I Can’t Let Go.

We’ve been having a little magic mailman story here at home lately.

You see, about two weeks ago or so Scarlet got it in her head that she could leave notes in her pink Valentine mailbox about stuff she wants, and the mailman would answer the letters or fulfill her wishes. Like Santa Claus or a genie, but a mailman. And our “real” mailman is a mustached man of few words, and I can’t imagine that she thinks he’s actually magical? Maybe he is.

She does believe in magic. However, due to some foul attitudes on her part and my reluctance to reward that behavior, our forgetfulness, and just plain not knowing where to go with this story, her letters went unanswered. For weeks. Sad, right?

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She had asked for a pink princess computer. She said she made it up in her head. Oddly specific, no? So the other night I decided to write back. She woke up the next morning to an answer in her mailbox from “The Mailman” that he would search for a pink princess computer for her, and would she continue to be the wonderful little girl that she is in the meantime? A quick search led me to believe that Amazon really does have the answer to nearly everything! So I placed an order for one oddly specific pink princess computer. I think impending preschool graduation calls for a gift. And I’m a sucker for this face and proud of it.

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After that first letter, I was hooked. I wrote another one but I forgot to put it in her mailbox the next morning. Oops!! She ran to her mailbox first thing and seemed only mildly disappointed so I told her that “The Mailman” works on his own time and might come after breakfast. And guess what? He did. She only questioned it once. She asked, “Why didn’t we see The Mailman come into the house and then into the room?” And I answered, “It’s magic, of course!” And she totally bought that.

She said, “Doh! Right!”

I do love a world in which the most magical explanation is the most logical.

Scarlet has no idea that some people believe in God, and some don’t. She has no idea that some people believe in Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy and some never do, while others outgrow those beliefs in time. She’s not there yet. She believes in huge chunks and bits of magic and hope, and I admit that we feed them to her, like low hanging fruit, and that they’re delectable.

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And so, we kept up the letters for a week or so. I would track the package and then “The Mailman” would take this as a geography teaching opportunity and tell her where the package was and where that was in relation to Massachusetts. On Saturday, a giant package arrived on our doorstep from our mailman (still not sure if she thinks he’s magical or not?) and we dug into it to find that the computer had arrived! She was so excited and kept saying she couldn’t believe it had really happened.

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Obviously.. Han Solo likes it too.

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I heard her dictate a thank you letter to Cassidy to send to “The Mailman”. It said, “Dear Mailman. Thank you. Love, Scarlet.”

Or maybe a bit more than that. It was a really fun week or so – playing Magic Mailman. I’m not saying I’m going to do that all of the time, but I like making her dreams come true when I can. We had an incredible parent teacher conference about her last week and she’s really a powerful kid. She doesn’t give in to bullying or peer pressure and she knows how to stand up for herself if teased or bothered. I know she is young. I hope it lasts. I so hope it lasts. I also probably owed her that computer for being an incredible photo assistant. I can’t complain that there are no high-res photos of me out there, now that Scarlet takes photos:

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She took very little, if any, direction from me there. I swear. And she had no idea how to use an iPhone camera (“my fingers are in the way!”) but she learned in about two minutes. I had a witness – Bev from Linkouture. We really wanted to take a photo with Bev’s cute baby and Hippie Chick Granola but there were no nice people walking by outside. So we asked Scarlet:

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Well, who knew?

On Saturday night, Cassidy was away with Athena in Cape Cod and I was left to fend for myself and put Scarlet and Des to bed. I went through the whole triple blanket tuck-in with Scarlet, with Des somehow still awake and warbling the “Happy Birthday” song from his crib. I snuggled for a few minutes but before I left, Scarlet reached for my hand. And then she said:

“I can’t let go! I love you too much.”

You and me both, kid. It’s not always easy for us, but it’s always easy to love you with my whole heart.

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About Tamara

Tamara is a professional photographer, a mama of two, a Lifestyle Blogger/Social Media Influencer/Brand Ambassador, and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four of those things at all hours of the day and night. She is a very proud contributor to the book, The Mother Of All Meltdowns, the Stigma Fighters Anthology (volume 1), and The HerStories Project: So Glad They Told Me. She is also a proud Community Lead and a regular contributor to the SoFab Food blog, and the Target Made Me Do It blog. After two cross country moves, due to her intense Bi-Coastal Disorder, she lives with her husband, daughter, son, dog, cat, and 11 chickens in glorious western Massachusetts.


