the BEST after school time with your kids #ad  #WalmartSnacks2Go #IC

I always feared this time with two in full-time school. Last year with Des in preschool, and during the summer with his light camp schedule, I tried to make the most of our time together. I’m sure I DID, even though it feels like time was water pouring through my hands! He’s in kindergarten now and gives me barely a wave and backwards smile as he struts confidently into school with his too-large backpack and his tousled hair. I have to shake my head about it every morning.

How did my “little” one get so BIG?

Are you still getting adjusted to #BackToSchool time? These 5 traditions will ensure you the BEST after school time with your kids #ad  #WalmartSnacks2Go #IC

One thing about Des is that he knows what he likes. Last year when he was in preschool, I bought TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks and put one in his lunchbox without telling him. He came home that day with such tales to tell about finding the surprise snack and how much it meant to him. I loved hearing his teachers tell the tale too. The problem? I wasn’t there to get his reaction and to see what he liked about the snack. He’s like me, in that the little details are big ones too. We both love food in fun shapes, and with fun fillings inside too. It’s why he likes doughnuts, but I’m happy he likes these even more!

after school traditions

TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks are kid-loved and mom-approved. Why? Well they’re a loveable bear-shaped snack made with quality ingredients, such as milk, eggs and chocolate. These yummy snacks contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors. We find them at Walmart in the Cookies/Crackers aisle. Des found them fast!

after school

I was so excited to give these snacks to him again, and to be there with him. I want to create sweet and meaningful after school memories. Believe it or not, I remember going home after PM kindergarten when I was his age! Now it’s his turn.

after school snacks

If you want to see CUTE, I told Des I had a surprise snack for him to share with me outside. He’s always one to love surprises so he raced ahead of me. This time, I got his reaction to TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks on video and I’m so happy I did!

Awesome, right? Right. Now it’s time for our 5 little after-school traditions that we started this fall:

Are you still getting adjusted to #BackToSchool time? These 5 traditions will ensure you the BEST after school time with your kids #ad  #WalmartSnacks2Go #IC

1 – We share a special snack together. I remember snacks my mom made for us, so now I like to imagine my kids remembering mine. It’s funny how such things stay with your forever, and then you continue traditions with your kids.


after school

2 – We watch one TV show. The way I figure it, shows are only 20 minutes long or so. One day, he’ll be too busy with friends or after school activities for this. Best part of it all is that it leads to great snuggle time too.

after school snacks

3 – We play a game. It’s board games in cold weather and generally baseball in warm weather. He’s a lefty with an incredible pitching arm so I don’t like to skip playing catch or hitting the ball with him. We take turns pitching/hitting.

after school snacks

4 – We put on music and dance. Sounds corny but these kids have moves!

5 – We work on our “works-in-progress.” This could be yard art or indoor art or puzzles or building creations.

What do you do after school?

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Catch up with TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks on Facebook, Twitter, and their website too.

Are you still getting adjusted to #BackToSchool time? These 5 traditions will ensure you the BEST after school time with your kids #ad  #WalmartSnacks2Go #IC