Easter Rice Krispie Treats: Two Ways

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here lately, other than our normal Passover/Easter festivities.

If you’ve been following along, this is “the best week of our lives”, according to Scarlet. Of course no week lives up to its name necessarily, and I think I’ve cried twice already this week? And that’s probably twice more than I’ve cried in the last six months? It’s ok, though. It’s refreshing and I’ve been reaching out a bit more than I usually do. That’s even more refreshing.

It’s been stress building up, and it all has to have a place to go. That said, it’s been FUN here too.

Looking for a sweet treat for #Easter? Here are Easter Rice Krispie Treats, 2 WAYS! Whether it's bunnies or carrots, or both, I have you covered! Celebrate!

The big news is that we’ve got chicks! Eight so far, and a few more to come next week. They’re adorable and wiggly and often under a heat lamp, so I can never get a good picture. Cassidy picked up the first batch on Tuesday and we met him at home. He took yesterday off for his birthday and we went to the post office together while the kids were at school. It was quite an experience! We had to go to a special door/window after the post office called us and when we arrived, we could see our box shaking. We heard it chirping! I imagine that’s fun for the postal workers? I felt so.. proud to be holding that box.

And I held it as carefully as I held my newborn babies four and seven years ago.

In other news, the weather has finally felt like spring, we celebrated Cassidy’s birthday yesterday, and we’re preparing for our annual Easter traditions. Cassidy said he had a great birthday. We spent most of the sunny day alone together.

Scarlet decorated his awesome cake.

I’ll have one more Easter recipe to share, before Easter, and then it’s on to the next best thing. We have spring break for the next week, so expect fun and simple posts, and I really have no idea yet what I’ll talk about. During the days, I’ll most likely be on New England road trips, and maybe even a NJ one. Cassidy and I are also due to get away alone next weekend – maybe to Cape Cod. So I have no idea where the next week will take me, but I’ll be checking in. Everyone, have a great weekend!

And make these recipes! They totally rock!

Easter Carrot Rice Krispie Treats

Easter Carrot Rice Krispie Treats


  1. 4-Individual Sized Rice Krispie Treats
  2. 1 pkg. Edible Green Easter Grass
  3. 1 can Vanilla Frosting
  4. Orange Sprinkles
  5. Orange Food Coloring


  • Cut each Rice Krispie treat in half lengthwise, and trim a little off each corner at one end to make a point
  • Take a toothpick and make a small hole in the wider end of each rice krispie treat for the stem
  • Color the frosting orange and heat in the microwave for about 20 seconds until just a bit thinner
  • Frost each rice krispie carrot with orange frosting, getting a nice thick coat on top and put sprinkles on
  • Let sit for about 20 minutes to firm up
  • Take 4 little pieces of edible Easter grass and place in the hole you made earlier so the ends stick out to look like a carrot top
  • Ready to Eat!
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Easter recipe

Easter Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats


And since you can’t put two recipe cards in one blog post (I’ve tried), here’s my second recipe written (typed) out:

White Chocolate Covered Easter Bunny Rice Krispies Treats

Ingredients Needed:

6 cups Rice Krispies
3 tablespoons butter
10 oz package of marshmallows
white melting chocolate
food coloring
black icing
bunny cookie cutter


In a large saucepan melt butter over medium/low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove Saucepan from heat.

Add Rice Krispies cereal to your melted marshmallows. Stir until all cereal is coated evenly.

Press Rice Krispies mixture evenly onto a buttered cookie sheet or use wax paper. Allow to cool completely.

Remove your Rice Krispies treats and place on a flat surface. Cut bunny shapes out with a buttered cookie cutter. Continue until you have used all of your surface area. Eat the scraps. 😉

Using a double boiler, melt your white chocolate on medium/low heat stirring constantly. You can add vegetable oil to thin your chocolate if needed. Add only a tablespoon of oil at a time.

Once your chocolate is a desired consistency, you can spoon chocolate onto your bunnies and spread evenly. You could also melt your chocolate thin enough to pour over the bunnies on a wire cooling rack. Use pastel food coloring to make fun colored bunnies!

