How I Honeymooned Your Father, Part I: The Air Up There

Guys, are you ready for another miniseries??


Of course you are! I know I am. I wrote my first miniseries – How I Met Your Father – when I was pregnant with Des during a particularly bad winter. Come to think of it, all winters are bad, right? Wrong. Right. I don’t know. So anyway, I’d write late into the night while Scarlet was sleeping and I really relived that part of my life, even years after the fact. It was all so terrible and amazing and magical. This time, I’m going to start a bit earlier, when it’s all still so alive in my mind. And how!


So you’re probably wondering something. How did I find a TARDIS in Alaska? Did I really time travel? Or maybe you’re wondering why we had our honeymoon eight years after our wedding? Valid question. Maybe not as good as the TARDIS one, but we’ll get to that. We had our honeymoon because we never had one after we got married. We didn’t have a lot money, we were generally stupid people (or at least I was), and I was pregnant with Scarlet only a few months after our wedding. And that was also when we decided to move to the east coast. Only one of those things was well-planned. Oh wait, neither of them were! That’s ok, though, because we found our way. To Alaska. To our honeymoon. And we’ll find our way again.

(You’d never know we have been married eight years now, right? Totally looking like glowing 20-somethings here!)

And here I have found my way to a new miniseries. It will not be uninterrupted. Last time I wrote a blog miniseries, I had one kid, pregnancy insomnia, and no careers. Now I have two kids, a husband of EIGHT years, and two careers. That said, this miniseries will hold me accountable to get my photos up, and get my fingers typing. I’m excited for this – I hope you are too.

I was nervous..


We saw two moose only minutes from landing in Alaska!!!

Then our family member, Erika, picked us up to have dinner at her home with Steve, and then a nice warm bed where we couldn’t believe we were in Alaska, but we were in Alaska and had to sleep after a gazillion hours awake thus far!

Stay tuned for Part II..

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Part II