Nearly Wordless Wednesday: A Quirky Compilation.

I’m never really wordless.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. I’ve been known to be without speech at key moments in time – at the end of Lion King and American Beauty, and for 20 minutes after. During the whole of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and for about two hours after. When faced with grand surprises (puppies, 20-foot tall Christmas trees, and trips). When presented with public declarations of love, and/or engagement rings. Even then, I generally know what to say. Something along the lines of “Yes” or “I love you too.”

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I don’t get writer’s block, at least the way people describe the feelings of writer’s block. If I have to write something but need a break, I do the walk away method, or the call a friend method, or the go shopping for hot sundress method, or the eat ice cream with extra rainbow sprinkles method. If I don’t have to write something, I may not want to write. I may be too fried from SITS Girls articles, blog commenting, lengthy emails, and three posts a week – generally no more or no less, thank you very much.

And what I do get is busy – busy with packing for this weekend’s beach vacation (I may actually relax). Busy with letting Des linger in the sandbox at Scarlet’s camp. Busy with resting my tired, overthinking head. Busy with summer reading or making Wordless Wednesday posts that are actually supposed to be nearly wordless, and are getting to be three paragraphs in already!

I get busy editing clients’ photos. So busy I forget to edit personal photos for months on end:

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

So I sat down yesterday and today and started catching up on all of the stories that happened in between the stories you see photos about. I do that. I jump around. A little here, and a lot there. There are moments that fall through the cracks, though. In between editing all of the photos from getting Athena, and then the kittens, to the graduations and birthday parties and so many other big things, I forgot to upload and edit the photos that tell less of a story – or just do so in fewer photos. Everything else.

So that’s what I have for you today – in this nearly but not even remotely close to nearly Wordless Wednesday. I have a quirky bunch of photos from early Spring on. And I think they tell stories – I can tell you the stories or you can tell me some stories. It will be a “Choose Your Own Adventure” kind of thing. If you want to hear more, just tell me the photo and I’ll tell you more:

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: A Quirky Compilation. — 127 Comments

  1. I love being caught up here and I rubble we are twins yet again, because I too have had some of these moments you are describing here and even wrote an article about living life and how rude relates to blogging. So totally get it and then some here, too!

    • Of course! I loved your article! What did you mean by “rubble” and “rude”? If that is autocorrect, it is wonderful!
      We are always twins, my friend!

      • Sorry, I just won the Google Nexus Tablet and I am getting used to the autocorrect on it. And I have to say it has some weird autocorrects, because the two words here now not even sure why they picked them to replace “Love that” and “it”. Seriously sorry for that and might have to either stick to my iPad for commenting until I get used the keyboard and its sensitive autocorrect.

  2. Love it. I get so far behind at times due to other priorities. Like the email I owe you. Oh, how much has happened. Life happens. And we need to stop and catch up sometimes. Thanks for catching us up. Those photos were worth the wait. For some reason, I’m really loving the one of Athena by the car. It’s telling me a big story right now.

    • Ah, the cranky bow tie. We were setting out to check out a local sci-fi convention that Smith College puts on. Last year we had a blast. This year, no one was feeling it. I thought it was too cold for just Des in his little Doctor Who outfit so I put on that preppy sweater. He did not want the sweater or the photography of it!

  3. I have said it before, but I will say it again. I adore your photography and each picture does tell it’s own story! I totally tweet that quote because, well, it was awesome!

    • Thanks for the tweet! I love storytelling with words and photos. It’s a little funny to have this intense need to do BOTH, though. Most of my friends are one or the other.
      So that’s why I’m constantly trying to catch up..

  4. I don’t even attempt Wordless Wednesdays – no way I could post a photo with no words. I would love to spend an afternoon on your couch with Athena though!

    • You are invited anytime. Please bring Berger cookies, though. I still dream about them, a month later.
      And by the way, can you believe it’s been a month? Makes me a little sad.

  5. I have so many stories that happen in between my blogging that I never write about…and yet I still get writer’s block, mostly because I’m too tired to actually write. Going back and looking at older pictures always gives me inspiration!