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  1. Scarlet is the sweetest! And I love the thought of making dreams come true. If we can do it for our kids then why not. And you’re right, sometimes saying that it’s magic makes things a little easier to explain. Obviously she’s enjoying her pink computer! πŸ™‚

    • Luckily it’s been a few days and she still loves it. I’d hate if she got sick of it that same day!
      She is really sweet and I love that we have these opportunities to blow their minds.

  2. I love the magic of this post, the idea of the Magic Mailman, and that she has such a talent for photography, just like her Mama. The framing of the photo is perfect. As is the princess computer.

    • I was so impressed because I didn’t tell her how to frame it. And it’s not like she just pointed and pressed a button. She was adjusting a bit!
      Love that kid!

  3. I love the Magic Mailman. That is so much fun. And we all need fun in our lives, as well as a little magic.

    That picture Scarlet took of you is so amazing. I love everything about it.

    I hope she is enjoying her pink computer.

    • Thank you! When I pulled it off the camera, I was stunned. I watched her whole process. She didn’t think much but she also did more than point and shoot. Pure instinct.
      She is loving her computer!

  4. This is one of your best. I love everything about this. I think my favorite line is “I do love a world in which the most magical explanation is the most logical.” YES to that!! I love that we get to live in the magical world with our kids for a short time, and experience it though their eyes. You’re such a great mom to do all of this for Scarlet. You’re the reason she believes in magic πŸ™‚

    • Aw, I love new favorites. Like I said, it proves I’ve still got “it” or whatever that means.
      I love giving her magic! I love that you’re here, only days before your own magic! Ahh!!

  5. This is the second post today I’ve read about magic and kids. The first one said parents often forget to see the magic in the things that kids do see, and now yours dealing with the same topic… I try very hard to keep the magic alive for my kiddos. I tend to keep my inner child alive too. Magic is all around us if we just look hard enough. You did a wonderful thing for Scarlet!

    • I’d love to check out that first post then! Funny that you read two today.
      I love that you try hard too. It’s a wonderful thing to believe in magic, alongside your kids, or to at least preserve it for them if it fades for you. So far, so good for me here!

  6. I absolutely loved this post, Tamara! It’s so sweet and it made me so happy to hear that you did all that for Scarlet! It’s nice that some parents remember that sometimes kids need a little magic in their lives. And she is becoming quite the little photographer! She did such a wonderful job and I cannot wait to see how her photography skills continue to improve.

    • Thanks! I’m going to get her a camera for herself but it probably won’t be a dSLR! Now if she comes back to me and says, “The quality and lack of controls here SUCKS” then I’ll know I’m in trouble with her! She can have my Rebel!

  7. Ok, I was crying by the end of this and last night both my girls told me that they couldn’t let me go either and wanted to snuggle more before going to bed and I admit I didn’t want to let them go just yet either. But seriously, loved the magic mailman and you reminded me I should get a little something for Emma, who graduated last week. Bad mama, but I took her out for an ice cream float and lunch after with my own money (felt so good to be able to do). so, that has to count for something, I hope πŸ˜‰

    • Not bad mama at all! We still have three weeks until graduation. I may be premature here. It’s not like she’s not going to graduate though, right? I still have nightmares that I can’t graduate college because they found that I’m missing core credits. Sheesh!
      Anyway. I GET YOU about using your own money. I think we’re on a similar path. Lately it’s coming into my checking account faster than it’s leaving. That’s a first for my adulthood.

  8. Beyond words. There is magic in your post (great pun!) and magic in your heart. There is magic in your soul.

  9. What an absolutely beautiful post, Tamara! I think it is so important to hold onto the magic while we can. Even as adults I think we need some magic, even if it is the one making it for our children and making their dreams come true. Scarlet is such a sweetie, Eve and I loved meeting her and Des and you. And she clearly has inherited at least some of your photography skills!

    • Scarlet was in good, rare form that day – which I’m glad. Except for the “D” word but you were way too cool to be embarrassed in front of! We loved meeting you and Eve is really just the cutest ever.
      She’ll have lots of good magic in her life because you’ll make sure of it!

  10. Don’t you wish you could say “stop, go back, I want to video that moment”??? And your friend’s little baby is absolutely adorable… can’t stand all this young cuteness!!!

  11. The best possible Monday morning scenario – reading this. Love it! And obviously I believe in magic and my teenage children still believe in Santa (or at least the magic behind him).