Reserve a small amount of white chocolate and dye it light pink for your bunnies ears and nose. Spoon the chocolate into a piping bag or a ziploc bag with the tip cut off.

Use the black icing to give your bunnies a mouth and eyes.

Your bunnies are now ready to eat! Enjoy!


Easter treats

family recipe


fun spring recipes

fun family recipes

Looking for a sweet treat for #Easter? Here are Easter Rice Krispie Treats, 2 WAYS! Whether it's bunnies or carrots, or both, I have you covered! Celebrate!


My Favorite Easter Recipe of All: Pound Cake Easter Eggs

That’s a bold statement, right?

How cute are these Pound Cake Easter Eggs? The good news is that they only require a few ingredients and not a lot of time. It's my favorite #Easter #Recipe

This is the one I’m most excited about, which is why I’m posting it several days before Easter so that if you want or NEED to make it, I’m all yours. What do I love about it, other than everything? My favorite thing about it is that it reminds me of the Little Debbie snack cakes of my youth. I see them at the store now and I always am tempted to buy them, but then I see that they have 4,000 ingredients and I pull my hand back. I say, “No, Tamara. Don’t go down that road. It would be like when you were pregnant and you hadn’t had fast food in ten years and you were craving Burger King fries and you called your mom to talk you out of it.” And she did, and it was fine, but I bought them and sat in the parking lot and ate one. They were terrible!

I’m so glad I know that. I’m so glad that this recipe is NOT terrible and won’t wind up in a dumpster like the fries:

Easter Recipe

Please tell me they remind you of the snack cakes you buy at stores. They taste so much better, though! The “icing” is made from pure melting chocolate, and you can use any color you want. White chocolate! What’s not to love? Taste, consistency, adorability factor = why this is my favorite Easter recipe. It’s so easy. Wow your kids. Wow your adults. Speaking of wowing your kids, how are you all doing on Easter shopping? I’m proud to say I’m done. No more picking through the stormy remnants of the aisles of Target and Walmart, after the last minute shoppers are done with it. My kids are getting a few quality items.

And I had a relaxing time picking things out with Cassidy.

Easter Recipe

Also, we had our annual Passover Seder last night, and it gets more meaningful every year, as the kids grow, and can better understanding the story and the meaning. Cassidy explains it so well, and the kids are gripped by it! Scarlet was obsessed with onion-less latkes (yes, we have them on Passover too apparently) and Des was obsessed obsessed obsessed with green beans. You just never know, huh? I would LOVE to share Passover recipes the way I do with Easter, but it’s more about writing what you know. Right now? I know Easter cakes pretty well. With time, I hope to share Cassidy’s delicious family Passover recipes.

Only the ones not sworn to secrecy in the vault, of course. That said, here’s a non-secret recipe:

Pound Cake Easter Eggs

Pound Cake Easter Eggs


  1. 16 oz. Sara Lee Frozen Pound Cake (Keep in freezer until ready to use)
  2. Wilton White Chocolate Candy Discs
  3. Sprinkles
  4. Egg Shaped Cookie Cutters


  • Cut the cake in half horizontally, so you have 2 even layers
  • Using the egg-shaped cookie cutters, press into cake and gently remove the cake from the cookie cutter and set on a parchment lined baking sheet
  • Take your candy discs and put in a microwave safe bowl
  • Microwave for 30 seconds, then stir
  • Continue to do this until all discs are melted
  • Dip the egg cakes into the melted chocolate one at a time until completely covered and set back onto the baking sheet
  • Let sit for about 20-30 minutes until chocolate hardens
  • Using a utensil or piping bag, put dots or lines of melted chocolate onto the top of the cake and sprinkle with sprinkles
  • Make different fun designs
  • Let sit again for about 20 minutes until firm, and ready to eat
  • Enjoy!
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And so, do you celebrate Easter and Passover like we do? What’s your favorite Easter or Passover recipe?

How cute are these Pound Cake Easter Eggs? The good news is that they only require a few ingredients and not a lot of time. It's my favorite #Easter #Recipe