    • That’s what we were just talking about above! I don’t think so. And that happens a LOT to me.
      Hope you get some rest.. if possible with your schedule!

    • It’s good! They’re cute, friendly and mellow. Everyone/thing in this house is like that, actually. We’re all mellow for what we are, but we all have our moments.
      And it’s hard to want to feed five hungry, whining mouths in the morning. I just can’t.

  6. Someday I am dragging my whole family out to the east coast for you to do our family photos! I love. love love the picture of your beautiful Elsa/Scarlett princess with the bubbles floating magically around her and the picture of Des in the sweater and bow tie. Great stories for sure πŸ™‚

  7. Oh I just have to know the cranky Des in a bow tie and sweater story. He is just too adorable!!! And what’s with all the costuming that goes on in North Hampton? Is that Mary Poppins on the bench? I need to move πŸ™‚

    • ha! There is a lot of costuming in our town, isn’t there? Halloween is like in the movies – just.. everywhere. This was March, though. Smith College puts on a little sci-fi convention. Last year we had a blast. This year we weren’t feeling it as much but we dressed up and took the dog too. I made Des wear a sweater and he wasn’t having it. I guess “The Doctor” doesn’t wear sweaters?
      That was totally Mary Poppins on a bench at the convention.

  8. Was that the Smith Cosplay thing? I love seeing Des as a Tiny Dr. Who wearing Malone’s hand me down shoes!

    I love the photos of Athena in the snow. It reminds me of the cooler days. I’m DONE with summer already!

    • Yes, the Smith thing! This year was a little more lame than last year, but hey, Mary Poppins was there!
      I’m not done with summer! I ache to think about it ending, actually.

  9. I love your photos. Have I said that already? I have? Oh… Seriously, if/when (Frank refuses to hear me say if in that sentence) we come back to USA we are making a pit stop at your place to have our family pictures taken!

    • Please do! I’d love a real life meeting of the “How I Met Your Father” and the “How Your Parents Met” families. We could make a movie of it! Lots of photos, of course.

    • I can’t believe how big she has gotten! I’m glad it’s not too extreme but I miss that baby face. Even the kittens are starting to look like teenagers.

  10. You make me realize there are so many – oh so many little stories within the big stories that are JUST as valuable as the grand events/holidays/celebrations. I know this. But how you do you keep up with it all? I can’t even honor the big stories enough, let alone the little ones. Sigh.

    I love that your images always radiate love. It’s amazing really. You have a gift of capturing that.


    • It’s really hard for me to keep up actually.. hence that these photos were late March. March! I do jump around and do entire sets from events, but these are the in-betweens that fell through the cracks.
      I may try to do this for a few Wednesdays in a row, until I get back on track!

  11. Oh my goodness, look at Des in that little outfit–I want to know the story behind that one!
    I have so many photos to go through from the last couple months. Now that Eve is a little older we aren’t going *quite* as crazy photographing her, but there are moments I want to remember. Like swimming in my friend’s pool with Eve and my friend’s daughter who is just 3 weeks older (sheer chance that we got pregnant around the same time!), and they happened to have matching swimsuits. I guess there isn’t much of a story there, but it’s a time I want to remember.

    • We were going to a little sci-fi convention at Smith College and I guess he didn’t want to wear the sweater over his Doctor Who costume!
      I get it.

  12. I knew that when I saw “Wordless Wednesday” it could only be “nearly” – you just have too much to say, and I feel like I need your voice to explain what’s going on, or at least to say it in exactly the way that I was thinking, that I didn’t even realize I was thinking.

  13. Girlie, your work is priceless and could go wordless, such realness in each beautiful image. I love everything about this post; I have sooooooo many unfinished posts and unedited pictures that, I fear people will question Santa Hats in August πŸ™‚ Fear no more… you’ve brought snow, and eh life happens… I’m bringing Santa Hats and KY to life, thanks!
    I made up my own story for the picture of Scarlet laying on the table, while the fur baby laid on the couch.
    She looked at him softly as to say excuse me, and he didn’t budge. Instead of making an issue of things she peacefully made her own place to lie… all the while wishing to fairies she’d one day get a cat πŸ™‚

    • ha.. yes! These photos are from MARCH! I realized I had to get to them soon. Next up, April.
      Thank you for giving me such beautiful feedback about my life’s work – it means the world.
      I think your story? Dead on!

