Cars 3 Geek-Out

I woke up today, looked at the gloomy morning, and figured out if I should write about Cars 3 or Taco Tuesday!?

We attended the Cars 3 event in #Boston over the weekend, and met Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, and Cruz Ramirez. We can't wait for the #movie premiere!

Obviously Cars 3 won, but have no fear – Taco Tuesday can be next week? There’s always going to be time for tacos. Cars 3? Well, we shall see. If you’ve been following along even halfway, you may have noticed that Des is in love with Pixar’s Cars franchise. It happened in early 2016, and no lie, it was maybe a month after we stayed at the Art of Animation Resort in Walt Disney World. We had booked a Little Mermaid room, but stayed in a Finding Nemo suite as a surprise to the kids. There are four sections of the resort – these two and Lion King and Cars. Well, we stayed there for five nights and didn’t even VISIT the Cars section! We didn’t know! I was kicking myself.

So this year we remedied that and it was glorious.

Disney Pixar(Des looking at the Radiator Springs sign like, “I have found my people!”)

Cars 3

I need you to know that I have followed along with this obsession INSANELY. I spend way too much money on way too many toys, in a house already overflowing with toys. We booked a Cars 3 movie theater birthday party for Des because the movie comes out a few days after his fifth birthday. We stayed at the resort twice on my dollar! And get this – I had NEVER seen the movie until last night! That’s right. Last night. It’s fantastic, by the way. Laugh and cry and feel good. You know Pixar. They clearly know us. “You don’t know me, Pixar! Wait, yes you do. Sob.”

Even Scarlet is in on the act! Cassidy must want to stuff his ears with cotton.

Months ago when I had heard that there was going to be a Cars 3 event in Boston, I knew we had to go. I figured, though, that it was one of those many dreams I have that races out of the cannon until it loses steam and momentum. Then it never picks itself up off the ground. I do that a lot because I’m prone to changes in mood, with changes in weather, exhaustion, patience, tolerance for hearing “Mama” “Mama” “Mama” 17 times in a row, and acceptance of Boston traffic and four hours in a car with two kids, etc. The thing is, though: WE SO DID IT.

I thought it would be quiet and no one would know about it because they’re not big geeks like me. I WAS WRONG!


We waited on line for over an hour to get in, but the kids were calm. Des wanted me to carry him like a baby, but Scarlet kept him in line. She also packed snacks/water and thought we were irresponsible for forgetting them..


Cars 3


And in true Disney fashion, they entertained us while we waited in line!

..Still looking at the ice cream truck instead..

Cars 3

We attended the Cars 3 event in #Boston over the weekend, and met Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, and Cruz Ramirez. We can't wait for the #movie premiere!

Finally, we were in! The event was free even though I had my hand reaching for my wallet because I’d totally throw more money at Pixar. You could watch a trailer for Cars 3 inside a truck. You could play games and win prizes! Scarlet won toothpaste (BOO!) and Des won a sheet of Cars 3 tattoos (YAY!). There were free smoothie samples, coupons, recipes, and artwork. The big deal for us – worth the long wait – was “meeting” Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, and Jackson Storm. We told Des they were sleeping and that’s why they weren’t talking to us or racing. Also, Scarlet believed that too and that this was REAL LIFE. WIN for ages 4 and 7!

We look like happy, happy dorks.

We attended the Cars 3 event in #Boston over the weekend, and met Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, and Cruz Ramirez. We can't wait for the #movie premiere!

We weren’t in there long, but the kids were elated. After that we went for ice cream with my friend, Bev, and her family, hit LEGOLand Boston for the store (throwing more $$ away), and went to an urban playground.

It confounded my country kids just a bit, but they caught on fast.

Thanks for bearing with my geekery and my iPhone pics. You KNOW I’m all about camera pictures, but I was contending with enough! Then we drove home to the smooth sounds of Sia Radio Pandora. Until next time, Boston!

Do any of your kids’ passions make you geek out too?

The Journey is the Destination: Prepare for a Spontaneous Road Trip

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Have you ever gone on a spontaneous, no-destination road trip? It's all about the journey sometimes. Here are tips to make the best of it! #PureLife35pk #ad

Ok, y’all KNOW how much I like road trips, right? Planned or spontaneous, I do it all!

To me, road trips are life. You know what else is life? Water. That’s right. No matter our plans, journeys, and destinations, that’s probably the #1 aspect to think about – ESPECIALLY with kids in the picture. You can find Nestlé® products at Walmart online, but make sure to visit the store for the 35 pack! As shoppers, we are receiving a great value by getting 3 more bottles for the same price as the old 32 pack! If the 35-pack of Nestlé® Pure Life® is not available in your local Walmart, please ask a store manager about getting the product in your area.

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The Nestle Pure Life 35-pack is re-launching in May in store! With NEW PACKAGING! That’s always fun, right?

road trip

Now onto our scheduled story about how to prepare for a spontaneous/no-destination road trip. My favorite kind!

