25+ Ways to Have a Spring Refresh

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Are you in a winter rut? Spring is a time to refresh and remove ruts in ALL areas of life! Try these 25+ tips to refresh your entire life! #TeaProudly #ad

Spring. Oh, when it’s really spring, it makes me absolutely sing.

I always compare it to getting your driver’s license at age 17, at least in NJ – where I grew up. Now, you probably got through well over 16 years without too much trouble, but that last month or so before your 17th birthday is agonizing! It’s like you rue every day that you wake up and you’re 16, and you can’t yet get yourself from Point A to Point B. It’s the longest wait of life!

What do they call it? The final stretch. And we’re in that right now because March still looks like this:

And speaking of stretching, it’s time for me (and maybe you?) to stretch, and stretch out of everything – our comfort zones, our winter ruts, and anything else we’re ready to kiss goodbye in honor of spring. Where I live, winter is so long that I get into a rut – it affects me socially, emotionally, financially, and all-around wellness-wise. However, I also get inspired by my ruts. Does that sound weird? Just as with the new year, spring is a time for me to do a full-out refresh, and get out of all potential ruts. You name it, and it’s probably happening. “The Refresh” – as I like to call it – is an Inside, Outside Spring Cleaning.

Here are 25+ ways to have your own Spring Refresh:

Are you in a winter rut? Spring is a time to refresh and remove ruts in ALL areas of life! Try these 25+ tips to refresh your entire life! #TeaProudly #ad

Time for a Beauty Refresh?

1 – Get a facial!

2 – Beauty is skin deep. Feed your body with plenty of water and leafy vegetables.

3 – You know what’s good for your skin? Sweat and sunscreen, but not always necessarily together!

4 – Try some bright lip color to brighten your face for a new season.

5 – Use a facial cleansing brush to “brush off” the drab of winter.

Time for a Fitness Refresh?

1 – Set a new goal for spring/summer. Maybe sign up for a race or challenge of some sort?

2 – Try a new thing! Take a new class, try out a new gym, or try out a new machine at the gym.

3 – Clean out your gym bag and start fresh.

4 – Get up earlier. There’s a lot of world to roam before the sun, the kids, and the heat rise!

5 – Know your numbers. Get your annual physical at the doctor, dentist, etc. and get physical assessments at your gym.

*Enlist a friend/ally/spouse to help!

(This is mine)

Time for a Home Refresh?

1 – Let light in! Nothing is better after a long winter, because we all know that more sunshine can improve our mood and all-around health. An important task of spring cleaning is to clean your windows inside and out! Or hire it out if it’s too hard.

2 – Start with a good surface cleaning – vacuuming, dusting, polishing, etc.

3 – Get rid of your winter gear! Banish it to the basement and attic! (my favorite part)

4 – Restock your fridge, pantry and fruit bowls with fresh spring produce.

5 – Add plants and succulents to your home.

*If you have a garden, start those early tasks. If you don’t, consider planting one of any size!

Time for a Wardrobe Refresh?

1 – Wear white or off-white! Mix and match your favorite separates for a wardrobe refresh for spring.

2 – Add new colors to your wardrobe. Also consider incorporating them into your lipstick, nail polish, jewelry, scarves, etc.

3 – Be creative and find new ways to wear old clothes. Tie your shirts for a more cropped and fitted look. Wear a skinny belt around a dress? Wear a winter sweater, but with a skirt instead of jeans. Add layers to a summer dress.

4 – Add a light scarf or bright accessories to any outfit!

5 – Mix patterns and prints to stand out in a crowd! (my 7-year-old does this exquisitely)

Time for a Wellness/Soul Refresh?

1 – Try a new vegetable each week! Plant a garden or join a CSA for a bonus.

2 – Go to sleep an hour earlier each night, and stretch right when you wake up each morning.

3 – Ease your stress-load and find time to lie in a hammock, read, or lie on the couch for a sun-bath through the window.

4 – Take a new class! What fancies you? Cooking? Knitting? Farming? Writing?

5 – Have a daily feel-good ritual, like a good afternoon tea.

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Are you in a winter rut? Spring is a time to refresh and remove ruts in ALL areas of life! Try these 25+ tips to refresh your entire life! #TeaProudly #ad

What Inspires You To Live Your Best Life?

My mom doesn’t like coloring books. She thinks that they are only acceptable if you color outside the lines, on purpose, or even better – you draw the outlines of your own drawings – and then fill them with color.

Before I was born, my mom was an art teacher in the public schools. After she gave birth to my sister and then me, she had the foresight and inspiration to start an art school right out of her home. When we moved in with my dad and new siblings after she got re-married, my dad helped her create an even bigger art school in our new house. The business was and still is called Art Magic, and its existence is the only life I’ve ever known.

We had art birthday parties. We had handmade cards for every birthday, and handmade valentines every February. My mom made my signboard and decorations for my tropical-themed Bat Mitzvah party. She makes us clay baby gifts, as well as Christmas ornaments to hang on our tree every year. My mom does everything with creativity on the brain, and I mean everything. She is a very unique artist, and my walls have always been filled with her amazing shadow boxes, or dioramas. My sister inherited her drawing skills, and my grandfather was a very prolific artist.

With me, it didn’t come as easily or as obviously, until much later in life.

I have always been a writer. I’ve always been interested in photography. My mom encouraged both of these skills with giving me cameras to work with, and in showing me her own photography. She believed in my stories and encouraged me to write them down. I think I have been expressive since birth, but the environment I grew up in has certainly helped shape me into the artist I can finally admit I am – and have always been.

Here is what I know. I don’t know that I could live and breathe without creativity. I KNOW that I couldn’t live my life to the fullest without creativity. I don’t know if I could have gotten this far in my career without gaining confidence. I KNOW that the arts have encouraged both creativity and confidence in my life, both as a child, and now as an adult. It’s powerful. What is #fullosophy? Fullosophy is your own unique way of living that gets you to your fullest, as well as your joyfullest, your peacefullest, and your hopefullest. It’s the heart of who you really are and it helps you become your best self.

How we get to that fulfilling place is different for each of us. Not only that, it’s personal. What we have in common is the quest to achieve our best lives. When I took the LIFE. TO THE FULLEST. quiz, link HERE, my top two choices were family and adventure. I suppose I love family adventures more than most things, and I feel they come as a result of success and health. Spirituality and music are also present. What inspires me to live my best life? My grandparents and their very long lives – they lived to 100. My mother and the way she reaches her dreams – traveling to Egypt, opening an art school, etc. My husband and his creativity. My kids and their unconditional happiness. My own hopes and dreams for a long and healthy life.

Abbott’s LIFE. TO THE FULLEST. mission is about finding what living fully means to all of us. People have their own unique ideas about how this looks and feels all over the world. Abbott has set out to find out what living fully means to people all around the globe. They are committed to helping us strive to be happier and healthier by believing that good health is absolutely key to achieving your goals. Sometimes I have to carve out time to live my most peacefullest. That includes resting, which is never easy. I love to plan little trips and treats for myself. I take a hot bath with a good book. I watch a Hallmark movie on TV. I take my kids out to look for moose. We go to our beach house in Cape Cod. I love to find the things that make me the happiest. I think peacefulness is really important to achieve and model for my kids.

It has not been an easy journey so far, and I feel like I have so much improving to come.

Like Abbott, I believe that good health (the best possible) is key to achieving my goals. I’m a work-in-progress, but I’m constantly looking for ways to maximize my life, the lives of those around me, and the broader community.

What inspires YOU to live your best life? Take the LIFE. TO THE FULLEST. quiz!

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