  14. beach vacation! I’m jealous. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating time with your family. Enjoy! And your “nearly wordless” post is just perfect — I loved catching up on all your photos! I haven’t printed any photos since the great Snapfish debacle of March 2014 so I am waaaaaay behind on my normal scrapbooking. One of these weekends soon, I’m going to have to fix that, and I imagine it will be a similar walk down the not-so-distant Memory Lane.

    • Ah, the great Snapfish debacle. This doesn’t surprise me!
      I think I’ll make a semi-regular series out of me catching up on photos from FOUR months ago.

      • The worst part about the debacle? It was totally my fault. Somehow I uploaded lower quality blog photos )complete with watermark) so they were all pixely and weird when I got the prints in the mail. Argh…

        • Argh! Should they have told you or do you think they do so many prints, that they really can’t? I imagine people print iPhone photos which aren’t very high res.

  15. oh man, I sure do hope you get to relax! Thank you for bringing back the pics that fell through the cracks, they are so perfect. Love the sunglasses on Des…what up with kids’ obsession with sunglasses?! we literally have 12 on the kitchen table, when we go out they choose which one they want to wear. They were all free from events but still, the boys absolutely love them!

    • Des will make me put sunglasses on him… a dozen times! He then takes them off and hands them to me to put back on. So annoying! I guess it’s a thing, though.

  16. Wow, your photos really speak!! Love it. I can be a pretty wordy person, but I occasionally go through a word drought…and then I start cleaning the house, lol. I need to have something else to fall back on like you do with photography. Hmm…

  17. It would not surprise me one iota if you were the one who coined the phrase, “Photograph that which you love.” I do the exact same thing, Tamara. As you’ve gotten to know Phoenix and I, the two of us are inseparable. So, I always have a camera or iPhone ready and now I take more pictures than ever because…well, the clock is ticking ya know? You captured that the same way with the kids and Athena here…meaning that which you love so much. Btw…Athena is so positively beautiful!! I love the life and love in her eyes! The sunshine showering down on her on the couch and the black and white photo were my favorite! Btw….huge American Beauty fan here! I own that movie. GREAT post, Tamara! πŸ™‚

    • That was me, Mike! Me! (just kidding)
      You are still about 75 years from this, but I remember the night before we said goodbye to our lost canine friend. (she was over 100 in dog years) And Cassidy went outside and photographed every part of her. He said he wanted to remember all of her many beautiful things.
      And I thought that maybe I had been missing doing that during the happy times too, and not just at the end.
      Regardless, it happened.
      American Beauty is wonderful.

  18. I love Des in a bowtie and sunglasses! Reiko is obsessed with sunglasses. LOL. And was that Scarlet sleeping on the table while Athena was posing elegantly? Ifever I’m gonna get a dog (which is unlikely, hehe), I like Athena kind of dog.. She looks really calm and collected in your photos. Does she ever have wild moments? πŸ˜€

    • That is Scarlet napping on a coffee table, with puppy Athena looking over her! Honestly, Athena is a near perfect dog. She is totally mellow and submissive. Yes, she sometimes eats cat food. Yes, she sometimes runs around the yard like a wild woman. I would expect nothing less, though.
      Even a great dog needs to run out the sillies!

  19. Cute idea, choose your own adventure. How about Des looking all dapper in the last few photos? What’s the story there! Though I’d love to read all of your stories.

    • Dapper and cranky! Well we dressed him as the 11 doctor for a sci-fi convention and it was a little cold so he needed a sweater. He did NOT like wearing a sweater.

