5 Reasons Our Car Can Stink, and 5 Things We Do About It: Giveaway

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As you probably already know, we just got our new puppy – Astro!

Talk about cute! And smelly! We just brought him home but he has short legs and his belly is pretty low to the ground. If we let him play outside for even a little bit, his belly gets muddy! Luckily we haven’t had any potty accidents, yet, but I’ll never forget that we had one when Athena was a puppy. It was not fun! Our car is an old clunker at this point, but it runs so well that we’re keeping it around until the last possible second. Then I can’t wait to get a new car! For now, we love our old van and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure it runs well and stays fresh. That’s where Refresh Your Car® comes in.

Refresh Your Car® is dedicated to freshening up your car with Mini Diffusers and Vent Clips, and a wide variety of favorites. Classics like “Fresh Linen,” seasonally scented selections, and innovative dual scents like Lemon Lime Sunshine™. All these products are affordable, fit easily and discreetly into any car vent, and have long-lasting refreshing scents.

Here are five reasons our car smells not so fresh:

1 – We have kids. They’re young enough that they don’t smell bad after even two hours of running and sweat, but their stuff does! They leave food in all crevices of the car, as well as musty water bottles, dusty toys, and garbage.

2 – We have three pets! We actually have 13, but the chickens don’t come in the car. That said, we do buy their food and bedding so I guess you can say that our van sometimes smells because of all 13 pets.

3 – We live in New England and mud season lasts a long time. We are muddy, and our car is muddy.

4 – Our car is old. It’s a 2004 minivan that has seen LOTS of pet and kid-friendly road trips.

5 – It rains a lot here and Des has a tendency to leave the windows open. Ugh! I hate the wet car smell.

And there you have it! Now here are 5 things we do about it:

1 – We use a fabric freshener on the upholstery.

2 – And we clean the a/c vents with products made for that purpose.

3 – We pour a little baking soda on the carpets and brush it in with a toothbrush.

4 – We use Refresh Your Car® Vent Sticks in our vents. They’re so easy to use and they have delicious smelling scents.

5 – And we use Mini Diffusers too!

Classic and tropical scents:

Perfect Peach™ – The simple smell of peach comes through clear, with its fresh, crisp and fruity smells that will keep you feeling energized and warm.
Fresh Linen – A classic crisp and clean fragrance that will remind you of your favorite sheets dried on a clothesline by a blowing breeze.
Cool Breeze™ – A crisp, clean and strong fresh sent that will keep your car as fresh as a cool breeze. Island Coconut – The smooth tropical smell of an island coconut, with fruity smooth notes of the Caribbean.
Lexol® Leather – Rich leather, orange zest, black pepper and cedar scents mix perfectly together to create a timeless fragrance that is sure to delight.
Innovative scents from Refresh Your Car® come in unique fragrance packs that feature two scents, specially formulated to go together or used alone.

Fresh Strawberry & Cool Lemonade™ – This mixture of freshly picked strawberries and the tastiest lemonade creates a dynamic duo, with the perfect combination of freshness, fruit and fun – guaranteed to brighten up even the longest of road trips.
Alpine Meadow™ & Summer Breeze™ – The smell of crisp clean mountain air coupled with the alluring scents of sea oats and crashing waves makes this an all-season fragrance to celebrate.
Lightning Bolt™ & Ice Storm™ – A bold combination that creates a soft, clean and smooth sent, which releases a hint of cool musk.
Wildflowers & Love™ – A dual combination of scents that will bring the easy-going, gentle smell of love on a nice summer day to your commute.
Citrus Sparkle™ & Summer Splash™ – A refreshing mixture of berries, tart mandarin, jasmine and vetiver blend to create the perfect summer escape.

So if you’re experiencing car odor, and you’re looking to refresh your car, this is the answer for awesome long-lasting fragrance. You can find them at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or even local auto part stores!

Want more info? Check out this store locator, their main page, and their awesome product categories.

In the comments, tell me something good – like a way you make your car smell better, or the Refresh Your Car® you most want to use. And the winner will win an Auto Fragrance Prize Pack! Enter by June 7th. I can’t wait to read what you write!

