Holiday Gift: Norton Core™ Secure High Performance Wi-Fi Router Review

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Looking for the perfect holiday gift for older kids, teens, and adults? The Norton Core™ Secure High Performance Wi-Fi Router is the best router we've had and is sure to be the perfect present under the Christmas tree!

The older my kids get, I find it hard to pick out the perfect Christmas gifts for them.

They’re still quite young and not old enough for a router, but we gave this gift to our good friend earlier this week, after using one for ourselves for over a month! This is the perfect gift for underneath the Christmas tree this year!

In truth, I can’t believe how well it performs. It’s a secure, high-performance Wi-Fi router that also helps protect your home network as well as an unlimited number of your connected devices. This could include computers, mobile and smart home devices against malware, viruses, hackers, and cybercriminals before they infiltrate your home and compromise your personal information. We have the Norton Core™ Secure High Performance Wi-Fi Router in Granite Gray and it’s awesome.

I love that it’s fast. And I’ve always been familiar with the Norton name, but never on a router. Then came along this totally funky looking router and I had to download an app. Setup only took a few minutes! I can create a profile for everyone in my family in their devices. While at this point, only two of us adults have devices, it’s still nice for the future.


Our favorite benefits of the Norton Core™ Secure High-Performance Wi-Fi Router:

HIGH-PERFORMANCE WIFI ROUTER: Stream your favorite movies in 4K, play online games or download content with Core’s powerful dual-core processor.

MULTI-LAYER PROTECTION: Comprehensive network security to protect your connected home from malware, viruses, phishing tactics and even botnets.

PROTECT ALL CONNECTED DEVICES: A 1 year subscription to Norton Core Security Plus* is included to protect your Macs, PCs, tablets, smartphones & smart devices.

SMART PARENTAL CONTROLS: Manage screen time by setting content filters or daily limits on usage. And when needed, pause the Internet.

EASY SET-UP: Bluetooth-enabled iOS/Android device with a mobile data plan is needed. Download the Norton Core app to complete set up. Modem required.

What’s your favorite feature?

5 Reasons to Use Dryel For Fabric Care

Disclosure: I am partnered with Dryel as a Dryel Ambassador, and I have received free products and compensation. I am proud and excited for this wonderful partnership and, as always, all thoughts and opinions are so very my own!

As a proud Dryel Ambassador, here are five reasons to use Dryel for fabric care. It's the best way to clean and restore your special care clothes every time

You know what you need under the Christmas tree this year? Dryel!

As you know, I’m a Dryel Ambassador. And I love that Dryel is now rolling out a brand new look! It’s the best way to clean and restore your special care clothes. Dryel works in just minutes in the convenience of your dryer, saving you time and money! It’s gentler than dry cleaning or wet washing and contains no harsh chemicals. Dryel comes with MORE, and works BETTER than any other at-home dry clean. Guaranteed! Dryel is safe, easy and effective and works in three easy steps.

Here are 5 reasons to use Dryel for your fabric care:

1 – It won’t shrink your clothes! That’s one of my biggest fears with dry cleaning, but it has never happened! I take great pride in my favorite clothes, and I’d hate for them to shrink, or be otherwise unwearable. That would be sad!

As a proud Dryel Ambassador, here are five reasons to use Dryel for fabric care. It's the best way to clean and restore your special care clothes every time

2 – On the contrary, Dryel won’t stretch your clothes either! Sometimes that’s actually worse.

3 – Dryel won’t FADE your sweaters or denim.

4 – You can steam clean 1-5 garments at once with the Dryer Activated Cleaning Cloth in the reusable Fabric Protection Bag. Then you tumble in the dryer on MEDIUM HEAT for 15-30 minutes. They work together to steam clean your clothes.

5 – After dry cleaning, you can admire your clothes and then wear them! If you promptly hang them up, this will help with wrinkles. Your clean and fresh clothes are ready to wear right after product use. You absolutely can’t beat that timing!

Now that you know these 5 reasons to use Dryel for fabric care, you can feel safe and protected – knowing your precious clothes are in great hands. I absolutely love the product and I have loved being an ambassador for 2017.

What’s your favorite article of clothing?