  20. I love your almost wordless Wednesday. I really don’t think you can ever go totally wordless. I’ve come to expect some chatter from you. I guess that’s where Des gets it from. Love the photos especially that one of Des in his sunglasses. He is just too cute! Gotta love him and Scarlet of course. πŸ™‚

    • I always have to chatter. You’re so right. Des too! Scarlet too! One of the kittens too! Ok, the other one too. I guess Cassidy and Athena are more the strong and silent types.

  21. I think one of the reasons I love writing so much is that sometimes I feel like it’s the only fully complete medium for creative expression. By that I mean, you can have just words and that’s totally fine, or you can have words that accompany photos or artwork, and that’s also fine. But photos and artwork without ANY words? That’s tough to pull off. Even art galleries usually have a written paragraph next to the piece explaining its background and meaning. Words are VITAL!

    • So true! The whole Wordless Wednesday thing is often like that. Even my friends who stay true to it and don’t write a few paragraphs like I did, will usually have a title or location or something.

  22. Scarlet has a wonderous glow in every photo….I can’t imagine she is ever sad or grumpy. She is like a real life Disney Princess. Princess Scarlet, yeah that sounds just right!

    Ok jumping around Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind…. I have a really hard time watching that movie. It reminds me of my last REAL heartbreak (not the hubby). I pretty much sob for 2 hours after but feel the need to watch it again so that the memories flood me. Because sometimes you want to remember… just a little, ya know- think about things you would have changed or done differently or just see the person in your mind. Yeah that movie has an effect on me.

    • Princess Scarlet! She’ll be so happy to hear that!
      Honestly she can be quite shrieky. She’s a doll most of the time, at least, but oh boy when she’s angry or sad. Look out!
      My ex said that Eternal Sunshine was his worst fear. He said it was the scariest movie he had ever seen. I can see that but to me, it was one of the most beautiful.
      Dreadfully sad, but love is in the heart as much as the head, I suppose.

      • Yeah…. it is a VERY thought provoking movie that could bring out a lot of different emotions depending on the circumstances I suppose. That particular relationship came to a very abrupt, yet emotional end (don’t they all) but I wonder if I would erase it if I could????

        Please tell Scarlet. I would love to be the cause of a smile! Hayden can be shrieky, too. SHHHHH I didn’t say that.

        • I had a terrible broken heart and I wanted to erase it. I really did. I wouldn’t have gone through with it had it been a real-life possibility but oh, that pain. It’s like nothing else on earth.
          Glad I didn’t erase him because he finally came to his senses and now we have two kids!

  23. Love seeing photos of Athena πŸ™‚ Des also looks highly fashionable in those sunglasses! Wonderful photos Tamara. Tell me more about Athena because she is sooo cute – I’m in an “I want a pet” mode and I’m trying to suppress that feeling because I’m not ready for cleaning again πŸ™ I have what it feels like 50,000 tabs open but couldn’t let the day slip without saying HAPPY HUMP DAY πŸ™‚ -Iva

    • You won’t be able to suppress the feeling that well if I tell you about Athena’s personality. She’s honestly a wonderful dog. She lives to please. She’s cuddly and submissive and sweet and cute.
      And she’s clean!
      The kittens are the real issue.

      • Lol when I was a kennel tech I used to walk around iwth my kitten on my neck.. He was EPIC! My friends family has him now but ugh yeah that itch to get a pet is coming around but will do my best to ignore it. πŸ™ Aww Athena looks AWESOME! She’s soooo beautiful love it!

  24. Des in glasses! Does he keep them on? Dylan wears them for two seconds before throwing them off. I don’t know how you manage to write such a great wordless wednesday post without saying much of anything at all, yet making me wish you had written seven hundred paragraphs to read through. Sometimes I don’t want to get to the end of your posts! But then there are so many cute pictures that I feel you’e made it easy on me. I LOVE the last picture, Scarlet is such a daddy’s girl!

    • He doesn’t keep them on! He makes me put them on 100 times, and he takes them off each time just for the pleasure of putting them back on him. So uncool!
      One day I’ll do a post 100 photos long, just for you..

  25. OMG, the bow tie and sweater and dress pants. That little man is adorable!! I’m like you, even when I try to limit my words, whether writing or speaking, they spill out in copious amounts! Thankfully it’s easier to eliminate the ‘ummms’ with the written word.