    • Thank you for that! The best possible Monday morning scenario – no school, no work (for Cassidy, anyway) and you reading this!
      My mom still believes in the magic behind Santa and it’s helped me prolong my magic into parenting.

  12. Oh man, those first two pictures melted my heart! She is just adorable! I love letting kids believe in magic. It is suck a fun part of childhood! She is seriously a natural behind the lens. Watch out!

  13. So sweet.

    I am so glad that Natalie still believes in magic. She might only have a few years left though, but while she still believes in things, it’s fabulous.

    • I think Santa happened for me when I was 11, but luckily it never ruined Christmas for me. And I still believed in my own brand of magic/religion/spirituality – or whatever you want to call it.
      I’m glad Natalie believes too! It makes Disney so much fun, doesn’t it?

  14. Amazon really does have the answer to EVERYTHING. I’m pretty sure nothing she requests can sump amazon unless it was of a produce variety πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about I hope it lasts…my son is a natural leader…often grabbing his preschool class together and reading to the class and asking questions…it is the most awesome quality that I didn’t find until adulthood. I sure hope it lasts. At least the Magic Mailman will have plenty things that you ca get that will put the biggest of smiles on her face and in the end that’s what its all about!

    • I’ve never been a natural leader and I’m still not one, so I really envy/admire that trait! It’s awesome. He probably gets some great instincts from YOU!
      I think the Magic Mailman is going to stick around for awhile..

  15. How sweet! I love that Amazon has almost everything and most of the time they ship items really fast. My son has figured out how to take pictures on my phone. I was looking at my photos today and saw he snapped four pictures of his Pinkie Pie pony (he loves My Little Pony…he reads the comic books).

    • I couldn’t believe it was so fast! The original ETA was for June 1st – a week from now!
      My daughter loves Pinkie Pie! She’s wonderful. My son hasn’t caught on to much with TV shows yet, but he will soon enough.

  16. Ah, that magic. I believe in keeping that magic alive while they are still open to it. I suspect Scarlet will thank you for it later in life. How sweet that she didn’t want to let go.

    • I suspect (and hope) you’re right. These magical stories become parts of who we are, I believe.
      And it doesn’t take as much intimidating work as parents think to make childhoods magical. Kids are wired for fun and magic, as long as they have love and support.

  17. Aw! So sweet!!! Not long ago Emily, my youngest, wrapped her arms around me at night and said “I’m gonna hug you and love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever . . . .” I melted. She’s a great photographer too!

  18. What a beautiful post. Childhood, in itself, is magical. The innocence of childhood is completely captivating.

    When I worked in childcare, I used to always do little “mysterious prompts” in the classroom. I would transform the environment and delight in watching the children’s faces and expressions as the walked into this mystical realm of imagination.

    This post has reminded me of that. I don’t know why I don’t do this more with my girls, bu this post has inspired me to do so.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh you must have seen so much when working in childcare! I do believe that children are hardwired to believe and to find fun and magic whenever they can. At least with my kids. They make it easy for me.
      How beautiful that you would do that for the kids. I hope you’ll share some stories of transforming environments for your girls!

    • I do too.
      And that’s hopeful. Maybe our kids will believe forever too! Although probably not to the same extent. Adult magic is pretty wonderful too!

    • And I sure love getting mail myself, even at 33! It is like waiting for Santa although I’m mostly waiting for money these days. And sundresses from eBay. I confess it all.
      Thanks for visiting!

  19. Based on my many years of mom experience (over 25! wow!) I think that Scarlet will keep her ability to deflect bullies and stand up for herself. There are little things about all of my grown kids that I saw in them when they were very little. My daughter who was always kind to everyone will still not say a bad word about anyone. Ever. My super sensitive son is still super sensitive, and a musician. My little rule follower joined the Navy.

    Magic is wonderful. We should all have it in our lives. I would ask to hire Scarlet as my photo assistant if it wasn’t for those pesky child labor laws.

    • Ooh, I love that. I’ll take that over 25 years of experience and bow to you that you do know something about it.
      And those pesky child labor laws – you’re right. In due time, I suppose.

  20. Scarlet seems like the perfect combo of sweet and strongβ€”she is going places, for sure. And she obviously has a good eye behind a camera. I wouldn’t want to let go either, but it will certainly be fascinating to watch her tackle this world.

    • Sweet and strong! I love that. It does describe her well. Not sure I’ve ever been both at once. One can hope.
      And I agree – letting go, just a bit at a time, might be a great gift to this world. I can be all, “World. Here’s Scarlet. You’re welcome!”

