Road Trip New England: 7 Wonders You Can’t Miss

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Looking to visit New England? Or maybe you already live here and you're looking for road trips. These 7 road trip wonders cannot be missed. #ad #RoadTripOil

When I was a kid, I always thought (hoped) I’d one day live in New England.

My grandparents used to keep a permanent home in Ft. Lauderdale, but would rent a rustic house in New Hampshire or Vermont every summer. I’m not sure how long they rented the house for – whether it was two weeks or two months (in my kid-sized memories), but we’d go up to visit from New Jersey every summer. I can still smell the cedar and balsam sachets and pillows in the drawers and on the beds. I feel the crisp air we’d never get down in Jersey in August from an open bedroom window. And I remember the sound of car tires crunching on a gravel driveway – announcing our late-night arrival.

That and the sound of a door swinging open followed by footsteps on wooden planks will always take my breath away.

Those summers sealed my fate, because as soon as I could drive, I’d want every road trip to be to New England. And after a brief stint in San Francisco, I knew that New England would finally be mine to call home. Even though I live here now, it’s still my favorite place to road trip. And you may be thinking, “Wait, how does that work?” It’s because there’s so much to see and so much to do. It’s because New England has SIX states – each with its unique offerings for food, attractions, hidden wonders, and other delights. We have a huge fair (The Big E). There’s ice cream and crisp, colorful autumn leaves.

Looking to visit New England? Or maybe you already live here and you're looking for road trips. These 7 road trip wonders cannot be missed. #ad #RoadTripOil

There are cow parades and ice cream factory tours. Scenic byways, moose statues, and trolley museums. I could go on!

Before I do, though, let’s talk cars and oil changes. You all know by now that I once lost a car on the highway because I didn’t take care of it. Before every road trip, I grab a kid or two and take them to our nearest Walmart Auto Care Center.

The thing is, with impending summer road trips, you can make your life so much easier with 1-stop shopping at Walmart! You just drop your car off at the Walmart Automotive Care Center for an oil change, and then you go inside the store and grab everything you need for your trip! Snacks. Drinks. Coolers. Towels. Bathing suits. Sunscreen. Oil for your car. Check!

road trip

road trip

There’s a lot at stake for me here – it’s super important that my car runs well because I have kids (and I’m pretty important too) and we have big travel dreams. I wouldn’t sacrifice any of that, especially in summer! Using the DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) service at Walmart ACC helps my life. I get my oil changed with Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle – oil that helps clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind. I simply couldn’t have that sludge for my summer road trips! This saves time and money.

Speaking of which, there’s a Rollback going on right now at Walmart ACC for Pennzoil® High Mileage. It’s on Rollback – $4 off (39.88 to 35.88). Details about that, plus a Walmart Auto Care Center store locator are HERE.

road trip

Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle helps clean out the sludge that lesser oils leave behind, as I mentioned, and also helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines, like my minivan. This motor oil is specifically designed for new or late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles – with the mission of keeping engines running clean and going strong.

And this is what I need for my summer New England road trip or ten. It bears noting that we have tourists in our backyard. I LOVE living somewhere that people want to visit from all over. I also love that New England is unique in that you can cover a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time. So much to see and do and eat! Ready for my grand list?

Looking to visit New England? Or maybe you already live here and you're looking for road trips. These 7 road trip wonders cannot be missed. #ad #RoadTripOil

1 – Cape Cod beaches/dunes. I’ve never seen anything like them, although I grew up in New Jersey and spent time in California and all of those shorelines are so unique. We go to Cape Cod every summer, and our house is almost all the way up the length so we get to see all the little and big towns. There’s never enough time to see and explore, it seems, but definitely make a concentrated effort. There is natural beauty everywhere, and so much to do. It’s not to be missed.

Parks, libraries, drive-in theaters, seafood, seals, whales, big cities, small towns, and tons of coastline.

2 – The White Mountains. Climb the mountain on foot, by car, or by Cog Railway. Have a cup of chowder on top of Mount Washington and experience a 30 degree difference in temp. You can ride a gondola, look for moose on the Kancamagus Scenic Highway, hit a theme park, go on a wildlife safari, go camping in a National Forest, and ride the scenic railroad.

3- Farm stands and berry picking. It’s actually overwhelming this time of year. I had a photo shoot about an hour away on Sunday, and I must have passed dozens of side-of-the-road berry picking and farm stands filled with New England’s finest. Whether it’s strawberries in June, raspberries in late summer, or wild blueberries in Maine, you will not be disappointed. And be sure to visit the many farm stands that the summer has to offer. You can get corn, asparagus, cucumbers, zucchini, and much, much more. Nothing tastes like seasonal local produce from New England!

road trip

4 – Three Sisters Sanctuary. Since four is my lucky number, I’m going to put this right here! Located in Goshen, MA, you will be amazed and breathless at what environmental artist Richard M. Richardson has done as caretaker of the sanctuary. With nature as his medium, he has created a place of peace, healing, sanctuary – and even excitement.