    • He’s still marrying Monkey, right?? I’m counting on it.
      I’m terrible at limiting words. I feel sorry for every editor I’ve ever had. I’m a nice editor to myself, though!

  26. I love all your photos but my favorite is of Des in the bowtie standing up – the expression on his face is awesome. I don’t really get writers block either (knock on wood) but there are times when I just don’t feel like it – and so I don’t. I’m really really behind right now as well – and am going out of town next week on top of that so I can’t see it getting any better any time soon. When will you take photos of Tucker? You must. I will be forever sad if we don’t find a way. Not sure that I’ll get up that way this summer – maybe later in the fall. Or spring…

    • It has to happen. Fall is the best here! Think of perfect autumn leaves. Let’s do it, ok? And there are many times that I don’t feel like writing. So I don’t do it!

  27. Since I got my big girl camera, I have the same problem: where the heck and with what of the 1000 images do I start editing? Wordless Wednesday used to be the easiest post of the week — now it’s the hardest. And longest if I am not careful.
    I love stories. especially told in images. Sometimes I don’t want the real story — I want the one in my mind.
    But for now, I am just thinking about Joel and Clementine because OMG!!!! Do you know how rare it is to find another person who appreciates the brilliance of that movie?
    I’m gonna get a fangirl crush on you if you keep this up. πŸ˜‰

  28. Great photos! I love seeing Des all dressed up! Scarlet is adorable too and Athena is precious.Were the kittens hiding? I do not get writer’s block very often, but I can be easily distracted wtih ice cream, shopping, coffee….etc…Hope you are having a great week!

  29. Athena belongs in a discovery channel magazine. Des looks like he’s 2 going on 30. πŸ™‚ Scarlet for whatever reason always makes me think of the discovery aspect of your blog. Whatever you all did it looks like it was a very fun time. I miss coming to your blog regularly. I’m catching up right now!

    • So glad you’re catching up! Des does look 30 at times. I have thought that several times. And parenting Scarlet – yes, that’s how I got my blog tag line!

  30. Hell yes to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! I adore that movie- I actually saw it three times in the theater! (#lifeinyourtwenties). Thank you for the reminder to watch it again ASAP, it’s been too long.
    Love the Choose Your Own Adventure mention as well. It’s nice to play catch-up sometimes, and just see the photos and guess what was happening πŸ™‚

  31. I love your “not even remotely close to nearly Wordless Wednesday” and wouldn’t want it any other way! I love how crisp and clear the photos of the dog are!

  32. I always enjoy seeing your family through your lens – you really capture their individual spirits, I think. The photos of Athena are beautiful, too. She is one photogenic pup.

  33. 1. That face Des makes when he’s gussied up? I know it well! When I was a younger man, I loved a tie and jacket. In my 40s, though, it feels so … restrictive. give me a dress shirt and blazer, and that’s as dress as I need to get.

    2. I feel Athena should be a mascot for a team. Know who she reminds me of? The dog Bolt, from the movie. She’s so … sleek. Like a superhero.

    3. Is Scarlet a princess always, or what? What percentage of the time is she just a grimy kid?

    • Ha! Scarlet is rarely a grimy kid, to be honest. What can I say? Des reads to kittens, Athena is the most amazing dog I’ve ever met, and when Scarlet isn’t yelling at me, she acts like royalty. We all go a bit against the grain so it’s a nice fit.

  34. I love LOVE all your pictures! Athena is so calm. Mine never sit still for pictures! And where are the kittens? Are they hanging from the curtains yet? We were gifted with a dead bird this morning. And the dear cat that brought it watched over the entire time it was being cleaned up. I wonder what she was thinking?

    • Athena brought me a baby bunny but it was alive, at least! Nothing from the kittens yet but they’re still indoors or on our deck. They’re not very destructive… Yet!

  35. Those pictures of Des all dressed up are awesome. And, I love the people in the hats.
    Also, it’s hard to believe how much a part of your family and lives Athena has become in such a short time!!!

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