    • We had a magic mailman too! We got a puppy when I was little and every day, a dog treat started appearing on top of our mail. At first we were wary, but it kept happening. And the dog would look forward to the mail..maybe more than I do. Or Scarlet. And I’m pretty much like Blue’s Clues about the mail coming. “MAIL!!!” Cassidy said it’s all junk and bills but I hold out hope because it isn’t always junk and bills. At all.
      Anyway the mailman would bring dog treats and lollipops for dogs and kids!

  21. So much sweetness in this post. T has already been questioning the magic around her lately. She often asks us if certain movies or books are ‘real’. Admittedly, the Husband and I aren’t very good at keeping the magic alive in those ways. Your magic mailman is ingenious. And the pink princess computer is such a fantastic way to cap it off. Thanks for the reminder to keep the magic alive for a little while longer. Real life creeps in all too quickly.

    • It’s so hard sometimes! We’ll tell her that Maleficent isn’t real, but she sees Maleficent on stage there right next to Sleeping Beauty. So do I tell her one is real and one isn’t?
      It’s hard to make sense of such things, especially while at theme parks!
      Luckily they don’t seem to require that much information/details/reasoning at this age. Yet.

  22. I love Magic Mailman! I believed in Santa long past the age I should have but i didn’t want to let the magic go. Childhood is magical & we should believe in it as long as possible.

  23. I so love reading your posts about Scarlet. Of course because she’s awesome, but also because she reminds me so much of my daughter eleven years ago. It’s like taking a trip back in time and reliving memories I hadn’t thought about in years. It makes my heart happy.

  24. Melt your heart moment for sure when your cutie said that. Love your letter story. After my Father died a few years ago my youngest was very little and she was so worried and concerned with making sure that Grandpa had made it to Heaven. We prayed together and talked about how he was in a better place, but she was still worried. I had her draw him a picture and tie it to a balloon. I told her God would get it to Grandpa once she released it in the sky. That did the trick. She felt better and was always happy that she had been able to give her Grandpa one last piece of her heart before saying goodbye.

    • Aw, you’re melting my heart right now!
      My father died when I was her age and the grandfather she knows and loves is totally my dad, but there was another birth one for four years! I always wonder how and when to tell her, but somehow I know she’ll be ok with it. She’ll say something wise and wonderful and I’ll wonder why I waited so long.

  25. Ooooo Tamara, I still believe in magic too! That adorable little cherub will always stand up for herself and not give into peer pressure. I would bet money on it cause that is how all my boys were and are to this day! How my peeps can say the have 3 boys in there 20’s who don’t drink?!

    • I wish my parents could say that! They could say that they have five kids and ONE out of four has never been drunk, never tried drugs, and never had a tick bite. Not sure why I threw that last one in.
      That’s ME! Adorable ME!

  26. What a magical story and post. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your sweet daughter will always be as strong and as curious and sweet as she is now. Standing up to bullying… not sure I could have done it at that age, heck, I’m not sure I could do it now!

    • You know I had my moments. I remember being teased by mean girls. I remember being a mean girl. I remember standing up for myself and the rights of others too. The bad stuff was mostly middle school. By high school I was a warrior.

  27. what a sweet story about the magic mailman.. do you think she’ll love photography as much as you do someday? she’s pretty good at it!

    • I really wonder! Or maybe she’ll love music like her father (and mother) or art and reading like her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and so on. Or something new. Isn’t it so interesting to wonder?

  28. Oh I absolutely love the magice. I think that in general letters are magical but I love how, as parents, we can experience the magic again through the eyes of our children. And her photo! Such a budding talent!

    • Thank you! I loved writing this post, especially as I had something totally different to write about but this was too tempting to resist.
      I love it all.

  29. Oh my HEART!!! What a precious story!!! I love that you dangle that fruit for her to reach!! do you know that my Cass STILL believes in Santa and the TOOTH fairy??!!! The girl is going into MIDDLE SCHOOL!! We have screwed up too many times to count, and came up with excuses that she readily believes. Oh how I love it all…

    Maybe Scarlet will believe long after most children stop believing… just like Cass. πŸ™‚

    (I am holding my breath- just waiting for all her innocence to get torn from her as soon as she steps foot through the doors of middle school. Sigh…)

    • I think I believed in Santa and Tooth Fairy until I was 11! And ironically, I found out the truth in the Hebrew School parking lot. Who knew? Confused parents! We love all religions!
      Sometimes I still believe..
      Middle school was ROUGH for me. I can’t lie. I survived! She will do beautifully.

