5 Ways My Daughter Expresses Her Individuality

This post is a collaboration with FabKids. All thoughts and opinions are proudly my own.

I love the way my daughter expresses her individuality, starting with amazing fashions and boots from FabKids. Which pair is your favorite? #ad #BootsHerWay

From the time my daughter was a very little girl, I have found her to be bold, expressive and inventive.

She’s eight-years-old now and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry she’d lose all or any of the things that make her so unique. I didn’t know she’d be this cool! She loves reading and science fiction. She wants to be a scientist or teacher, or both. I love the eclectic clothes she pairs together, and the signature ways she expresses emotions. She loves running, student leadership, and dance fitness class. She does things in her own fabulous, special ways. And when I find a brand that aligns with my kid, it makes me SUPER happy. That’s how I discovered our love for FabKids. They have a boot for every girl.

From trendy fashionistas to sporty soccer stars – or like my kid – somewhere in between.

Here are 5 ways Scarlet expresses her individuality:

1 – She picks out her favorite clothes that make her feel comfortable, confident, and pretty. I love that she tends to wear clothes that make her feel her very best. Whether she feels like dressing like a cowgirl one day, a fashionista the next, and a sports star the very next day, it’s been empowering to let her develop her own sense of style. FabKids has us covered.

This brand is built by moms and for moms.

2 – She doesn’t forget the shoes! My girls is a boots girl. I LOVE the two pairs she picked out from FabKids. They’re unique in their own ways, and comfortable too. I let her choose the boots that catch her eye! For a limited time they’re starting at $19.95, and now your girl can wear #BootsHerWay! Let’s talk more about them. They’re durable – meant to withstand the stress of the playground. FabKids boots are expertly designed to last and since they will inevitably be outgrown or past the season, you can get them from $19.95. They’re easy to wear – not fussy at all – with easy on and off zippers and closures. Lastly, they’re in style! The FabKids team looks at what’s trending in boots and scales it down for your mini-me.

They have on-trend fringe booties and plush and cozy fuzzies.

3 – Scarlet ignores the pressure to wear what other people are wearing. I am aware that may change, but for now, she so knows what she likes. And that makes her look even better in everything she chooses, because it’s worn with love.

4 – Scarlet dedicates her spare time to hobbies. Whether it’s art, reading, writing, or sports, she has her own unique style of living, loving, and wearing. I think she radiates happiness and comfort from within.

5 – Scarlet surrounds herself with loving and accepting people. Sometimes it’s as simple as that to feel fabulous!

Right now, FabKids is offering a buy one, get one free + $10 off on all boots. To get this special deal, click here.

So, what pair will you get for your daughter?

My KillyKite Bag: Made From Recycled Kite Sails


This is a collaborative post with KillyKite.

I don’t know about you, but I am totally a bags person.

Purses, diaper bags, camera bags, messenger bags, book bags, travel bags, you name it. I’ve either got it or I want it. That’s why I was so excited to find out about Killykite and their ultralight bags that are made from recycled kite sails! Yes, you read that right. They’re a new brand and they produce environmentally friendly bags and clothing, by recycling kitesurf sailing materials. Their products are designed for wind, sea, sail sports, and eco-fashion lovers. And what about for me?

Well, I’m an eco-fashion-loving photographer.

Killykite bags are made from recycled kite sails and each one has its own story to tell. So many great uses! ecofashion #upcycled #instabag #upcycledbag #ad

The main feature of Killykite products is that they are all unique pieces – handmade in Italy – and every cloth or bag is not equal to another one. If you buy KillyKite, you’re buying one of a kind. I think every product is truly original, extravagant and stylish. I love that the fabric of these sails comes from all over the world and each piece has its own story.

Kitesurfing has experienced a crazy and surprising technological evolution. Old sails don’t have a market anymore, so the material is normally sent to the landfill. Killykite’s mission is to give them a second life with eco-sustainable products.

The material, DACRON®, is technologically advanced – it’s lightweight, waterproof, and tear resistant. It’s also beautiful aesthetically, and so light you might hold it in your pocket. This is a handy feature if you want to travel without having extra space in your suitcase. For more brand and product info, check it out here. There are so many awesome options!

And don’t forget to check out the brand’s story. I always love to read about how such cool products come to be.

Now, where would you take your KillyKite?