15 Amazing Items You’ll Want For Back to School

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Do you want to know the BEST 15 items for #backtoschool this year? 3rd grader, Scarlet, helps highlight all of the school supplies and products she's loving now #sp #BTSBabbleboxx

This post is otherwise known as “Scarlet’s Best Day Ever.”

You see, Scarlet LOVES school supplies. She got gift cards from her birthday party to book stores or just general credit card gift cards. You know what she wanted to buy with the credit card gift cards? School supplies. Just school supplies! I told her to wait, because the most unique and exciting back-to-school items were still to come. And that’s how we got to this place right now. School starts in one week (wow!) and I can’t wait to show you how ready my kids are. 3rd grade & kindergarten!

Here we come!

Back to school shopping can be a bit tough, so I like to rely on my kids’ interests, and also what I see online. That’s why I was so excited to create an awesome video with Scarlet for you today! It will definitely show you all of the happiness, giddiness, and product love you’ll see in these parts. This is such an amazing compilation because it covers school supplies, of course, but also features back to school lunch box items, and personal care products. I’m so excited to start! Now:

Do you want to know the BEST 15 items for #backtoschool this year? 3rd grader, Scarlet, helps highlight all of the school supplies and products she's loving now #ad #BTSBabbleboxx

1 – Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug Well, where do we begin? Here! All you do is plug your Wemo Mini Smart Plug in the wall, download the free app, connect your Wemo to your Wi-Fi, and then you can remotely control your lights and appliances from anywhere in the WORLD. Talk about Smart Technology! You can set schedules and timers, and even control your Wemo with your voice – using an Amazon Echo or Google Home Device. It gets better, though. I have a promo code for YOU to get 20% off your own Wemo Mini Smart Plug. So make your home a Smart Home with this code: WEMOtamaracamera, at this link. So that’s WEMOtamaracamera. Now through September 30th, 2017. Don’t miss!

This is such a big one for us because we go on 2-3 big trips a year and this brings peace of mind.

You can also click the below photo to take you there.

school supplies

2 – Zoono GermFree24 Hand SanitizerFoam Hand Sanitizer

3 – Zoono GermFree24 Hand SanitizerSpray Hand Sanitizer

These products are both favorites in our household, because fall/winter/even spring germs can be SO ROUGH on a household. These are DA-compliant, water-based hand sanitizers that kill 99.99% of germs on contact, AND, they work for up to 24 hours. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly and do not rub off. They remain active on the skin’s surface through hand washing and sweating. If you’re looking for a 24 hour hand sanitizer, I can’t say enough good things about these. I feel good about Scarlet bringing them both to school. Here are the links to purchase Foam Hand Sanitizer and Spray Hand Sanitizer.

4 – Pure Growth Organic – Animal Crackers

5 – Pure Growth Organic – White Cheddar Popcorn

6 – Pure Growth Organic – Crispy Rice Squares

Well.. yum. Who isn’t looking for a good lunchbox solution, or three? These organic kids snacks are AMAZING! I even have tried all three. In fact, I served them all at a summer playdate and they were all three eaten fast. Get your own here and use code: 2020BABBLE to get 20% off. Organic snacks? Yummy ones? 20% off? What are you waiting for?? These are a must!

7 – OOLY – Mighty Zipper Pouch

8 – OOLY – Jumbo Brights Neon Colored Pencils

9 – OOLY – 2-in-1 Flip Side Notebook

10 – OOLY – Yummy Yummy Scented Gel Pens

11 – OOLY – Eraser

Well, this is a lot of fun! You’ll see Scarlet’s delighted reaction in the (below) video. So much color! So much use! I have to say when you think perfect back to school supplies for 3rd grade, I can’t imagine passing by OOLY! These cute school supplies are also FUN school supplies and they’re also art supplies. How great is that? OOLY loves creating products to help kids (and adults) smile and express themselves. In fact, I’m about to let you do the same thing with this awesome link for you to enjoy 15% off orders of $35 or more, PLUS free shipping in the Continental US! AND free OOLY eraser. Ends 9/7/17.