  30. these days, I am a firm believer that we can all use a little “magic”. especially in the lives of our children. I’m sure it’s how they are able to keep down a lot of that brain noise we have as adults. Why not let it linger awhile.

    • For as long as possible, I say.
      I think living in your house would be mighty fun and awesome. Heck, I want to visit for the moose, the lens sharing, and the northern lights.

  31. Ohhh…wonderful story about magic mailman. I still do believe magic! Actually life is itself a magic πŸ˜‰ Lovely pics <3 Happy Wednesday!

  32. Awww. This is a great one! I love how you have been playing along. I am sure I would too but maybe a little less enthusiastically – I am overly practical at times. I do my best with the elves on the shelf and Santa. And she is taking some really great pictures. I love how she applied the rule of thirds to the one of you on the swing set.

    • It sounds like you do great. And I think sometimes minimal effort is needed to make them believe. At least at the ages Scarlet and Des are. I imagine it gets harder! Or better? I don’t know! I’m 33 and I still believe in a lot.

  33. I’m spaced out after the long weekend so pardon my silence πŸ˜› That is the cutest thing ever.. It’s hilarious because adults forget this feeling of innocence so quickly. I remember believing that Bugs Bunny was real at the age of 5 and always imagined meeting him would be exactly like seeing the cartoon. It’s insane how your perception of reality changes! Holy cow next Friday is IT! Do you know who you’re rooming with? Happy Tuesday and tomorrow is already: you guessed it, HUMP DAY! πŸ™‚ -Iva

    • Today is like a Monday, so silences are ok!!
      I do wonder when Scarlet meets the local Easter Bunny.. does she not see that it’s a man in a crappy costume? I guess the heart and mind see what the heart and mind see.
      And I love that. Perception of reality as you said!
      HUMP DAY cannot be coming back already! I need to write a post worthy of your comment love!

  34. Woot woot – silence was good I took so many naps. Naps are wonderful, especially in the middle of the day! πŸ™‚ LOL no that is right on the money, the mind sees not only what it wants but what will confirm it’s beliefs – we mold information we’re receiving to fit a pre-configured set of beliefs we’ve acquired because that is ‘comforting’ and familiar. Love, you could compose a post of a man flashing the world and it’d still be worthy of my comment. πŸ˜›

  35. Awww, that first photo of Scarlet in tears. Breaks my heart! But what a wonderful thing you did for Scarlet, keeping the magic alive, making a learning opportunity (nice!), and answering her letters. Definitely something that she’ll remember always and will look back on fondly. Hope she and you continue to write but hope she doesn’t for a pony next ;). How cute, what she said in bed. Oh kids, they melt your heart in an instant! (while trying your patience the rest of the time!)

    • That photo is heartbreaking! It’s from 2-3 years ago and I remember when I posted it, someone said, “Whatever she wants, give it to her! I can’t take it!”
      It wasn’t a very serious cry, I must say. A normal two-year-old stubborn cry, from what I remember.
      She melts my heart every day!

  36. 1. The magic in that mailbox has a direct result today – Scarlet gets a new pink princess computer, and a belief in magic. And it has one tomorrow – when she’s a mom, and understands that we sometimes have to make magic for those we love. She’ll know just how to do it.

    2. So much of the magic we offer our kids is contrived – elf on a shelf, easter bunny. That’s fine, but it’s the spontaneous magic that comes from notes in a mailbox that mean the most.

    3. A ribeye. Ask Scarlet if she can put in a request for one ribeye steak. That’s all I’m asking for.

    • I learned from the best – my mom! And she learned from the best – her mom. And so on. Lots of generations of pink princess computer women. (not that they existed 100 years ago but you get it)
      I’ve never done elf on a shelf. I wonder if I ever will? They’re hilarious to watch, but not really my thing.
      I think maybe you need to write to the Magic Mailman for your ribeye! (I’m in good with him)

  37. I love thinking back on my childhood and finding the magic that my parents made for me. Like on xmas morning when there were ashy footprints in the fire place..or easter when carrots were half eaten. I didn’t know “In N Out” wasn’t “Arrow Burger” until I learned how to read. I love that you support the magic of childhood instead of squashing it with reality. I’d become a little addicted to this magic mailbox business, and thank God for amazon so make Scarlet’s dreams of a princess computer come true! Preschool graduation is DEFINITELY a reason for a gift! lol I love it. Best mom ever!

