7 Ways to Fully Prepare For an Outdoor Adventure

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Have you ever prepared for adventure? For my last one, I had to FULLY prepare mentally, physically, emotionally. Here are 7 tips how. #ad #SToKCoffee #Cbias

Last year, I went on an awfully big adventure.

And if we’re being honest, I wasn’t prepared for the kind of adventure it wound up being. I knew it would be mentally and emotionally both taxing and fulfilling, because I tend to get jitters and nerves. And to fulfill THE biggest travel dream you’ve ever had makes me feel butterflies just to write that sentence! What I didn’t expect is that it would be physically challenging as well. To better explain, we went to Alaska on a belated honeymoon. I would have been happy to sit around photographing moose and whales for ten days, but my husband had adventure in mind. And I’m talking REAL adventure.

Helicopters and dog sleds. Bear-filled hikes on restricted paths. Walking up and down glaciers and zip-lining through a boreal forest. It seemed like every time I stopped to rest, check myself, assess my emotions, fears, and concerns, it would be time for another adventure. It was all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and quite literally up a mountain, or six.

When I think back to that trip, which was a year ago, I can’t help but think about trips I’ll take in the future – with or without the kids – and maybe one day alone. While the Alaska adventure had its challenges, I’m thankful for the learning experiences it held. I think for my next big adventure, which is imminent, I’ll FULLY prepare for the trip. That way it will be even better for me, and less taxing. What do I mean by “fully”? It’s about being prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s about a love of outdoor adventure, and a willingness to explore how that makes you feel on the inside.

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7 Ways to Fully Prepare For an Outdoor Adventure (The Tamara Way):

1 – Packing is pretty important, and we’ll go into a few necessities below. One thing I will say is that of course pack the products and supplies you need for survival and comfort, but also a few that you feel good about. What is it in life that makes you think of comfort, yet boldness? What helps you define YOU? For many, including me, that’s coffee. For many, including me, that’s SToK™ 48 oz Cold Brew Iced Coffee. Why? So many reasons. For my last hike over the weekend, I packed SToK™ Unsweet Cold Brew Coffee and SToK™ Chocolate Cold Brew Coffee. It’s pure coffee with no weird ingredients. The beans are Arabica beans – the strongest beans you’ll have access to – which you might need for adventure!

SToK™ provides an elevated, coffee-forward experience, and we all know that when you’re “on”, you’re really ON. That’s when you’re capable of really incredible things. It’s like that magic button to propel you to new heights and zones!

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Now where can you get this slow-brewed wonder? Walmart.

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Also, it’s just really, really good. Even when I’m out in nature and I smell it, I get pretty pumped up. And that’s just from smelling it! It totally makes me GO! And I truly appreciate that extra kick/pep I need to keep moving. So put it in your backpack and get out there in nature. Traveling on a plane? That’s ok. You know where to get it while abroad.

Alaska has Walmart too!

outdoor adventure

outdoor adventure

2 – Get into condition. There’s nothing worse than totally shocking your system when you are out there on your trip or adventure. Just like you wouldn’t go from 0 to 50, from nothing to a marathon, well when you’re doing outdoor adventures, you’re exercising parts of your body that aren’t used to exercise! While you can’t predict every muscle to work, it’s good to work on your cardio, core strength training, lower body training, stretching, and resting. Your body will thank you!

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3 – Prepare your mind. This is probably my biggest challenge. I’m a big picture girl, so I tend to look at everything at once and then get overwhelmed at the swirly mess. Take it day by day or minute by minute. Your mind will thank you!

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4 – Channel your inner strength. You. Yes, you. You’re a WARRIOR. You won’t know what you’re capable of until you do it, and it’s probably more than you think. So sign up for something of a lifetime – a trip, hike, race, marathon, etc.

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5 – Gather your gear. No matter where you’re going, I think the right answer is “pack layers.” Pack breathable, non-cotton materials and light-weight shoes. Pack rain gear, a camera, and medicines/first-aid supplies you might need.

6 – Gather as much information as you can. As much as spontaneity is also pretty awesome, there will be time for that. We were 30 minutes early to our glacier tour, so we stopped at a reindeer farm in Palmer, Alaska! That was awesome. Other than that, we were SO happy to have read up on potential places to visit and things to do. We felt better prepared, less nervous, and super excited. You may need to also decide and evaluate your budget. That helps narrow things down!

7 – Do crowdsourcing! The best way to decide on an adventure is to get recommendations from people who have done it.

Intrigued by SToK™? I am too! Check them out at Walmart, and connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Enjoy your outdoor adventure!

Relax and Unwind with Cambria and Music

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Ok, you ALL know I used to live in California, right?

If you don’t, I’m surprised, but if you do, it’s because I love to take the time to remind people about it a half dozen times! I’m proud of the time I spent in California. Why? It’s because it was a life dream of mine for most of my life and I was able to fulfill it. I was actually a bit reluctant to come back, even though I knew it was the best answer for us at the time. We wanted to raise children close to their grandparents and many aunts, uncles and cousins. It just made sense at that point.

We lived right in the heart of the city. You all know I’m a country girl, and ultimately, the things I miss the most about California are the unique landscapes, beaches, fields, and wineries. That’s right. Wine country made me the most proud to live where we lived. I loved having house guests so that we could go for amazing drives and find amazing places to stay right in California’s wine country. From the north to the south, and back again, it’s a dream of mine to explore it in full detail one day. And perhaps, that’s where I’ll retire? A girl can dream, and I’ve already fulfilled one California dream so far in life.

California dreaming is an essential part of what makes me.. me.

You also know, I hope, that I’m a super taster. It might make me a pickier eater than most, or at least it did when I was a kid, but it means I love and respect only the best (to me) foods and wines. I love how a smell or a simple sip can take me back to those sun-ripened valleys and fields. To get a feel for it, you HAVE to check out this Notes of Cambria video series:

I’m so enthralled with this video series! I have been listening all day. And, I definitely don’t want to give too much away, but a musician was asked to write two songs, each based on a Cambria Wine. First, was Cambria’s Benchbreak Chardonnay.

The song, like the wine, starts with a swirling of the glass sensation. The wine inspires notes of citrus. It’s bright, fruity, high level, and with a soft, beautiful finish. I found it dreamy – and that the accordion opened up my heart and mind.

They called it the Chardonnay Shanty.

I love how taste can inspire music. I have thought this my whole life. Next, the musician was asked to write a song based on Cambria’s Benchbreak Pinot Noir. And this one, of course, was different! It was in the key of minor, instead of major.

The Pinot Noir inspired red fruit flavors – like cherry, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, etc. It was rootsy and down home. The darker fruits stick around in your palate and in your mind. It’s deeper and more thematic, but still plucky.

I totally thought I’d like this Pinot Noir Waltz best, but ultimately, the Chardonnay Shanty was the one to stick with me all day. I usually have to listen to a song several times for it to stick in my head, but the Chardonnay Shanty was instant. It made me think about sipping the Cambria’s Benchbreak Chardonnay in a field in California. I’m a sipper. And of course, I thought about drinking Cambria’s Benchbreak Pinot Noir at night in the vineyard. Maybe with light music playing and in late summer/early fall. They both evoke different California memories for me, as well as dreaming of any future trips.

Cambria Benchbreak Pinot Noir and Cambria’s Benchbreak Chardonnay are both estate-grown, bottled, high-quality, immensely flavorful wines that are evocative and expressive of California’s Santa Maria Valley – which is the wine-growing region they’re from. I love how these musical pairings are a brand new approach to experiencing, learning and talking about wine. I know it has made me think more about wine, and has made me yearn for a trip out west! Which would you try first?

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