Delicious Dinner, Party of One!

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Tonight will be a night of solo parenting.

I’m used to a partnership, especially on weeknights when we both tend to slink off to do work/play/fun, and then rejoin for bad TV or a movie and popcorn, so it can be overwhelming and intimidating to have Cassidy gone for all or most of the night.

My initial reaction is always to take a deep breath and think about what kinds of activities, childcare help, school, camp, plans, etc. we have on the horizon. Then I think about the food we have, particularly for ME, for after the kids have eaten.

That’s when I like to plan for something special.

I’ll take dinner for one, please! What should I have? How about tender prime rib beef, broccoli, yellow carrots and rice with a sweet & spicy thai-style sauce? So many of my favorite things in one hot and tasty dish for me to enjoy for my dinner.

Or how about a cheese & fire-roasted chile tamale with a sweet & spicy chile sauce and cilantro-lime rice?

These are two new varieties of LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE meals. Ah, they make me so happy! Looking to mix up your menu or plan out exciting weekday lunches? Looking for solo dinners, or dinners for two? Looking for limited time meals? Lean Cuisine’s new flavors have organic ingredient options, gluten-free options, protein-packed options, and non-GMOs. Flavors:

LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Cheese & Fire-Roasted Chile Tamale
LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Southwest – Style Potato Bake

I have no idea which one I’ll choose, but after a day of being with the kids and making sure they’re fed, and the pets are fed too, I’ll be happy to dig in. Whatever the day brings, and wherever it takes me, I’m happy to have Lean Cuisine to address my menu fatigue, with on-trend flavors, and with modern health and wellness benefits. They are full of taste and flavor.

My uncle once said to me, as I pulled a Lean Cuisine out of the microwave, “That’s just so you. You like things tasty and packaged. Cooked for you.” This was no metaphor for life, but he just meant it food-wise. And it’s true. I like life from scratch. I like pulling from deep roots and composing stories and photos. I like creating a marriage and a family and an adulthood filled with whims and pleasures, the pets of my dreams, and being able to eat what I love to eat.

I don’t always cook from scratch, though. And I still have to find ways to feed my inner foodie!

The kids are on alternating camp schedules right now, and then they will both be going on the same day, but not for the same amount of time. With doing all the camp details – which are MUCH harder than school (sunscreen, bug spray, enough snacks to feed 20 kids!) – and with working full-time, I need easy and delicious lunches for ME on weekdays. That’s my time of day!

And if not for lunch, I’ll look forward to one of these for dinner all day long!

Where do I get them? My local Walmart. The variety is plentiful there and I always walk away with a stack to take home – for a rainy day or a solo parenting night, or whenever I want my “me time” with a delicious and special meal for one.

For more info about Lean Cuisine:

Which LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE variety are you most excited to try from Walmart?

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Delicious Dinner, Party of One! — 52 Comments

  1. I had no idea Lean Cuisine came up with these deliciousness. I’m going to have to go to Walmart and pick up a few. I remember back in the days their meals weren’t that great. Good to know they’ve gotten better. 🙂

  2. Yum! Those Lean Cuisines look so tasty! I have not bought one in a couple of years, but may have to try that tamale. This time of year, I love to cut back on the calories.

  3. OMG I have told Landon from the get go that if we have kids – he will be taking care of them – and I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope we have boys because then they are REALLY all his (he wants little golfers, LOL)……. Kids scare me – oddly enough they love me, and I mean, I am totally cool around them, but deep inside I am petrified and then I get tired – BAH HA AH!! I need nap time!

    • But if you had girls, they’d be so cute and they’d adore you! At least until their preteen years..
      Boys are incredible, though. Des says “I love you” all the time!

  4. Another yummy one! That’d be a great companion for a solo parenting night. Usually, just food makes me feel good even when I’m alone. You’ve got so many choices. And yes to eating healthy for yourself too!

  5. My husband travels a lot for business and when the kids ate more kid food these types of foods came in handy. Now that they eat grown up food I will have a few of these frozen meals in the freezer for a lunch.

  6. It can be hard to be a solo parent when you are used to help from your partner. I am glad you found great dinners that you can count on. It is important to eat well, especially when you are the solo parent!

  7. I love Lean Cuisine. They have so many great choices. I’m going to have to try some of those Limited Edition ones.

  8. I’ve had Lean Cuisine in the past and they weren’t very good. But it looks like they have stepped up their game because the Thai – Style Ginger Beef looks delicious! I’m going to have to give them a second chance.

  9. Well I seriously had my mouth watering over this and then when I saw that it was Lean Cuisine I was like WTH! That is awesome. I am totally going to check these out

  10. These definitely don’t look like the Lean Cuisines that I used to eat so many years ago! Is it bad that I’m looking forward to the start of the school year and a little bit of ‘me time’?

  11. I’m more used to solo parenting, than partnership parenting. When hubby is home, he actually completely throws off our routine. LOL
    I took the 3 kids camping by myself for this first time this summer!! Whew – that’s a LOT of work. But the times in between were just spent at the beach, kayaking and walking the trails, and that was glorious. But alone in a tent at night in the middle of the woods??? Yeah, that was a bit anxiety inducing the first night. Especially when you wake up in the middle of the night and you can hear the raccoons in your camp, AND you also have to pee and realize : I can’t leave the kids alone in the tent, to walk ALONE in the DARK at 3 am to the bathroom!!! Ooops. I have to pee outside with the critters!!! LOL

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