How We All Can Help Our Local Schools

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And so, we have arrived at the last week of summer vacation! It’s our swan song.

I’m sad. I’m happy. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m all out of sorts. I’m totally organized. If I sound like a walking contradiction, it’s just because I’m trying to prepare myself for the craziness of the next few days. I’ve already contemplated some sort of photographic/social media PTO type stuff. Me!? I never thought I’d see the day. Cassidy will be Scarlet’s soccer coach, which is pretty much adorable. I have a closet full of sweaters, leggings, and boots, and I’m ready to embrace the autumn nuttiness.

This is my third year of this whole sending a kid to elementary school thing, and even Des will be getting in on the action at the preschool Scarlet attended. While kindergarten and first grade transitions were a bit hard FOR ME, they weren’t hard for Scarlet. She thrived. Of course, kindergarten still has naptime and stuffies at our school. There was no homework and no need for school supplies. First grade was definitely harder, but I was still slightly disconnected. Well, something in me changed and now I’m looking at my second summer of back to school shopping. Of course when I FIRST started seeing “back to school” signs in stores, and “back to school” tips on Pinterest, I balked. Who wants to think about back to school when it’s sunny and July and I’m at Cape Cod in a bathing suit? I certainly don’t, and I’m back to school phobic as it is. I prefer to deny and avoid.

Or cry while listening to Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer.”

It gets better every day, though. And I am here to tell you that getting involved can take on many forms, and some are much harder than others. I’m going to try my hand at more than one this year! And number five is one we all should be doing:

Five Ways To Help Your Local Schools:

1. Join the club. PTA, PTO, school council, etc. There is a time commitment for sure, so if you don’t think you’re cut out for the clubs/committees, you can attend the school board meetings. You will be able to provide your own input and get an inside view of how the school board works, and how it makes decisions that affect your community’s schools.

2. Share your time and talents. I’m a photographer and have thought about teaching a photography club or class. Even if you’re not teaching a club or activity, call the school and see if any of the clubs your children have joined are in need of transportation, supplies, or planning help. Chances are that you can help. You can also volunteer to share your profession or hobby with a classroom demonstration or a small group activity. Parents can also volunteer to read to children.

3. You can work as a library helper or offer to help with story time or reading assistance in the school library. You can help with putting back library books and helping children pick out books to take home for the week.

4. Be a chaperone on Field Day or on a field trip. At my daughter’s school, we can also accompany the kids on a trip to a local vernal pool, or help with the school garden. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and the help is appreciated.

5. Participate in Box Tops For Education with Sam’s Club. It really is incredible, and anyone can do it!

We started participating right when Scarlet started kindergarten. Box Tops For Education started in 1996, so I was already in high school by that time, but the project was such a huge success, that families can now clip Box Tops from many products, like those from General Mills, and help their schools!. American schools have earned over $719 million from Box Tops!

What can you do?

Purchase 3 General Mills Box Tops products and earn 100 eBoxTops ($10 value to BTFE eligible school)
Purchase 6 General Mills Box Tops products and earn 200 eBoxTops ($20 value to BTFE eligible school)
Purchase 9 General Mills Box Tops products and earn 300 eBoxTops ($30 value to BTFE eligible school)
Purchase 12 General Mills Box Tops products and earn 400 eBoxTops ($40 value to BTFE eligible school)

There are SEVERAL specially marked items at Sam’s Club with 8 Box Tops. These are the products we use anyway.

Purchase three or more Box Tops For Education products at Sam’s Club between 8/16 and 11/16. Take a picture of your receipt that shows the date, UPC codes, and total amount. Email your receipt to by 11/30. Once validated, then visit to enter eBoxTops codes, and to assign your school(s)! Are you ready?

We actually finally got a Sam’s Club membership earlier this year, when I realized I had several occasions to shop there. I find it easy to get around the store, and I love their helpful displays. It’s always nice to bring cute helpers too:

Let Sam’s Club be your one-stop shopping location for back to school season! No matter how you collect your Box Tops (we use a large envelope), keep it up and keep supporting the schools. I’ve seen fellow school parents use jars, boxes, and other fun collection devices. The best part is that our kids love to help us help them. This is a project we can all work on.

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