I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

Do you ever get a sense of motion or motion sickness when you’re not even moving?

I once thought that my long childhood phobias of earthquakes/tornados originated when my father died – for many reasons concerning how it happened (the way the floor shook) to the movies I watched at that time (The Wizard of Oz) – but I have hazy memories from before then. You know when you pick someone up and spin them around and they don’t really like it, but they kind of like it and they shriek/laugh so you don’t stop? I always needed you to stop – or else you’d feel nails down your back. And not the good kind, either. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with motion/moving throughout my entire life.

It’s push/pull, control/lack of control, prison/freedom, pulling in/letting go. Learning to fly, but without wings.

I’ve decided this means you’re really living. Fear of the unknown is ok, because that means you’re even bothering to approach the unknown, and you’re stepping out of your footsteps. It’s ok to grip the handlebars around every new curve and dip. Because what moves me is everything. It’s two ends of a spectrum. I could think it’s anxiety or I could think it’s magic. When I feel so much, it bleeds out in different ways. Maybe I’ll write about it. Maybe it will show up in my photographs.

If there’s an overflow, which there always is, it shows up in my dreams. If there’s an overflow from that, which there always is, it shows up in symptoms. It’s like being high but since I don’t really know what that’s like – save for a nitrous oxide experience during oral surgery (in which I thought I had floated up to the ceiling) – it’s like being high on life. Sometimes you get too high, too fast, and you lose your floating balance. You might get dizzy or hit a wall. The ground swirls beneath you, but hey, at least you tried to fly so high. Maybe next time you’ll be ready. You’ll go back up. And you’ll be so moved.

You’ll never stop moving.


Want to know what moves me? I thought I’d try a quick “Currently” post, because it’s been awhile. Maybe I can make it quick for real! Maybe my quick answers will reveal all the crazy swirlingness inside. And hey, isn’t that the point?

Currently, I’m…

Reading: Ooh, pick me! My library card has been renewed and my overdue charges are currently under $10. “Currently.” Get it? We’ll see how long that lasts! I’m ignoring my library books in favor of a borrowed copy of A Man Called Ove.

Planning: This should be called “Should be Planning.” Camp schedules, editorial calendars, beach trips, overnights, eight-year-old birthday parties, and for myself to have some much needed R&R on a beach island. All alone. Or with one other.

Stressing: About stress symptoms. Funny, no? I woke up with some, although still had a delicious day mostly without them.

Wishing: For all of Scarlet’s birthday wishes to come true. And while we’re at it, mine too!! (July 25th birthday)

Feeling: A little alarmingly indifferent to everything, while writing about how I’m moved by everything. Don’t let the indifference fool you, though. I tend to get scattered and numbed down when I’m coping with too many feels at once.

Listening: To MSNBC in the background and the extended 6-7 minute live “Old Love” by Clapton in the foreground.

Thinking: That I’m always thinking and I want to shut it off by command, and probably there’s a way, but if I did that – I wouldn’t be me. So all of this comes with a reason and a price. And now I’m thinking that I’m rambling. Hi!

Wearing: Obviously a sundress. Let me dig around for a photo of the exact make and model..That’ll do, pig.

Loving: Steely Dan, short skirts, and getting an ice cream sundae to go from Village Green Ice Cream and then eating it out of the quart carton for days on end. Sunshine, dumplings, and how much Scarlet looks like Hermione. You see it, right?

Hoping: That I finally find a better work/life/sanity balance, but I also hope work keeps getting crazier. Maybe I hope my sanity/balance increases as fast as the work does, because baby hold on to me – whatever will be, will be.

This is me linking up, as one of my favorite things to do, with Finish The Sentence Friday or #FTSF. This week’s topic is “What moves me…” And there’s still time to write yours. Come link up with your spin on the matter: HERE.

What moves YOU?

Blogger Bash Sweet Suite Unboxing (1 Year Later)

Thinking about heading to Blogger Bash NYC? We had so much fun at the #SweetSuite in 2016 and here's what we got in our swag box #unboxing #BBNYC #BBNYC2016

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to write this post for nearly a year now!

Big apologies for that one, but if you’re on the fence about the upcoming Blogger Bash NYC conference, maybe this will help. I attended last year as an ambassador for Acorn Influence. I can’t go this year because July is SO TOUGH with Scarlet’s birthday, my birthday, summer camp, Cape Cod, seeing Aunt Deborah for one time a year, etc. Basically the fact that it worked out last year is a magical unicorn. I had an amazing time, of course, meeting blogger friends and catching up with some of my oldest and dearest friends over breakfast. Then there was staying in a NYC hotel ALONE. The shower was so magical. I was staying near my mother-in-law who happened to also be solo in a NYC hotel. The hits kept coming.

It was magic, as I’ve said three times!

About a week (month? two months?) after Blogger Bash, we received a GIANT box in the mail filled with.. toys. Yup. This was if we attended the Sweet Suite Expo, which of course I DID! Basically instead of getting your swag there, and having to potentially drag tons of toys onto planes, trains, and automobiles, the brands send you the swag instead. I didn’t have the foresight to make an unboxing video, but I did take pictures. I think that’s almost as good? Is it as good? No one told me to write this post, by the way. I have always wanted to do it, and needed to publish it before it was too late. You may be going to Blogger Bash or thinking about it. The time is getting closer. I got ya, here. These brands took great care to send us toys.

And I have wanted to thank them for a long time now.

So.. drumroll. I will say that I should have saved things up for birthdays/holidays/special occasions, but I didn’t. My kids were practical, though. They knew how to divide up toys based on their interests and also to donate toys to our cousins or to the survival center, if we had any doubles or whatnot. I’ll give them credit for that. They were super excited to open a giant box of toys (as was I) but they were thinking ahead too. Nearly a year later, they still love and collect many of these toys.

And I was excited because they thought I was pretty cool (they still do). And some of the things I do for work rate as VERY interesting on my kids’ meter. Stick around this week. There’s sure to be some pretty intriguing things on Facebook, and maybe here too. That said, thank you to Blogger Bash 2016. I’m thanking you from 2017. I have wanted to thank you for a long time. All of these brands were awesome to meet face-to-face, and I loved their products to surprise my kids with.

Would one would be your kid’s favorite? Or YOUR favorite