Cars 3 Popcorn, Cars 3 Everything!

I have to tell you that over the weekend, I found myself discussing heady Cars 1, Cars 2, and Cars 3 plot points with four grown men at four separate times. Attractive men, too! I also have to tell you that I have the Disney Pixar Cars bug.

I have a serious case here! I have a bad case of loving youuuuu, Cars!

Having a Cars 3 birthday party or do you just want to surprise the Disney Pixar Cars-loving kid in your family? This Lightning McQueen popcorn #recipe rules

So we threw Des a movie theater birthday party. I have a distinct memory of my little brother’s Back to the Future III movie theater birthday party, which is how I knew they were a thing. Here’s the thing about the thing, though. My little brother’s friends were awful. They were older too, and clearly raised in a barn although I did say I was going to marry at least once of them, but I said that during our teen years, and he turned out great. Although we didn’t get married. That said, that was my only frame of reference and I still thought this was a great idea! (it was) We invited preschoolers and a few older siblings.

Cars 3

We did NOT invite my little brother and his friends, although they’re all adults now and probably don’t yell at adults and throw popcorn at perfect strangers? And maybe they’re now smart enough to understand Back to the Future III plot points?

A girl can dream.

This party was not cost-effective, and it was not simple, but it could have been. We tend to overdo everything in spectacular fashion. The plan was simple. We held the party about an hour or so before the first showing of Cars 3. Instead of renting out the whole theater, we rented out a party room and gave a rough head count. On the morning of the party, we gave a firm headcount once all the guests were there. Since we had them come at 9:30 in the morning, we served breakfast. Since it’s hard to serve breakfast to a bunch of people and keep it warm, we had the party breakfast-catered. I ordered the cake at Big Y and then BOOM. Instant party. It was SUCH fun. Pure insanity and giggles and laughter before the movie.

Mostly hushed and stunned silence for the movie. I smiled the WHOLE time.

(This photo is deceiving because it makes it look like there weren’t a lot of us, but there were!)

We don’t need to talk about the tears in my eyes for how Des wanted to sit in between Cassidy and me. We don’t need to talk about my complete heartbreak over anything concerning Doc Hudson’s character, as well as my own hopes and dreams for my own kids and for my own life. Plus, the future of society or something. Cars 3 felt like the first Cars. Same universe. Same atmosphere. It’s like when Star Wars created the more recent movies after the debacles of Episodes I, II, and III. All you can do is give it a virtual hug and say, “You. It’s you. You’re back.” Even though I saw the first one.. a month ago.

When I know what I’m talking about, I know what I’m talking about. It’s simple. Like this recipe:

Having a Cars 3 birthday party or do you just want to surprise the Disney Pixar Cars-loving kid in your family? This Lightning McQueen popcorn #recipe rules


Almond Bark or White Chocolate
Yellow & Red Food Coloring
Mini Oreos


After gathering all of your ingredients, first melt the marshmallows and butter together. Use 1 tbsp of butter for each 1 cup of marshmallows you use. (this will vary depending on how much popcorn you make)

Once your marshmallow and butter mixture has melted, pour over your popcorn and stir until popcorn is evenly coated.
Lay your popcorn out on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.

Add M&M’s and sprinkles while your popcorn is still wet. Mix the candy and sprinkles into your popcorn.

Take apart your mini Oreos carefully so that the cream stays on one side. Use a straw to take the cream from the center of the Oreo to create a white wall tire. Add to your popcorn.

Melt your almond bark or white chocolate on the stove on low heat.

Separate the almond bark or white chocolate into two pans. Using food coloring, dye one pan red and one pan yellow. If the almond bark or white chocolate seizes up, add a tbsp of vegetable shortening to thin it down.

Drizzle the melted almond bark or white chocolate across your popcorn and enjoy!