Just use the code “ready” at this link and click any of the below photos.

school supplies

school supplies

12 – Snip-Its Kids Salon Products – Tangy Apple 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo

13 – Snip-Its Kids Salon Products – Morning Miracle Mousse Styling Spray

14 – Snip-Its Kids Salon Products – Silly Slicker Ultimate Sculpting Gel

In my video (below), Scarlet read the conditioning shampoo as “tangly” but on the record, it’s actually “tangy.” And it smells DELICIOUS! Both kids use all three products! Snip-Its actually specializes in kid haircuts/parties, and since we don’t have a location near us, we can get salon-quality hair products that have been designed with kids in mind. Salon haircare products right at home! Both of my kids were excited. You can find a salon near you by visiting www.snipits.com.

back to school

15 – Duck® brand Duck Tape – I think Scarlet was pretty excited about the name – Duck Tape – because she always thought it should be called that. This helps us so much around the house! Also, their website has a whole new section dedicated to the Duck Tape® Makers™ – with videos, articles, projects and ideas. It’s pretty inspiring. We’re project people here.

Definitely check out their website here.

So, how cool is that? 15 amazing items for back to school. I love how it’s school supplies and beyond. There’s something for everyone, or if you’re like us, there’s everything right there. And I promised you a fun video, so here it is!

What’s #1 on your school supplies list?

Happy Cat, Happy Life – 7 Steps to a Happier Cat

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Want a happier cat? These 7 steps will show you how to get closer to your cat with the best products, the best toys, and the best love! #Catego #Feliway #ad

Guys, I am having a WEEK and it’s only Wednesday! On Monday, Des went back to school after being sick, and that was lucky because I had a BIG photo job I was nervous about for about two months. You just never know what’s going to make you nervous and what isn’t. Then on Tuesday I had a doctor appointment, and picked the kids up to discover that Scarlet had contracted Des’ virus! So she’s been home with me all day today. This has been helpful, though, and you’ll see why soon!

Athena has pretty much ignored us all day, but Juniper has not. I think it’s amazing that cats can tell when we’re feeling sad or sick, and they stay extra close to us. I’m also amazed at how often I talk about Junie on this blog. Loving and “raising” a cat is a fairly new adventure for me. This morning, Des crawled into bed with me and Juniper was on my legs. I didn’t want to get up because she was purring on my legs! She makes me happy, and it’s important to me to make her as happy too.

When I got my Ceva Cat Babbleboxx, I put it aside to open with the kids. Today was the day! Scarlet was home sick and helped me do a grand “unboxing.” If you want to be blown away by her cute, and also see pet cameos, tune in here.

7 Steps to a Happier Cat:

1 – Feed your cat well. Talk to your vet about both quality and quantity of the food, and don’t rely on the food packaging to tell you all you need to know. I am as mindful about Juniper’s food as I am about my own. Actually, more so for her!

2 – Keep your cat healthy with regular checkups, shots, tests, etc.

3 – Keep your cat’s environment clean. At our house, we change the litterbox twice a day and vacuum all the litter pieces she drags out of the box on her paws. We clean her food and water bowls regularly, and change the litter routinely.

4 – Provide entertainment for your cat, especially if you have an indoor cat and you don’t want your cat outside. Consider scratching posts, toys, stuffies, blankets, and PLENTY of affection. We found Junie snuggled with her new Feliway© toy.

5 – Consider having two cats for companionship. Whether you have one or two, we love our Feliway© Diffuser, Feliway© Wipes, and Feliway© Spray. Feliway© is a copy of the natural feline facial pheromone – and it helps cats to feel more secure. It is recognized by all cats. Why will you love it as much as they do? It creates familiarity and security within your home. It may lead to the reduction or elimination of unwanted stress-related behaviors – like hiding, scratching, and urine spraying. It’s also non-sedating and non-systemic. Clinical studies show that Feliway© helps cats adjust to new surroundings, and is easy to use at home or on the go. We plugged in our diffuser this morning and I can tell the difference!

cat happy


6 – Protect your cat from fleas and ticks! What do we use? Catego™! It’s an effective monthly prevention and treatment of fleas, ticks and chewing lice for cats and kittens. It’s topical and is easy to apply with its tube and patented applicator. We applied it today and we’re all set for the month! I love that feeling! Catego™ is currently available through Amazon and through veterinarians, and will soon be available at PetSmart. Click here to find out where to buy it.

Scarlet also wants you to know about her Catego™ pen:

And her Catego™ journal. She’s using it as a science journal, since she wants to be a Scientist when she grows up:

flea and tick control

flea and tick control

7 – Lastly, know YOUR cat’s personality and also know some general things about cat personalities. Some cats are affectionate and some not. Mainly, know YOUR cat. It’s also good to follow some general rules about bonding. Let your cat come to you. If possible, let your cat sleep with you to ensure better bonding/happiness. Don’t pet your cat’s belly unless you KNOW they like it. Look to your cat for aggressive body language. Ears back and a twitching tail are often signs to back off.

And mainly – enjoy your cat(s)!