Our Healthier Pet and Happier Life With Juniper

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You know I’ll say it to the moon and back that I love our cat so very much.

Juniper came to us in the spring of 2016, at barely two-months-old and barely two pounds. I remember the first night we got her and she finally settled down and took a nap in the folds of my long dress. Cassidy peeked into the play room, saw us both sprawled out and napping, and smiled when he shut the door. I think that’s the night I realized everything was going to be ok. We WERE going to bond. We had already started. We’ve been close friends ever since, even when she bats my hair.

There are always new stories to tell! How she waits behind doors and throws out a paw to hit our legs as we walk by. How she falls asleep in between two mattresses or behind the couch. The time she folded up into my bath towel and fell fast asleep and we couldn’t find her. That she once escaped into the outdoors, to our rising panic, and was found staring at the chickens and meowing at them. Luckily, she was happy to come back inside and there hasn’t been any escapes since.

Above all, we have a good love thing going on around here. It’s not only the fact that she’s eight pounds fully grown and has a perpetual kitten face, but it’s that she radiates happiness. Sometimes you meet a cat and they seem miserable or like they’re in the middle of an existential crisis. We have a cat that helps take bad feelings away. And she loves us so she has good taste too! That’s why it’s important for me to tell you just how much of a role that quality pet nutrition plays in the health and wellness of your pets. We have fallen in love with Hill’s® Science Diet® – our vet recommended pet food.

healthier pet

The variety of Hill’s® Science Diet® we use varies on the ages and stages Juniper is in. Right now she’s only a year old, so we’ve been looking at keeping her at a perfect weight. Over 70% of pets lost weight within 10 weeks on Science Diet Perfect Weight. We also love Science Diet Urinary and Hairball Control – to support the health of the whole urinary system.

healthier pet

Right now Hill’s® has introduced a national health initiative – Healthier Pets. Happier Lives.™ This is to help raise pet parents’ understanding of the importance of preventative care, and the role that proper pet nutrition plays in the health and wellness of their pets. We all believe that pets should live life to the fullest through daily quality nutrition and regular vet checkups. Consistent vet visits are critical to their health, and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends that all pets have a check up at least once a year. At age 7, senior screenings are recommended.

Hill’s® Science Diet® has a full line of cat and dog foods that can help address a variety of common pet health needs. Our vet works with us to develop a customized plan for Juniper so we can address any current concerns or potential health risks, including nutritional considerations. It’s because consistent quality nutrition can help pets live healthier and happier lives!

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Find out the important role that nutrition plays in the health and wellness of your pet. And, check out this rebate and giveaway #ad #HillsTransformingLives

Enjoy your pet!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hill’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

5 Simple Ways to Say I Love You To Your Cat

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

The love you have for your cat is simple, right? You want to make them as happy as they makes you. Here are 5 simple ways to show your cat some BIG love #ad

Ok, so you all know by now that I was the most reluctant cat owner of the family!

That seems like ages ago. Ever since Juniper got under my skin and into my heart, I’m the first one racing through the door to see her whenever we get home from being out or away. When I wake up, I look for her, but I never have to look far. Just today when I woke up I heard a little “meow” and then I looked down from the bed and she was looking back up at me upside down – from lying on her back. Best wakeup ever. When I go to sleep, she’s often the last family member I see.


The thing is, the love I have for Juniper isn’t complicated. It’s simple. It’s as simple as wanting to make her as happy as she makes me. When we had Scarlet’s birthday party last month, Juniper was watching us from the basement window. I let some close friends in to see her, and she was warm and receptive to these strangers walking into her home! It made me feel proud. I felt proud to have a loving and calm cat – who greets strangers like they’re friends. She’s also SUPER cute.

Fully grown at eight pounds!

I also love that she’s great with my kids – loving on them and snuggling them and even letting them carry her around like she’s a doll! No doubt, we’re all smitten. Even Cassidy has nothing but good things to say about her and he was perhaps the last family member to sign off on her when I was calling him from the animal shelter. I vowed then, to him, and later, to her, that I would do whatever was in my power to show her a loving and supportive home. I think it’s been wonderful.

Here are 5 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Cat:

1 – It’s in the way that you feed them. That’s right. At our house, Juniper LOVES the new Meow Mix Simple Servings with Real Tuna & Salmon in Sauce and Simple Servings with Real Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish in Sauce. Also, when you’re on-the-go, it’s an easy way to feed your cat quality food. We get ours at Walmart! I love them because SHE simply loves them and they’re simple to clean up! There’s a convenient single serving in every cup of premium wet food!

2 – It’s in the way that you play with them. True story. I once received a handout from my vet about how to lessen stress in your cat’s life, ESPECIALLY during times of change. Well, life is change. Play with your cat often. It shows love!

3 – It’s in the way that you keep them clean. Not only do we keep Juniper’s litter box clean, but we keep her food and water area neat and refreshed. That’s another reason to love Meow Mix Simple Serving products. They leave no leftovers/mess!

4 – It’s in the way that you pet them. Cats, unlike dogs (or at least our dog), are more particular about how they’re pet or scratched. Follow their lead and learn their body language signals for when they want you to stop or change the affection.

5 – It’s in the way that you groom them. Junie loves to be brushed and massaged, and it’s good for her.

Which flavor of this NEW and convenient product do you think your cat would love?

The love you have for your cat is simple, right? You want to make them as happy as they makes you. Here are 5 simple ways to show your cat some BIG love #ad

How do you love on your cat?