Do not even think about missing this!

5 – Acadia National Park/Bar Harbor, Maine. I am pretty partial to California, because of its epic beauty, and this park is as close to that kind of view as you can find on the east coast. Then follow it up with dinner/lodging in Bar Harbor!

6 – Mystic Seaport/Aquarium/Food. This is an easy day trip from our house. We go for the pizza, the bakery, the scenic walks, the local flavor and color, and of course – the aquarium with all its close encounters of the epic kind.

7 – How can I even end this? We haven’t touched upon Boston, Vermont or Rhode Island yet! That said, I have to be ME. Go to the Moosehead Lakes region of Maine. Rent a cabin, go on a moose boat trip, eat breakfast alone at a diner – listening to the locals talk about town dances, hit a gift shop, rent a canoe, or just.. drive. That’s right. You never know what you’ll see on the roads around there. I have stories that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up! Check it.

And get that car ready at Walmart! You’re going to need it.

Where would you go first on your New England road trip? Be sure to connect with Pennzoil on Facebook and YouTube!

Enjoy your adventures!

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Road Trip New England: 7 Wonders You Can’t Miss — 25 Comments

  1. YES to all of this. I am DYING to go to New England. I want to visit the beaches/lakes up there so badly.
    We just got home from an 8 day road trip (GA, TN) and was sure to get the van checked out prior to leaving 🙂

  2. New England really is an awesome part of the country! Fortunately for us, we live right around the corner so we can totally take advantage of these road trips! Maine is still pretty high up there on our list (it just moved even higher), and I’m adding the White Mountains to the list. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the heads up on the Pennzoil rollback, too! #client

  3. I live in New England & want to move away. Somewhere that is warm year-round. I don’t think that will happen. But I do love Summers in New England. We already did Cape cod, Hampton Beach & Salem Willows. We still need to do Quechee & Woodstock, Vermont, Rockport, Portsmouth, York Beach & Old Orchard Beach & Downtown Salem (MA). We’ll also be doing Bar Harbor (Acadia) & the North Conway area. I’ve never been to that Three Sisters Santuary or Mystic, CT (I think we’ve driven by there). Have you done Providence Water fires? Not sure if they still have that. Quechee Gorge is cool & Burlington, Vt. We mostly do Maine, Vermont & MA (We live in NH). I do a post called New England Minute. It would be cool to somehow get people to link up.

  4. This has been a tough automotive week for me. I had to replace my tires and they cost a solid G. I also had to get new rear brakes and once my tires arrive I get an alignment, oil change and a good once over. We love road trips as well.

  5. looks like a perfect escape from the city life. I’d love to take my kids there some day, looks amazing and a wonderful place to create good memories!

  6. SO I’m going through something right now. I think it’s a break up, well it is a break up, but maybe it’s just a break. I have no idea what’s going on but I’m sad and tired and that means it’s time to go on a trip. I’m thinking LA or Iceland. but I always love New England. I’m going to add this destination to my list. Thanks for sharing all you beautiful pictures my friend.

  7. New England! Such a lovely and peaceful place! I can see why you love it there! I agree about having everything checked in your car before going on a road trip. It’s a good reminder for all of us.

  8. A road trip to New England sounds so relaxing! Everything there just looks so serene and peaceful. It’s the kind of place you want to go to when you’re feeling stressed out. I’m glad you made your dream of living there come true! Thanks for sharing the wonderful places!

  9. A road time to New England sounds amazing. I love taking a good road trip, they can be so relaxing especially when you have the time to explore.

  10. I’m in for a repeat visit! I visited once when I was 15. I swam in Walden pond and ate grape nut ice cream. I really want to go back! Hooray for Penzoil!

  11. I was in Massachusetts for about two years. I wish I could have done more. I did go to Boston a few times and LOVED it. I really hope to get back to New England. It’s just gorgeous and I LOVE all the history around there.

  12. When you talk about these road trips in New England, I’m like imagining plenty of those books I’ve read which have that kind of setting you described. I believe you when you say New England has one of the best road trip wonders ever!

  13. I dream of going to New England. I wish it were closer. I actually keep thinking I’ll send my kid there for summer camp every year. I hear there are some really great camps on your side of the country. Ones that have been around for a long time.

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