5 More Reasons to Stay at Extended Stay America

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Extended Stay America, and I also received a three night stay in the Extended Stay America of my choice. This post also contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are proudly 100% my own!

There 1 billion reasons to stay at Extended Stay America, and here I give you five more after an amazing family trip we took! #ad #getaway #vacation #rental #myESA

As you may know, I took the kids on an awesome getaway vacation to Maine last week.

We had such a blast. It fostered our sense of adventure, while also providing a unique scenario we had never encountered! I have stayed in hotels with Cassidy. I have stayed in hotels with just Scarlet. The four of us have taken trips together, but, I had never been on a solo parent vacation with just the kids. It’s such fun to explore together, and to get to know each other’s unique personalities away from the home. I knew that Des was more set in his ways than Scarlet, but it provided a chance for all three of us to discover what it was like to travel together as an explorative trio. Cassidy, you were missed!

Extended Stay America

We chose an Extended Stay America in Scarborough, Maine. This location is south Portland and I had only been there once during New Year’s Eve well over 10 years ago! I wanted to explore the city and explore the amazing foliage. We were NOT disappointed. It was absolutely gorgeous. We left on a Friday after Scarlet had her track practice. We felt so welcomed there from the start. It was late at night and we were greeted warmly by the front desk. The check-in process was easy.

(Thank you so much for all your help on Friday night!)

I consider myself a savvy traveler and I love added value when going for a weekend getaway with the kids. In fact, that’s $1 billion worth. All of Extended Stay America’s 625 hotels nationwide are now renovated and improved. They have over 20 years of experience so they know what travelers want – things like free Wi-Fi, free grab-and-go breakfast, fully equipped kitchens with full-size fridges, premium cable TV channels, and spacious, yet affordable suites. All that and MORE too!

With $1 billion invested towards your stay, why stay anywhere else for your trip? Here are 5 MORE reasons to choose Extended Stay America for your holiday, vacation, getaway, work, rental, or whenever you need a home away from home:

1 – It fosters our spirit of adventure. Having the kids stay with me at Extended Stay America was so exciting. We felt free to do anything we wanted – and explore a place that was new to all of us. The hotel gave great advice about local events and activities for the kids. We felt more willing to try new things; having such a great home base back at the hotel.

2 – Staying at Extended Stay America allowed us to bond as a family. (3/4 of a family)

3 – Extended Stay America was a home away from home. I loved the comfort of having our own kitchen that we could customize to have everything we needed for meals and cleaning up. Then when Des was tired early and couldn’t stay awake at a restaurant, I could grab dinner nearby and we could go back to eat in our room. We loved that! (See them in the photo?)

4 – Extended Stay America has pet-friendly rooms! Even though Cassidy stayed home with Athena, it’s awesome to know we can take her with us in the future. She loves going adventuring with us and is the ultimate road trip dog to have around!

5 – Extended Stay America partners with the American Cancer Society. I already feel GREAT about them for all of the reasons I mentioned, but this makes me feel even better. I love that they have invested $1 billion into renovating and improving their hotels, and I love the great feeling you get during your stay. Thank you so much for your generosity and helpful tips – because of your folder of local things to do, my little one got to see two MOOSE! He had seen them before (6 of them, actually) but he was only two and doesn’t remember. We won’t forget our time with you, and we can’t wait to go back!

Click HERE to book your stay!

Look on Extended Stay America’s website. Where would you go for your stay?

Making Valentines, Making Valentines..

…to the tune of “Making Christmas” from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Do your kids still need to make #valentines for school or home? Here's a perfect treat with Welch's Fruit snacks in Valentine's Day colors and hearts! #New

As many of you know, we had two snow days this week. Plus a delayed opening! I’m writing this Thursday night, so I don’t even know what tomorrow will bring us. A one hour delay? A two hour delay? A snow day? A full day of school, but barely able to get out of my mile-long driveway, and perhaps a van door iced shut? I do not like winter, actually, but I do like this second half of it. There’s more light at the end of the days. The white snow makes for a zillion reflectors for bright photography.

I ADORE Valentine’s Day.

Time is winding down to get those valentines done for school, and home, so we set the kids to work on the snow day with new Valentine’s Day-themed fruit snacks from Welch’s, and a craft kit. It’s always a little tough to figure out what to give. We do love valentines by themselves, but I love to give a treat too. With the kids in different age groups, I thought that lollipops might not be the best idea. Scarlet had gotten fruit snacks with valentines since preschool, and I knew that was the answer.

They’re heart-shaped! They have emojis printed on them. They’re Valentine’s Day colored! Sold!

Do your kids still need to make #valentines for school or home? Here's a perfect treat with Welch's Fruit snacks in Valentine's Day colors and hearts! #New

Scarlet only made valentines for the girls in her class. I asked about the boys and she giggled at first, but then realized I wasn’t kidding. It’s all or nothing, and I choose all. Every kid gets a valentine and a bag of fruit snacks! We still don’t know the Valentine’s Day policy for her class, but we know it for Des’ class and she couldn’t resist making them for her friends.

I hope they have a party at school!

Des needed a lot of help, but I was pretty hands off with Scarlet.

Des, a lefty, trying to cut right-handed.

I was remembering with a friend yesterday, that in our school, you had to make a valentine for everyone in your class. Even if that wasn’t a rule now, I would make sure my kids didn’t leave a single classmate (or teacher) out.

Do your kids still have to make valentines? Do you let your kids go crazy, or prefer to help? And lastly – valentines as is, or valentines with some sort of Valentine’s Day goodie, treat, candy, snack, etc.? Do you like our choice? I do!

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I was given Welch’s Fruit Snacks and craft supplies, but was not compensated to write this. I just dig it!