In fact, sometimes even the planned ones wind up following their own curves and paths. And then with each one I realize, we didn’t stick to the original itinerary even a little! That feeling I got when I was 17 and had just received my driver’s license? It never fully went away. It never got old. Road trips make you feel ALIVE.

road trip

And connected. Of course, I have a story!

I was 23. It was a January ice storm and I was fed up! I had a new car, some extra graduation money, and a heart for adventure. At first we thought we wanted to go to New Mexico, but then we read that the deserts get cold in the winter so we decided we’d go south. For us, it was ALL about the journey. We packed layers, picked up supplies at Walmart, and then we were off. We kept driving until there was no more ice, and eventually no more night. You can say we drove off the ice and darkness – shaking them off! We wound up in Jacksonville, Florida.

Then we kept driving all the way to the ends of the earth (or the US) to Key West.

road trip

With stops in the Carolinas, a sunrise breakfast in Savannah, Georgia, and fun jaunts in Key Largo, Islamorada, and anywhere with alligators, I loved that we didn’t know the essential Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How answers of a planned trip. I think we found even more adventure than we thought possible. Adventures included shining a flashlight in the ocean before dawn and seeing an octopus! There was swimming with dolphins and rays, and renting bicycles. There was staying at the fancy hotel in Key West, charming the Customer Service Desk enough that she gave us free breakfast upgrade passes, and ordering juice on the beach. It was amazing!

I’ll never forget that feeling of driving through Miami and then getting onto Route 1 into the wilderness of deer, alligators and tarpons. I could go on and on describing that trip but the point is that we followed our wildest dreams into an ocean adventure. If that’s not living, I don’t know what is. Now we still have adventurous spirits, but we have kids. While “planning” seems to defeat the purpose of a spontaneous road trip, you can “prepare” for one in no time at all. I go on a lot of road trip adventures – up and down the east coast, all over New England, in California’s wine country, and throughout some amazing parts of Alaska. I can’t pick a favorite destination!

And that’s because it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.

Nestle Pure Life

Have you ever gone on a spontaneous, no-destination road trip? It's all about the journey sometimes. Here are tips to make the best of it! #PureLife35pk #ad

Ready to learn how to feel inspired by spring/summer/fall road trips, but also prepared and secure? I’ve got ya!

1 – Water, of course, as mentioned above! Pure Life is re-launching in mid-May and will have new packaging. This one is a no-brainer for my family. We thrive on hydration to power up our adventures! Nestlé Pure Life is committed to delivering pure, great-tasting water to our family and yours – because every drop in every bottle is filtered through a 12-step quality process. They ensure great taste by enhancing their water with a unique blend of minerals. Through recycling at both schools, both kids have made sure we’re committed to recycling!

Nestle Pure Life

2 – Snacks are key. This is another no-brainer but when you don’t know how long you’ll be in the car – hours, days, or weeks – you have to bring foods that last. Think fruit, dried fruit, trail mix, beef or turkey jerky, nutrition bars, etc. Think water, of course. I mentioned water, right? Water and snacks. And personally I love to pick up the local foods at the places on my journey. Think whoopie pies in New England, or Key Lime Pie in Florida!

road trip snacks

3 – Don’t wait until you’re too tired to find a hotel or place to stay. I have done this, way too many times. Luckily for me, it was before I had kids so I only had a cranky boyfriend, friend, or cranky self to contend with!

road trip hotels

4 – Use your websites and apps to find unsold accommodations and attractions tickets. Last minute travel sites and apps let your name your own price on last-minute hotels and attractions. You might not know where you’re staying until you’ve already paid, but maybe that’s part of the fun? You can save a lot of money on these sites – specifically designed for last minute trips! Apparently, the spirit of adventure can be rewarding in financial ways.

spontaneous road trip

5 – Plan your route, even spontaneously. Even with no destination in mind, you’ll want to have SOME idea of where you’re headed and how long you’ll have on the road. Websites like Road Trip America and Rand McNally offer free road trip routes to help you plan your drive. You don’t have to be too specific – just click on the regions you want to visit and you’ll get several options. This will help you with time management, sight-seeing, and is crucial if you don’t have an open-ended trip in mind, but need to be home! You can also create and plot out backup routes and trips. That way the spirit of spontaneity lives on! I do this for all trips – long-planned or not.

Have you ever gone on a spontaneous, no-destination road trip? It's all about the journey sometimes. Here are tips to make the best of it! #PureLife35pk #ad

6 – Have a travel bucket list. Checking off items becomes easier as you set forth on adventures!


7 – Combat boredom. Think ahead about music, video games, and travel games too!

8 – Know your budget. You will have to divide it between lodging, gas, food, souvenirs, attractions, etc.

9 – Pack light and prep your car. This is the time to downsize on what you pack. Pack your own cleanup supplies, and check your car tires, fluids, battery, brakes, and gas!

10 – Take a TON of photos!

Visit Nestle Pure Life to sign up for promotions, offers, and more!

Have you ever gone on a spontaneous, no-destination road trip? It's all about the journey sometimes. Here are tips to make the best of it! #PureLife35pk #ad

And, Enjoy your adventures!