Latte Loving in Just Three Steps

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Are you a latte lover like me? Learn how you can make a perfect latte right at home, without buying an espresso machine! 3 easy steps! #LatteMadeEasy #ad

Long ago and far away, like when I was starting this blog and all of the accompanying social media platforms, I was asked to fill out bios. Bios upon bios upon bios. What could I say about myself? I’m a professional photographer and a journalism school graduate. That seemed prudent to say. I completed two cross country moves in the span of two years (not recommended), and oh yeah – I’m a proud mama of two! I’m a pet parent too. What, though, of the really juicy things? What is that makes me – ME? Well, that’s where it gets interesting. Moose and whales and northern lights. Cookies, rainbow sprinkles and LATTES.

Yup. In every bio I’ve ever had to fill out, I’ve felt it necessary to mention my love for lattes. It’s a deep-rooted love. It’s meaningful. It’s both comforting and exciting. It’s often my favorite part of the day, especially during these cold winter mornings and afternoons – when even the shorter sun-lit days still seem long. Why not have a latte? Why not sip into a creamy, warm, frothy concoction. And the best news is that you can now make delicious lattes right in your home!

That’s why you need to experience an International Delight® One Touch Latte™ – the first ever frothing coffee creamer. Available in Vanilla, Caramel, and Mocha, at your local Walmart soon – so you can start your mornings (or afternoons) with a creamy and flavorful latte. You can be your own barista – transforming your home-brewed coffee into a coffeehouse-style latte. International Delight® One Touch Latte™ turns coffee into a latte in three easy steps. Ready?

1 – Fill your coffee cup 2/3 full to leave room for creamy froth.

2 – Shake the One Touch Latte™ can.

3 – Press and hold the can above coffee for 5-7 seconds.

Then, ENJOY!

This first FROTHING COFFEE CREAMER (holy cow!) available at your local Walmart. You’ll be able to make a latte in only seconds, and you can get seven uses out of one can. I love being my own barista!

It’s pretty much a party-in-a-can. One Touch Latte™ sweetens, creams, flavors, and even FROTHS! Seriously. I just shake it, press it, and within 5-7 seconds, I have a delicious, foam-topped latte waiting for me. With COOKIES. (sometimes)

Having a party? Each can makes seven lattes. You can do wonders with three cans! Or more.

Maybe you’re having friends over for brunch? Impress them with lattes.

Maybe it’s just a coffee date for two? Lattes.

Lattes make me happy. You probably already know this if you know me in person, or on any social media platform. I’m a frothy, creamy, dreamy, sweet coffee lover. I always have been and I always will be. Doing this at home is such a TREAT!

Now, which kind of One Touch Latte™ do you most want to try? I had trouble deciding, but Caramel was the first one!


Latte Loving in Just Three Steps — 22 Comments

  1. Lattes totally make me happy, too. Just another twin loving fact over here. I have yet to have yet this morning, but heading to make one in a few minutes though here to start my day off on the right foot now 🙂

  2. Almost thou convinces me to drink coffee 🙂 Yum! You know, I totally suck at bios for myself. Making one for other people is a snap, but for me… I stink at them!

  3. I agree Tamara, Moose, whales, and northern lights are why I keep coming back to tamarcamerablog, that and your adorable family and awesome camera skills. I’ve never been a latte girl, but I’m going International Delight One Touch Latte. I’ve got nothing to lose 🙂

  4. I love mochas and frapps, but Lattes are my favorite coffee drinks! These creamers are genius! I will absolutely be trying these! I think I will start with the Vanilla and work my way through all the flavors.

  5. I have no idea why I don’t like coffee, but I don’t. My son would love this though, so I’m going to look for it at the store. And you make an adorable barista!

    • I have a friend who doesn’t like coffee and has never tried it. Our other friend, however, is like that about coffee AND chocolate. I don’t even think she likes peanut butter. Who is she??

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