Good luck!

The Many Benefits of Curcumin For You and Your Dog!

This is a paid partnership with CurcuminPro, but all thoughts, photos, and product love are clearly my own!

CurcuminPro makes curcumin products of all kinds, including capsules, shakes, drink mixes, bottled drinks, jelly beans, chocolates, and even a pet food topper. See all the ways you can use it, and its many benefits!

That’s right. I’m about to blow your mind. When you think of ways to feel great, do you think of your pets too?

I’m no stranger to curcumin, as we’ve had it in our house for years. You may be wondering what it is? Curcumin is a substance found in turmeric, and it may help reduce inflammation. It may also help you manage aches and pains. That’s why I was excited to find CurcuminPro – a company that makes curcumin products of all kinds! And they’re really creative! They make capsules, shakes, drink mixes, bottled drinks, chocolates, and even jelly beans! That’s right. Jelly beans.

If that isn’t the coolest thing ever, then I don’t know what is! CurcuminPro also makes a pet food topper, which is also pretty exciting to this growing family. They developed a curcumin-protein conjugate called CPro. It makes curcumin 36 times more soluble than standard curcumin, which you generally have to take with pepper or piperine. This inflames the digestive tract to help you actually absorb it. This is the world’s first biosoluble curcumin supplement line, and it’s been on my radar for my family. To get more in-depth about curcumin, it’s a polyphenolic compound that is derived from the plant Curcuma Longa – commonly known as turmeric. And it’s awesome that it’s been used for centuries as a food preservative.

Curcumin has also been used to treat a wide variety of ailments in Ayurvedic medicine.

So here are the benefits! Curminoids are derived from an extraction of turmeric. They’re a rich source of anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants, and this small plant is the subject of thousands of studies worldwide regarding its ability to assist the healing of the body. This is important because so many of our current illnesses and diseases are rooted in an issue of inflammation happening within different parts of the body. It has 3,000 years of use behind it, with no signs of stopping! It’s like the superfood of the supplement world! Basically there’s no reason not to use it. The jelly beans even say on the label to eat them and feel great. And CurcuminPro has made this great formula for various products.

Did I mention that there’s no soy, additives or fillers? 36 times more soluble. Super awesome. Jelly beans. Maximum bioavailable curcumin per dose. Yummy shakes and drinks. Easy capsules. And that gorgeous turmeric color we all love.

I am SUPER impressed! And not least because they made a pet food topper – CurcuminPro® UltaPet.

This is the only meal topper that offers the highest level of natural curcumin benefits in a BioSoluable™ food enhancer combined with TerraPro™ clay and superior joint supplements. Athena’s multi-action health additive includes TerraPro™, which is a rare earth mineral clay known as one of the best absorbents for aflatoxins. And aflatoxins are acutely toxic and carcinogenic in many animals, but especially dogs. CurcuminPro® UltaPet is an amazing source of the minerals silicon and calcium, which are necessary for joint health. Also, all of this amazingness is super tasty to dogs! Athena loves the powder.

This is a wonderful and convenient way for you to help your pet lives a healthy and awesome life. Here are key benefits:

• BioSoluble™ curcumin — all natural with whey protein isolate (WPI) quickly absorbed and assimilated

• Helps remove aflatoxins

• Supports heart, joint, brain and immune system health

• Natural pain relief and joint support

• High level of curcuminoids — each serving contains approximately 600mg of protein-curcumin complex Key ingredients: The topper is made from defatted beef liver powder and contains CPro whey protein isolate, TerraPro™ clay, MSM, glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate, cetyl myristoleate, and bromelain.

Don’t forget to check out CurminPro here. We have used curcumin products in our house for years, and I’ve written about it too. I’m so impressed with a company that has so much science and data behind it, but also great-tasting, easy-to-use products. We have the jelly beans, of course, and we have the chocolates! Not to mention capsules and powders for yummy drinks and shakes. We have it all and I was bursting to share about it. I’d love to hear what products you’ve tried/will try.

*CurcuminPro® UltaPet is not meant for puppies!

Have you heard of CurcuminPro? Are you a total believer in curcumin? I know I am!