    • Arrow Burger!
      I have to tell you that we have this bridge somewhat near here that my mom always told me was called The Captain Hook Bridge, because it had a crocodile that guarded below the bridge.
      I’m telling you – I was in my 20’s before I learned that it’s actually called.. wait for it… The Tappan Zee Bridge! A pretty famous bridge that separates NJ from NY.

      • That’s hilarious!!!! I had a similar experience with “magic burger.” It was years before I knew it was actually “Burger Stop.” I refuse to refer to it as that though. And I was shocked to learn that there was no such thing as “invisible paint” that would make one become invisible. Such a let down! LOL

  38. I finally got over here. πŸ™‚ Such an adorable sweet post and story. I think it’s important that we do some of these things to keep the magic alive. They are only little once. And, I keep telling myself to let go more and let them be little. It’s a fine balance, but I think you are doing a good job!

  39. So magical. I love the thought a of a world where the most probable reason for everything is magic. Isn’t that wonderful?
    And such a gorgeous photo of you that she took. My oldest was showing a lot of interest in photography too. I hope that stays with him.

  40. Oh my what a beautiful post. Don’t you just love the innocence of kids. I so would love to go back to those days when I believed in everything. Now that I don’t, the magic isn’t there anymore but I try and keep it there for the kids. I want Madison to believe for as long as she can. btw she takes beautiful photos. πŸ™‚

    • I find that there is new magic in adulthood. Romantic love. The miracle of life! All that good stuff. Friendship. That’s actually a My Little Pony movie – Friendship is Magic.

  41. You are such a good mom Tamara. You really are.
    We do need to feed them their dreams…and who are we to dispute them and their beliefs? We aren’t. They are theirs to cherish and we have to respect that. I cringe thinking of the parents squashing them.
    My son’s best friend goes to a public school and some snarky non-Catholic children told him that Santa wasn’t real. He’s four…and crushed.

    • Ohh! That hurts my heart. Were the parents able to do any damage control?
      You’re such a good mama too. I think a lot about the fun you must have in your house. And I know.. dark times too. It’s all part of it.

    • Well our “real” one isn’t so magical at all. I never saw him smile! To be fair, we live up a hill and he has to take his little truck up our hill a lot. Not so fun.

  42. This is too sweet, I am sorry the mailman does not answer although maybe he is worried about setting a precedent or upsetting you. But I think this is so wonderful and I totally would have bought her the computer. If she ever wants a penpal, Hayden will write back πŸ™‚

  43. Oh, this is so very sweet!!! I love that she believes in magic and that you helped her magic come true!!!
    And, the part about “not letting go” is as it should be. The boys and I had a long talk today about my mom and the lack of relationship that exists there – I told them that my biggest fear is repeating history. They were sweet and told me I’m nothing like my mom!!!

  44. OMG! There is not one thing I don’t LOVE about this post. I love, love, LOVE the mailman game and seeing her have her wish come true πŸ™‚ I kind of want my son to believe in magic his whole life and always believe his dreams will come true, as naive as many people would say that is. I also love that last bit, she says the sweetest things.

    • I can’t see it as naive! I see it as wonderful. Someone once told me that life gets everyone in the end, and makes them jaded. (he was 40 at the time). So far so good at 33 for me!

    • Aw! I think it skips a generation! She gets it from my mom who got it from her grandmother!
      Look at me dissing myself and my 100-year-old grandmother. I’m mostly kidding.

  45. Tamara, this is amazing. What a sweet story – I can’t believe you found a pink princess computer and I bet that is a memory that will remain ever-sharp for Scarlet. Also – the photo of tears in her eyes? Amazing. And she clearly has your gift, as well, the photo of you is great.

    • AW, thank you! I got so much crap from my family for that photo of Scarlet all teary-eyed when I first took it years ago. I swear she was upset over something minor.

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  47. Ahhh! Scarlet is a dream! I can’t believe she said that to you before you put her to bed. That’s enough for water works for a while for me! She is quite the photographer actually. I really love all of the photos she takes of you. πŸ™‚

  48. Such a sweet post! I admit, the Magic Mailman story made me raise my eyebrows a little (once upon a time we had a magic bedtime fairy in our home who stuck around for an entire summer), but you’re right – who can resist that face? πŸ™‚

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