Join CARE by Sending Letters of Hope

My daughter, Scarlet, is seven-years-old and in second grade.

Her best friend is Ella, her favorite food is macaroni and cheese, her favorite TV show is “Elena of Avalor”, and her favorite subject in school is math. She plays soccer, takes an after-school building class, and is starting piano lessons soon.

Scarlet’s answers to CARE’s questions:

I like school because.. It’s learning and it’s math.
To be successful I will.. Do more math!
My biggest challenges are.. Really hard math.
Education inspires me to.. Become a teacher.

Moni, 11, is a fourth grader in Bangladesh who has excelled in school for several years. She wakes up at 6:00am every morning before heading to school. “I like my school because my teachers like me, take care of me and always inspire me to study.”

Moni’s answers to CARE’s questions:

I like school because… Teachers take care of me.
To be successful I will… Study rightly.
My biggest challenges… Getting financial support from parents.
Education inspires me to… Take care of my parents.”

Moni studies hard because she wants to be successful in life. She is confident that if she doesn’t encounter any financial crises, she will reach her goals. She helps her mom with evening chores after school, which include fetching water for cooking and drinking. Then she studies until 9:00pm, eats a late dinner, and goes to bed. Education inspires her to take care of her family. “I just want to look after my parents since I have been watching them suffer since my early years of school,” she says. “If I get a job, I will take care of them.” She has similarities to Scarlet, as well as stark differences.

CARE is sending letters of hope to students in developing countries, as they pursue their education dreams. CARE asked students around the world what inspires and challenges them, and the students told of their struggles, sacrifices, hopes, and dreams. Some of the answers were shocking – like discussing child marriage as a big barrier to education, and other answers might sound like something your own children would say. Will you write a message of support to these students?

As you send your children back to school, take a minute to inspire kids around the world to pursue their dreams of education. Click here to sign a letter of encouragement and write your own message of support to students in developing countries.

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