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I can’t believe that this spring, we will have had Juniper for a full year!

For us it was heavenly to finally bring home a tiny kitten after years of wanting one. I had never had a small kitten as a pet before, or ever really been around kittens. I had experienced cats and older kittens, and even feral kittens in our barn and neighborhood, but they were older and pretty self-sufficient. Nothing had ever prepared me for taking this tiny girl home.

We brought Juniper home about a month ago from a large and wonderful animal shelter in our area. She was the first kitten I saw, but I had to play it cool and look at the many others in the shelter. After all, this was kitten season. Scarlet urged me to put a deposit and hold over little Juniper, so I sent an inquiry to the front desk. A counselor came to talk to me and showed me this girl’s tiny, but impactful history. She was found at only one pound, and dehydrated and malnourished. She was nursed to health and put up for adoption with her brother when she was old enough to go home with someone. Then we walked in.

This is Juniper now:

Last week, Cassidy was saying he wished there was an easier way to clean the litter box, without getting your hands dirty, and without having to vacuum up waste so often. Well, in fact, there is! Enter Kitty Lounge Disposable Litter Trays.

What are they? They’re a series of disposable litter trays that allow you to clean the litter box without touching dirty litter. They also capture the strong concentration of ammonia from the your cat’s waste. How do they work? You use them with the cat litter of your choice. Once the tray is dirty, you toss it and there’s a clean one underneath! They are odor free with no messy clean up, made out of sturdy recycled plastic. I love Juniper, but cleaning the litter box can be a downside or deterrent to cat ownership, although it’s in no way a deal breaker. However with this, you never have to touch dirty litter again.

It will give your litter box clean up system an overhaul!

Ultimately, I’m glad I discovered Kitty Lounge Disposable Litter Trays. With this system, litter box clean up is easier. We pick it up, dump it in a plastic bag, and then it’s out. And repeat. I love that litter clean up is now a two minute job. I keep several trays stacked together. The Kitty Lounge Disposable Litter Trays cost $49.95 for 50 and are available at amazon.com or homedepot.com.

A Pet-Friendly, Odor-Free Home For the Holidays: #CLUMPandSEAL

This post is sponsored by ARM & HAMMER™ and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL™ available at PetSmart®, but Tamara (Like) Camera only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Arm & Hammer and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

I can’t even believe we’re talking about it already, but the truth is – the holidays are coming! Three cheers!

Next week is Thanksgiving. It still feels like it’s two or three weeks away, right? I still keep thinking November just started. Alas, next week house guests will descend upon our house. And we can’t wait. This year, we’re not hosting or traveling. My in-laws are hosting at their nearby hilltown home, so we will just make the quiet, country drive to their house for Thanksgiving dinner, and otherwise laze around in pajamas, catch a parade, and definitely watch holiday movies on Hallmark.

The one thing we WON’T do is leave our pets out in the cold! This is their home!

What does that mean to me? It means that for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas, the pets either come with us, help us host, or are cared for by loving family and friends. It means extra treats and extra affection. They don’t know what the holidays are! They just know there are more people in the house than before. Or that we’re traveling. For our dog, Athena, that’s a wonderful and delightful thing. For our cat, Juniper, that can be an uncertain thing. That means extra consistency and stability for her, as well as the best pet care products. Such as ARM & HAMMER™ CLUMP & SEAL™ from PetSmart.

Here are my tips for keeping a pet-friendly, odor-free home for the holidays:

1 – Cat litter, of course. Experience the confidence of 7-day odor control – guaranteed – with ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ MicroGuard™ Cat Litter.

2 – Neutralize odor on your floors and carpets. For places outside the litter box, we use ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda to neutralize odor on our floors and carpets, especially in places in which the pets hang out the most. We have a steam cleaner we use for our carpets whenever we feel the need to freshen up the rooms. I love the feeling of my feet on the rug after it’s been cleaned!

Clean your pet gear. You can run pet dishes in the dishwasher or clean them with hot, soapy water. You sanitize their dishes the same way you do for human members of the family. Make sure your cat’s water bowl is always clean and filled with fresh drinking water. Wash your cat toys in the washing machine if possible, as well as bedding and pillows. Clean the furniture areas where the pets hang out regularly. We have our couches vacuumed weekly, and will wash kitten and dog blankets, beds, and toys periodically.

happy cat

Litter box odor is a sensitive subject in our house. While it’s hard to keep a house immaculate with dogs and a cat, we do try. Even after you scoop cat litter, bacterial odor can keep growing. New ARM & HAMMER MicroGuard™ technology seals and destroys immediate odor, and also prevents the growth of future bacterial odors for 7-day odor control, guaranteed. We can now stay stress-free when having guests over, knowing we don’t need to worry about our house smelling like the litter box.


I go to our local PetSmart to stock up on all pet essentials.

This is the biggest advancement in cat litter history. Our odor free home makes for a happy home, and happy cat. When we don’t have to worry about litter box odors, that means less stress on us, and more time for our relationship with Juniper.

arm & hammer

Visit your local PetSmart to stock up on the ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL litter that best fits your lifestyle.

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