5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Have Late Summer Fun

Summer isn't over until it's over. And that is not now! Here are our favorite budget-friendly ways to make the best of late summer. #DanimalsDoesSummer #AD

Make no mistake – summer isn’t over until it’s over.

If we’re being really honest, summer isn’t over until late September! Since we tend to go by the school year, and the ways of the New England cold winds, summer pretty much ends after Labor Day. Right now, though? The heat is rising and the air-conditioning is on! There’s a cold Danimals in Des’ hand and we’re plotting out, not our next road trip, but our next TWO road trips. That’s right – we’re enterprising summer-goers. It’s not over until the kids are in school, the sad end of summer songs are on the radio, and my favorite ice cream shop is closing its doors until April. Let’s not talk about that yet, though!

So put away your pencils and your books for now! (unless you’re Scarlet – she reads and writes all summer long!)

1 – Get wet! You don’t have to go to the beach or even the pool. Our town is rife with swimming holes, and we also have fun with our hose! I remember running through neighbors’ sprinklers as a kid! Especially ones close to the sidewalk.

2 – Get in the garden! As I write this, my daughter is watching a butterfly hatch and my son is collecting green beans from the garden. This is an immersive, economical way to pass the time, learn a few things, and get food to eat too!

3 – Have a lemonade stand. Not only do we throw pretty epic ones, but Scarlet and Des helped out at a friend’s stand last week and even earned some money! This is another fun, immersive learning experience. And you might turn a profit!

4 – Have a family game night. Don’t groan! This is actually super fun and leads to fits of laughter.

5 – Have a picnic. Bring cold foods to cool down! We get the Dannon ® Danimals® Yogurt Smoothies Strawberry Explosion® 12 pack from Walmart. Special note: it needs to be refrigerated! My kids are in love with these!

We love these long and hot days of summer, and we find we’re always on the go. Sports practices have already started, and Des has kindergarten play dates. Scarlet and Des both have camp, and our weekends are filled with fun road trips. We have all kinds of adventures planned. Danimals are great. The kids love the taste (and I do too) and we love the convenience of packing them for camp or in coolers for picnics and road trips. And they have great nutrition too!

Danimals dairy products are also a good source of calcium and vitamin D to help kids build their strong bones and regulate their muscle function. I mean it when I say that we go through our 12-packs quite happily and conveniently!

What do you do for fun in the late summer?

Family Game Night Fun: Spot It! Duel

This post is sponsored by Asmodee Digital. All opinions are my own.

Love Spot It! board games? That's why we're so excited that Spot It! Duel launched on June 28th as the brand's FIRST-ever video game! Family game night! #ad

I think you all know how much I love video games, right?

If you don’t, just know that our house has several video game consoles, and that I was playing video games on my phone right when I was in labor with Scarlet but still at home. To me, it seemed like a wonderful distracting idea! I think I even told one of my opponents that I was playing him while in labor and still beating him! He loved that. It’s no surprise that both of my kids love to play games on our iPhone and iPad as well. Spot It! games are as old as Scarlet – both are from 2009!

We have a few Spot It! board games at home, like Spot It! Alphabet, Spot It! Disney Princess (of course), and Spot It! Numbers and Shapes. Spot It! games have sold over 10 million units worldwide – thus becoming a party game phenomenon among families and fans around the world. They have also won numerous, prestigious toy awards along this journey. When I found out that Spot It! Duel launched on June 28th for iOs and Android – as the brand’s FIRST-ever video game adaptation – I might have been as excited as the kids. Ok, if we’re being honest, I was MORE excited. I got it on our devices right then!

My kids both love Spot It! Duel – which is a game in which players match symbols as fast as they can – collecting rewards, Dobble characters, and sibling bragging rights along the way! If they build up bigger combos, they’ll score extra points, BUT players must balance their strategy and speed to survive. I also love that Spot It! Duel features a variety of solo and multiplayer options. That’s what makes it a family game night just waiting to happen! Leave the cards behind and take this experience ANYWHERE – this summer, and beyond. There’s a lot of travel coming up for my family in the next few months.

How can you get Spot It! Duel? It’s easy! You can get it on iTunes here, and on Google Play here. It brings the quick-paced, addictive symbol-matching fun of the hit family card game – Spot It! – to mobile devices. Not only that, but it’s FREE!

I think I need to say that again. FREE! This is a whole new family game night for you. Have fun with the Dobble characters on iOS or Android. The game’s vibrant presentation as well as its simple play mechanics are perfectly accessible for all ages. However, increasingly difficult challenges will keep even the most experienced and fastest Spot It! Duel fans on their feet!

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Have fun gaming!