Multiples Illuminated.

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Twins. They run in the family, but I’m not one and I don’t have them. Yet. I only have one blood sibling, but what’s REALLY funny is that I was once shopping with my little sister, and someone thought we were not only sisters, but twins. She shouted across the parking lot to us, “Are you twins?? You have to be!” Nope, we’re not, but I’ll take that compliment and run with it for another decade or so. Even my sister-in-law looks like us! Can you pick us all out? I won’t tell you if you can’t tell..

So yeah, twins. Multiples. I was a bit surprised it didn’t happen to me, but I seem to have the same fascination my mom does, with the idea of it. It’s a different world for sure. I have an older sister, younger sister, older brother, and younger brother. There are so many secret languages and complex relationships. There are nuances and subtleties. There are different tones of voices, reserved for different siblings. And the memories! Oh, the memories. Siblings in general are fascinating, with how they interact with each other, the rest of the family, and the world. Enter twins, triplets, quadruplets.. I can’t imagine.

The stories in Multiples Illuminated: A Collection of Stories and Advice From Parents of Twins, Triplets and More will shed some light on these sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious, and always enlightening stories. Multiples. How they begin.

I actually sat down on the couch to read the book cover to cover last weekend, because I was hooked! As a non-multiples-parent, I still think this is a book I’d buy. It’s not just rich stories, but it’s advice too. It dives deep into the world of raising multiples, in a way that I don’t think has ever been done before. Not that I’ve ever seen in a bookstore, and I have looked.

I love how it’s not just heart-tugging, and very beautifully written stories, but it’s advice too. I was particularly interested in the NICU chapter because Des spent a week there, even though he wasn’t premature or a multiple. As you may know, my new nephew Parker was born eight weeks early and spent almost a month there before he could finally come home. There are also detailed essays and advice about infertility, breastfeeding, and surviving the infant and toddler stages. It’s a book I would look for, if I were expecting multiples or already had them, and I would dive into the pages with laughter and tears.

Heck, I did that anyway.

Now I can’t wait until I need to get a baby gift for a parent with or expecting multiples. It’s a no-brainer!

(Not my twin, but 22 months apart, baby!)

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Influencer Marketing For Dummies.

Chances are, if you’re a blogger you’ve learned or are learning that you need to establish some sort of online presence.

You have learned, or are learning, that you need to keep your online audience engaged, in order to establish brand awareness and grow your business. Now how do you do all this? In such a vast world of social media, with new platforms popping up everyday, it can easily become overwhelming. Maybe you’ve heard of the term influencer marketing as something to consider. Maybe you’re a blogger, and maybe not, and for some reason you find yourself curious to learn more about word-of-mouth marketing, and what makes someone “influential” online or not. Enter – Influencer Marketing For Dummies.

The book is a reference book – which means you don’t have to read it in order. You can skip back and forth, finding what you’re looking for, and gleaning information from a wide variety of topics and discussions. I have been blogging for five and a half years, and I have seen it change so much. Mainly though, I have seen myself change with it and through it. I don’t think I’m an expert, or even halfway there, but I know what works for me and I know that blogging is one of the biggest things in my heart. Not only did I love this book, but I can’t wait to share about it with all of you. I imagine blogging will continue to change, but some parts of it will always stay the same. And that’s the passion and the connections. The heart of blogging.

What makes influencer marketing so captivating? It’s modern, but brings age-old concepts a new, social media twist. The platforms these concepts are distributed across change almost daily. It’s amazing that anyone can keep up with it all, and yet, we try. We think it’s worth it. Quite simply, influencer marketing is the art and science of engaging people who are influential online to share their brand messaging with their audiences in the form of sponsored content.

Although I’ve been blogging for years, I’ve only been working as an influencer for about six months. On the influencer side of things, Influencer Marketing For Dummies is teaching me so much I didn’t know, such as information about how to better reach out to brands I’m interested in. Or how to work better with brands that reach out to me first. It can be a difficult world to navigate, whether you’re an influencer or you’re trying to reach influencers. Either way, this book is a must read!

One of my favorite parts of the book was Chapter 3 – The Best Influencers: The Power of Women on Your Bottom Line. I think this most spoke to me as a fairly new influencer, trying to navigate my way. I also loved Chapter 6: Blog Influencers.

I’m happy to be giving away a copy of Influencer Marketing For Dummies. If you’d like to win, leave a comment telling me a reason you want this book and what you hope to learn from it. Or share your own personal story of influencer marketing.

Winner must be at least 18-years-old and a US resident.

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