Having a Cars 3 birthday party or do you just want to surprise the Disney Pixar Cars-loving kid in your family? This Lightning McQueen popcorn #recipe rules


Lightning McQueen OREO Treats

Have a Disney Pixar Cars fan in your house? With Cars 3 coming out, we're celebrating my son with a Cars birthday party. This #recipe is a hit with everyone

This week has been full of weird grownup moments.

For example, I bought my first refrigerator with all my own money! How cool is that? Much cooler than the fact that it broke, and we only knew it because our beloved ice cream and popsicles couldn’t retain their form. Then there was ordering Des’ birthday cake on a break from editing photos, only to run into the client the photos are for – right there at the bakery!

The chances are small, don’t you think?

Then there’s five more days of having a four-year-old, perhaps ever. Time to do it up right!

Lightning McQueen

Then there’s getting the groceries and gathering up the emotional stamina for the kindergarten potluck picnic today. I don’t need them all to know how insane I am, the way they surely did by this time when it was Scarlet’s turn. There’s making last minute decisions to enroll Des in a drop-in morning at school today, before his grandmother comes to play. There’s only three more weeks to have this luxury, and then it will be public school for two kids. I might miss preschool tuitions?

Then there’s getting ready for a birthday party! We’re throwing Des a Cars 3 party and this recipe will be a hit:

Lightning McQueen

Fun Tamara Fact. I think chocolate-covered or chocolate-dipped OREO cookies are an immeasurable upgrade.

Lightning McQueen OREO Treats:

Yields: 1 dozen (8 Lightning McQueen and 4 Lightning Bolts)


Cookie mold
12 regular OREO cookies
12 oz bag Wilton red candy melts
2 large white Airhead candies
2 large blue Airhead candies
20-22 yellow taffy pieces
Wilton black decorator icing


1 – In a double boiler pan (or Wilton candy warmer), heat the red candy melts under medium heat. Stir occasionally until melted and smooth.

2 – Place 2 tablespoons of the melted red candy into each of the cookie molds and place a cookie on top of the melted red chocolate.

3 – Cover up each Oreo cookie with additional melted red chocolate, up to the top of each mold.

4 – Chill for 45 minutes to allow the red chocolate to completely harden.

5 – Unwrap the white Airhead candies. With a kitchen scissors, cut each piece in half. Then, cut all of the pieces in half, lengthwise. You should have 8 pieces (4 from each candy). Set these aside right now.

6 – For the eyes, cut out 8 small circles from each blue Airheads piece for a total of 16 circles. Set aside.

9 – Unwrap the yellow taffy candies and place on a hard surface . Using a rolling pin, press down firmly on each taffy piece to flatten.

10 – Cut out 16 small lightning bolts and 4 large lightning bolts from the flattened taffy. You may find it easier to use a small scissors instead of a knife but either way works. Lay the lightning bolts on a tray lined with wax or parchment paper and chill for 15 minutes to harden the taffy.

11 – Remove the chilled Oreos from the refrigerator and gently pop them out of their molds. Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax or parchment paper.

12 – For the windshield, apply icing to the back of each white airhead piece and place across 8 of the Oreos. You may have to cut the ends a bit to fit the length of each cookie.

13 – For the eyes, dab a small amount of icing on the back of two blue airhead circles and place on each windshield. Pipe black icing in the middle of each eye for the pupils.

14 – Apply icing to the back of the small lightning bolts and attach to each side of the 8 Lightning McQueen cookies.

15 – Pipe a smile with the black icing gel towards the bottom of each cookie.

16 – Apply icing to the back of the 4 large lightning bolts and place on top of the 4 remaining Oreos.

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Wilton Red Candy Melts, 12-Ounce

Perfetti Van Melle Airheads Candy Theater Box, 3.3 oz

Wilton Black Gel Tube, 0.75 Oz.

Have a Disney Pixar Cars fan in your house? With Cars 3 coming out, we're celebrating my son with a Cars birthday party. This #recipe is a hit with everyone